GUILTY PLEASURES                            JANE O'REILLY
Posted:  Jan. 30, 2015

Guilty PleasureAfter hours...

Architect Tasha has to work harder and longer to be taken seriously by her sexist boss. No wonder she feels like a pressure cooker ready to explode! 

But working late every night Tasha has found some very creative ways to relieve that pressure once her co-workers have left for the day. Far from taking orders - in her steamy fantasies Tasha is the one issuing instructions and her fellow (smuggest!) architect Ethan Hall has to do her bidding! 

Then one night, Ethan catches Tasha in the act. Tasha’s sure Ethan will use the discovery to sink her career so she’s stunned, then thrilled, when he promises to make her secret fantasies a red-hot reality...

  Ethan and Tasha start the game of cat and mouse.  But no one else knows their part of their game.  You see the thrill is in the possibility of getting caught in a sexual act.  The thing is the author whom I love, she wrote “She Who Dares,” is book it took me till 10% in to engage with it.  Although much of this is of their sexual escapades are over the top for me so I just skipped it.
     What I did like was that I didn’t stop and that I actually found the story within of a real couple.  One who needed to cut loose and one who needed to cut back.  In each other they were able to find that happy medium.
     For me I felt it had issues combining a story with the erotica smoothly at first.  I found it rather uncomfortable at the first 10% of the book.  Until she meets Ethan and their one on one.  I give this book 3 stars.  Provided by Net Galley
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