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The Pleasure Principle by Jane  O'ReillyAn education...

When it comes to sex, shy and awkward Verity is as reluctant as a virgin. So imagine her horror and shame when her ex reveals her inadequacies to the internet? To prove that she’s not frigid, as claimed, she’ll sleep with the very next man she sees!

So when her boss, Cal Bailey, a man completely confident in his own sexiness, invites her to one of his legendary parties Verity leaps at the chance. She gets Cal right where she wants him but at the crucial moment her insecurities take over, leaving Cal confused and her frustrated!

Verity, convinced she can’t do it, is set for rejection again but Cal is a sexpert and he’s determined to turn Verity’s pain into her ultimate pleasure...

     This story overall has a much better vive to it when you start reading it than “Guilty Pleasures.”  For me “Guilty Pleasures” was darker than lite and playful as this one feels out of the shoot.
     This is a story of two people who work together Verity and one of her bosses Cal, who is well known for his sex parties.  Cal hears her crying in the back room over what she found on a posting on the internet.  It was posted by her ex-boyfriend.
     It’s a site where you rate your girlfriends in bed, he gave her a two.  He also said, “My girlfriend is so frigid she makes the Artic look Warm.”  Nice guy!  Cal decides then and there to invite her to one of his parties that night.  She goes and well let’s just say it was extremely over whelming and over stimulating. 
     So, she rushes out and who does she run into on her way to her car but her ex-Will and his friends.  He calls out to her asking why she was there.  Why she was leaving was she kicked out.  Was it because they threw her out.  Just about when she was about ready to respond Cal comes up to her. He says, “Hello Will!”  Will says hi and he heard he was having one of his parties.  Cal says, “Nope!”  Verity says, “Right, I’ll just be going then.”  Cal says, “I’ll walk you home, see you around, Will.”  He puts his arm around her and they walk away.  It feels like they connect in all ways.  Because they do that night.
     Then a week goes by and he brings her a gift to the office and tells her he wants to have her again.  Giving her a present of a sex toy but she returns it.  She’s happy he thought of her but mad.  Under the circumstances because she wants to be more than a two she wants to learn to be more than a two in bed.
     This couple goes on a sexual journey to help Verity find herself.  What ends up happening is they both end up finding not only a friendship but a grand love that runs deeper than all sexual experiences.
     I really enjoyed this story much better than “Guilty Pleasures” because it’s much more lite hearted.  The characters seem more real in a lot of ways, although Verity’s neurosis is all of womanhood’s rolled into one character.  Which can make you chuckle and sad too. 
     I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley
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