PLAIN JAYNE                                            LAURA DREWRY
Posted:  Sept. 15, 2014

Plain JayneWorn out from the long drive back home, Jayne Morgan can only smirk at the irony: Of course the first person she sees from her old life is Nick Scott. Once best friends, they lost touch when Jayne left town at eighteen, but nothing could keep them apart forever. Jayne has returned to take over her grandmother’s bookstore, determined to put all her bittersweet memories and secret disappointments strictly in the past—until, that is, Nick insists she bunk at his place.

Nick never did care what people thought about having a girl for a best friend—or the “scandal” she caused by showing up to his wife’s funeral four years earlier—so he’s got no problem with the gossips now. Jayne was always the one person he could count on in his life. Now Nick is starting to realize that he never wants her to leave again . . . and that being “just friends” isn’t going to be enough anymore.

     One very sweet love story is what I am calling this one.  That takes you over a 25 year span.  You see this couple actually met in kindergarten when Nick Scott was defending Jayne Morgan’s honor, well and cookie.  Why you ask?  Well, the class bully not only was once again calling her “Plain Jayne” he stole her cookie.
     Nick ran after the boy making him return it after they rolled around fighting about it.  When the young man reached in his pocket to give her the cookie there was only crumbs.  It didn’t matter to Jayne no one, not one person, not anyone, had ever did anything for her especially so nice.
     That day she fell for Nick, but it was the day they became best friends.  Against all the teasing and even his mother’s nagging they remained friends.  Everyone said there had to be more but they maintained nothing was going on.  Jayne in her heart she was in love with him but could never compete with the model type girls he always dated.  Nick well, because she was always so worried about what people would think he never asked her out.  A lot of her insecurities came from her grandma who always told her she didn’t like her.  In fact the after graduation was always the goal date for her to leave her grandma’s home.  Her grandma said her obligation would be over relieving her of her burden.
     Before boarding Jayne tells Nick she loves him and he doesn’t react so she refuses to ever utter them again, especially to him.  Jayne becomes a copy writer and Nick a contractor.  Nick marries a girl, Abby, who really never cares for Jayne she is jealous of their relationship and Nick’s mother never helped.  Then, the worse happens, Abby is killed in a car accident, Jayne goes to him.  He is so relieved but Abby’s mom sees her and needs to a sedative to calm her down.  So, Nick ask her to leave.
     Jayne never tells him but it crushed her.  He calls, emails, and writes.  She and Nick chit-chats but it’s not the same and he knows it.  Then, Tilly her grandma passes away.  Her lawyer sends her notice that her grandma that hated her left her the bookstore.  She, Jayne, loved the bookstore more than just about anything, next to Nick.  She knows she will have to make peace with Nick, the town, and get him to see reason and to stop hugging, touching, and giving her things.  Especially, since he has a girlfriend.
     Well, that didn’t work the first time he saw her.  The first thing he did was grab her up in a great big bear hug in the middle of the town square.  See what else is in store for these two pals and all that are connected to them.  I give this 5 stars.
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