CURVES BY DESIGN                            J.S. SCOTT
Posted:  Feb. 26, 2015

Curves by Design (Big Girls And Bad Boys, #3)Pediatric Nurse Molly Whitney is crushed when one of her best friend's older brother, Devon Richards, starts to show a passionate interest in her in spite of her plus sized body and then rejects her. Between the rejection and her mother's constant nagging about her weight; her self esteem hits at an all time low.

Architect Devon Richards has been completely enchanted with Molly since their first encounter, but he misunderstands the relationship between his brother and Molly and is forced to keep his amorous interests in the beautiful nurse to himself. Even though he desperately wants her...she belongs to his brother and he just can’t cross that line.

By the time Devon realizes that he misunderstood the relationship between Molly and his younger brother, six months has passed, but she’s haunted him continually since their brief encounter. Now that he knows she’s free and he can pursue her…she doesn’t trust him or his motives. Can he convince her that she’s the one woman he’s ever truly wanted? He’s determined to storm her defenses and get her into his life and his bed…no matter what it takes to achieve that goal.

18+ Only. This is an EROTIC BBW Romance. It includes graphic sex, graphic language and other subjects meant for mature audiences only.   

    For a free read this was a very engaging BBW ( Big Beautiful Women) romance short. The characters were so very likable. Molly & Devon are star crossed alright. So, crossed all the wires are mislabeled. Molly has a mother from HELL who talks in her head even when she hangs up from their awful phone calls. She has her mother weight issue tapes playing in her head that Devon really has his work cut out for him if he stands a chance at winning her affections. This is a book that follows true to life with a HEA (Happy Ever After).

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