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     Minnie Minoso passed away the other day.  Known as “Mister Chicago White Sox.”  Actually came up with the Cleveland Indians in 1949 and was traded to the White Sox in 1951.  Born in Cuba he was a “Cuban American Negro League” & Major League Baseball player. 
     In 1946 he began his career by playing for the New York Cubans and was an All-Star third baseman.  Signed by Cleveland in 1948 as the color line was slowly changing.  He then would be traded to the White Sox.  He hit a home run.  He was the first “Black” Cuban in the Major Leagues and also for the White Sox.  He was part of the “60-61 White Sox” team of the 50’ and 60’s.  He would bat over .300 five times and was the (AL) leader in triples and stolen bases three times.  He held the White Sox career homerun record from 1956-1974 and during the same time as Willie Mays was playing and stole 179 bases Minnie stole 167.

     He also led the league in getting hit by the pitch.  A record that was not broken until 1985.  The White Sox retired his #9 years ago, not in the Hall of Fame but finished with a .298 batting avg. 186 homeruns and 1,023 RBI.  Of course his numbers would have been better if he would have been allowed to play sooner.

Who was the only player of the losing Super Bowl Team to win the MVP?


  1. now Kentucky is 30 -0 can they go undefeated for the season? who knows but Georgia gave them a good game the other night and for awhile i thought might even win.

  2. there sure have been a lot of big names cut by teams in the N.F.L. all trying to save money. then today Jones-Drew, announces he is retiring from football. He was a good player and finished with over 11,000 all our purpose yards. Reggie Bush, Laurence Maroney,De Angelo Williams, Joseph Addi, LenDale White, were all drafted before Drew. only Williams at 6,8800 yard + comes close to Drew's 8,167 rushing yards, a good career.

  3. the N.B.A season is still going strong and Cleveland is still looking good in the East. i think it is a toss up in the West. don't talk about the Knicks, they just need help!

  4. don't agree with Cashman saying their should be no more captains for the Yankees. that is a tradition and you don't need to have one right away. after Munson passed away it was years before Mattingly was named captain and their have been other times as well.

  5. looks like the Packers are going to lose Cobb to free agency and the faithful will go wild, but ask this. will his numbers still be up there on some other team Jacksonville? really who is going to throw him the ball. Oakland? Carr is good but not Rodgers and now Cobb will be teamed not Nelson and Carr still needs time to throw the ball. but he will get his money and like Cobb the Packers will drat another wide receiver that is not on to many peoples boards and then put him in. remember he replaced Jennings and people thought the passing attack was going to faulter. but Cobb will get his money and most Green Bay fans will say the sky is falling. i still remember Don Horn, Jerry Tage, John Hadl, Scott Hunter, you get my point this was after Starr and way before Favre and now Rodgers, so i am happy we don't need a quarterback.

  6. answer to the question is easy Chuck Howley, who was drafted by the Chicago Bears 1st round pick #7 in 1958 and played for the Bears in 58 & 59 retired after 59 because of a knee injury and his rights were traded to the Dallas Cowboys for a 2nd & 9th round picks. in Super Bowl 5 he had 2 interceptions and a fumble recovery in their loss to the Colts 16- 13, a very boring game for me. as an outside linebacker he had 25 interceptions for his career some of his other stats were not kept at that time but he was a good player and being a Packer fan he does not get mention enough.


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