SPRING SHADOWS                                JENNIFER GRACEN
Posted:  Feb. 10, 2015

Spring Shadows (Seasons Of Love, #3)Lydia wasn’t looking for love. Having just finalized a difficult divorce, she attended her best friend’s destination wedding with a simple plan: to reconnect with old friends and take a much needed break from the stresses of single parenthood. But life had more in store for her. In AUTUMN GETAWAY, Book One of the Seasons of Love series, Lydia connected with charming, sensitive Sam over that weekend, and took a chance on someone new. Then, in WINTER HOPES, Sam and Lydia explored the excitement of blossoming romance. Even though a long distance relationship isn’t easy, in each other they found renewed hope, both overcoming past losses to learn to trust and love again. 

Now, in SPRING SHADOWS, Book Three of the series, author Jennifer Gracen brings Lydia and Sam one step closer to lasting happiness. But it isn’t all romance and roses. The realities of a long distance relationship held between Chicago and New York start to take a toll. Add in the complications posed by Sam’s overprotective brother, Lydia’s difficult ex-husband, and an unexpected tragedy, and it all threatens to tear them apart before they’ve even begun to truly be together.

Lydia and Sam must face their pasts and come to terms with old fears and insecurities. They need to focus on the things that really matter: true love, forgiveness, compassion, and fearless commitment--another leap of faith. Full of the sweetness and heartfelt emotion you’ve come to expect from the Seasons of Love series, SPRING SHADOWS shows us the power of purposeful communication, understanding, and unrelenting self-awareness, proving that true, lasting love is possible when nurtured by healing and hope.
     What can you do when you have a woman who has been beat up her whole life by the men in her life that should have loved and cherished her the most?  It was not a physical beating but it may as well have been one.  Because she learned at a young age that she need to put a protective shell on in order to survive.  One around her mind, body, soul, and most importantly her heart.
     You see when you are told over and over that you are not worth as much as say your sister, or you are just out and out ignored, or you are not even acknowledge for just being alive then you become invisible to the whole world or you just try to hide.  Not just your body but your heart and spirit.  That is what Lydia has done most of her life and Sam is trying to get her away from that behavior and make her acknowledge her beautiful mind, body, soul, and heart.
     Once again this book leaves off where book two “Winter Hopes” ends.  Lydia Powell and Sam Forrester our main characters are still the main focus.  There is more interaction in some way or form with her ex-husband, Matt over their son, Andy.  Not to mention a whole lot of commotion at Sam’s hometown of Chicago with his family.
     You see Matt found out that Lydia was going to meet with Sam for Christmas and it was one big nasty scene.  It might not have been so bad but he had no idea there was a Sam even in the picture.  He was so pissed he said he wanted Andy nowhere near Sam.  That Lydia was a slut and that he was thinking of taking her back into court for full custody of Andy.  Lydia just said not to threaten her but to bring it on if he wanted a fight he would get one. 
     On Christmas Day, Sam took her to his family’s home.  His parents, aunts, uncles, etc… were wonderful just mainly Paige and Alec (Sam’s brother and sister-in-law) had the chip like she did, but that chip was turning into a boulder when it came to Alec.  Lydia had a right to it and Alec didn’t.
     This story by far was the best of the three so far.  Talk about gut wrenching emotions, bring out the tissues.  Sam and Alec make some surprising changes in their lives and the family suffers a tragedy not sure Sam can survive.  I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.

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