SNOWBOUND SUMMER                           SALLY CLEMENTS
Posted:  March 23, 2015

Snowbound Summer by Sally ClementsSummer in the snow… 
Restaurant owner Summer Costello, reeling from recent failures in her perfect life, is hiding out in her childhood home. When she finds an injured dog outside in a snowstorm, she calls the local vet, who turns out to be her younger brother Declan’s best friend, gorgeous Nick Logan. 
She’s his secret crush–no woman Nick’s dated has matched up to the fantasy of being with Summer, the woman who blazed out of Brookbridge for a new life in London years ago. Now, a dog needs his aid, and despite treacherous conditions he drives out to help. She’ll be there with her boyfriend, and surely his infatuation will have burned itself out? 
Stranded in a snowstorm, Summer sizzles with attraction for the man Nick has become. And when Summer confides her long-term relationship is over, and suggests a clandestine fling, is there any way Nick can resist her, even though she’s the one woman Declan warned him to keep away from?

     I have to say this was a fun fast moving short story.  The best part is that the characters were enjoyable, believable, and engaging.  You could actually see this very thing unfolding in your own family or to a friend.
     It seems there is always that one friend that is and always has been an over-achiever.  That never ever saw the bottom rung of a ladder.  They were always at the top.  No one had to put them there they just were.
     Well, that was Summer Costello.  She made everything in her life a competition.  She had to be the best at everything.  Most of the time it came naturally other times she did have put forth a little effort.  So, when she told her family she was leaving Ireland for London to be a chef they knew she would be.
     Well it crushed her younger brothers’ friend Nick Logan who Declan knew he had a mad crush on his older sister.  Because for as long as he could remember he had been in love with Summer.  He would watch over her when she got herself in a pickle in those rare times she let her hair down.  So, when he found out the family was going to London to the opening of her first restaurant he figured this was his opening.
     Nick knew she had a boyfriend but he had to declare his love once and for all.  That night though she surprised them all by telling them all that this guy, Michael, that no one liked, she was moving in with him.  Nick was crushed and made a decision right then and there that he was moving on and would no longer pine over her any longer.  Now a year has passed and Nick is called out to care for an injured dog at the home of Declan’s parents but he knows they’re in another country visiting Declan. 
     Nick arrives to find Summer there soon after and weeding through her lies he finds out she and her ex Michael have broken up.  Yet, she doesn’t tell him the other big secret nor does he share his darkest secret with her.   Can they build enough trust being snowed in to get to that point?  You will have to read and find out.  I totally enjoy this story.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.
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