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One More Minute with You by Sierra HillSeattle is in the rearview mirror and Kenzie Daniels wants to start a new life to pursue her musical dreams in Nashville. But it’s harder than she thought trying to make it on her own with no one to rely on but herself. Until a handsome customer shows up at her table and changes the course of her future.

Remy Martins wasn’t looking for anything but a good time and a creative outlet when he stumbled upon Hank’s Diner and discovered his muse. The moment he laid eyes on Kenzie, the beautiful waitress with a chip on her shoulder, he knew his luck had turned around. He’d been in a writing slump for months and she was the spark he needed, breathing new life into his lyrics. Now Remy is determined to have Kenzie and keep her in his life.

When a chance run-in at one of his gigs has Kenzie leaning on him for support, Remy is given the opportunity to make her an offer she'd be a fool to refuse.

Just as their relationship morphs into something more, fueling a deep physical need that neither of them can deny, Kenzie’s and Remy’s pasts collide - threatening to destroy their bond along the dreams they’d hoped to fulfill.

Can Kenzie rely on Remy to be there when she needs him the most? Will both their dark pasts ruin their chances at a bright future?

     When you have two people who have been bruised deeply by those they loved and thought loved them.  Where do you go from there?  Here you have newly graduated Kenzie Daniels who was raised by her loving grandmother and father always knowing that her daddy loved her.  Or at least that’s what she thought.  Until she really needed him.
     You see Kenzie was coming out of a horrible relationship one that made her fear for her life.  Yet, when she tells her father he tries to make her believe it’s all her imagination and that it was just a onetime deal and no need to bring in the police because it was all in her head.  That’s when she leaves Seattle and heads to Nashville to pursue her dream of being a song writer and singer.
     She buys a clunker, finds a place to live, and gets a job as a waitress where she is getting close to the point where she can’t keep her head above water.  When a sexy as all sin of a man sat at her station.  Donita, her 40ish co-worker, single, and ready to tap anything male as she tells it.  She tells Kenzie she has a “Hot One” at her station.  When she gets to the table she can tell by the guy’s clothes and his mannerisms that he is a musician.  In which case she needs to stay far away.  They are all just the love’m and leave’m kinda guys.
     Sure enough the guy in the booth is a singer, Remy Martins, song writer, singer, and recording engineer.  To her he looks a little like he’d been rode hard and put away wet.  Which was kind of true since the band he is working with in the studio is more like babysitting.  Then when they finally leave he can work on his own things into the early morning.
     That was the thing though he had lost his muse and his ex all at one time.  Which means like most wrote about their hurt heart not him his were about his love or what he thought love was.  Then 2 days ago he happens into the diner and falls in lust over the cutest “Pixie” he ever saw.  By the third morning Remy got brace and spoke asking if they made Latte’s.  She laughed and said, yes.  He asked for a triple.  She asked if he wanted the regular for breakfast.  He then realized she’d been paying attention to him too.  He overheard Donita and Kenzie talking a day earlier saying she needed a place to stay better than where she was.  Remy comes up with an offer she can’t refuse.
     I really enjoyed this story.  It had all the elements that you want in a story at least for me.  It had boy meets girl, suspense, erotica, humor, fear, and pain.  All you could want in a story line and so much more.  Really two family sagas in one.  I give this 4 Stars.  Provided by Net Galley.

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