LAWLESS IN LEATHER                             MELANIE SCOTT
Posted:  May 19, 2015

Lawless In Leather (New York Saints, #3)Reina Easton never expected to be training a cheerleading squad for a baseball team. But the owner of the building where her burlesque club is housed is threatening to sell, and she needs to get a deposit together. 

Malachi Coulter can't believe that Alex Winters wants cheerleaders for their team. When he meets Reina, he can't deny his attraction… He's just not sure that Reina's wild ways are what he's looking for. Reina isn't thrilled about finding herself attracted to a guy like Mal, ex-army, motorcycle, security, tough guy.

When a crazed fan starts causing trouble, Mal is pulled in two directions. He wants to shut the squad down but Reina wants the money. Can a former bad boy and a former bad girl team up to win the day or are they just destined to strike out?

Reina Easton is hired to be in charge of cheerleaders for a baseball team that has been bought by three new owners. The partners are looking for anything to get people into the stands but she wants to make sure that they are not a joke. She can also use the money for her business is really just starting. She opened a burlesque club after dancing for years on Broadway as a choir’s line dancer. Malachi Coulter cannot believe that one of his partners Alex Winters has hired cheerleaders for the team because baseball does not have cheerleaders, but he is attracted to Reina and he does not want to act on those feelings. When she sees him she is attracted to him as well but like him does not want to act on those feelings. It is not until a fan they starts making threats and doing damage to her truck and cloths that starts putting the two of them together more. He is not only the security director but also owns a security firm. He starts becoming more concerned when incidents were happening at her club and this put him on guard and put both of them on the front to deal with each one of their own issues. With the help of each other they work through their problems but still must find out who wants to hurt Reina and deal with that person while working as though nothing is happing. A good story with good characters. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 stars.

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