ALL THAT GLITTERS                           MICHAEL MURPHY
Posted: Feb. 28, 2015

All That Glitters: A Jake & Laura MysteryJust arrived from New York, Broadway actress Laura Wilson is slated to star in Hollywood’s newest screwball comedy. At her side, of course, is Jake Donovan, under pressure to write his next mystery novel. But peace and quiet are not to be had when an all-too-real murder plot intrudes: After a glitzy party, the son of a studio honcho is discovered dead from a gunshot wound. And since Jake exchanged words with the hothead just hours before his death, the bestselling author becomes the LAPD’s prime suspect.
In 1930s Tinseltown, anything goes. Proving his innocence won’t be easy in a town where sex, seduction, and naked power run rampant. With gossip columnist Louella Parsons dead-set on publicizing the charges against him, Jake has no choice but to do what everyone else does in the City of Angels: act like someone else. Blackie Doyle, the tough-talking, fist-swinging, womanizing hero from Jake’s novels wouldn’t pull any punches until he exposed the real killer—nor will Jake, to keep the role of a lifetime from being his last.

This is the second book in the Jake and Laura series. They arrive in Hollywood for the making of the film that Laura is to be in and of course there is a murder and Jake is a suspect. The difference this time around is that he knows the detectives you are working the case plus he knows the area of L.A. and the surrounding parts because he worked out their while being a detective foe the Pinkerton agency. This story reminded me of watching an old 40’s movie and the references to places that where famous or that are still famous is something that I could relate to either by going to or reading about them. This brought the story closer to home for me and made the characters a little understanding. The whole murder plot in this book I could get and you had had a set of characters and for the most part they were right there for you like an old fashion mystery that now you had to figure out who was the killer. I like stories like that. This was an excellent and the bantering between to the two main characters just got better and their parts got more in depth. A good old fashion mystery. A good book. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 5 Stars.

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