SEAL'S DESIRE                                       ELLE JAMES
Posted:  May 19, 2015

SEAL's Desire: (A Military Romance) (Take No Prisoners Book 2)Navy SEAL teams with a sexy NCIS agent undercover as a stripper to find a missing naval officer. 

Navy SEAL Remy LaDue wants Mitchell Sanders, but hasn't made a move since he slept with her the night of his buddy, her former boyfriend's funeral. A year later, his plan to be her Valentine date runs amuck when he finds her undercover as a stripper at a local club. 
NCIS agent Mitchell Sanders never wanted to settle, dedicated to her job and justice is finally ready to commit to the SEAL she accidentally fell in love with. When her friend, a female navy officer, goes missing she puts her love life on hold and goes undercover to find her friend, only to discover her SEAL is back in town and threatening to blow her cover. 
Remy and Mitchell join forces to find her friend and uncover a human trafficking organization in the darkest heart of Virginia Beach while their attraction for each other burns hotter than the sun. 
This story is about a Navy Seal Lieutenant Remy LaDue and a NCIS agent Mitchell Sanders, who was dating his best friend Derek Brewer. Derek was killed on a mission along with two other team members, and at the funeral Remy and Mitchell talked and spent part of the night together until she asked him to leave which he did. They both want to see each other but each of their jobs make it difficult. When she is finally ready to talk to him she finds out that he is deployed once again and they start e mail, texting, and skyping each other. The plans are to meet on Valentine’s Day. When he returns from his mission he leaves messages on her phone but does not her back from and after contacting her boss at NCIS he finds out that she has taken some personal time off, but when they tried to contact her did not get back to them either. He ends up going out with his team that night and he finds her at a strip club working as a stripper. She is working undercover with no back up and when she runs everything down to him he tells her that he wants to help. They also both show how much they miss each other and how he wants her to be done with this case. This is a fast read and a good book. Lots of action. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 stars.

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