SORAKO                                                        TAKAYUKI FUJIMURA
Posted:  Nov. 21, 2014


GEN Manga is Indie Manga from the Tokyo Underground. 

GEN Manga was made to give fans an exclusive look at real doujinshi, otherwise known as indie manga, that they had heard about, but until now, unable to get their hands on. 

In its essence, doujinshi is manga traded among other manga artists. Manga for manga lovers! 

Sorako lives an ordinary life. And this is an ordinary story. She has friends and family, loves her dog, thinks about life, and occasionally looks for work (kinda). These are the adventures into a typical girl's life. 

In this manga it was a piece of life manga however it was very slow and boring.
 Yes, I do understand its a piece of life but it shouldn't be so boring. 
It is basically about a normal persons life. That is just boring. 
This manga needs something in it so it isn't so boring. 
This one I also couldn't finish.

Mom's Voice:
Now so that you understand my daughter loves beyond words Anime.  So when these three books came along for us to be able to review she thought OMG!!! Well, not!  So, sorry if you feel it is harsh but she is 13 and they tell it like it is. Thanks

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