Posted:  May 28, 2015

Summer on Lovers' Island by Donna AlwardLizzie Howard's life is close to perfect, until her father's death brings her world crashing down around her. With her reputation and heart in tatters, she reluctantly agrees to temporarily take over her best friend's practice in scenic Jewell Cove, Maine—a position that's a world away from the high pressure career she once loved.

Josh Collins is no stranger to pain. After losing his wife, he moved home looking to start over. One of two doctors at the town clinic, his sleepy coastal practice is just what he needed. Until Lizzie Howard arrives. Lizzie is everything Josh wanted to get away from: brash, ambitious and not interested in a quiet life in a quiet town. But as the sparks fly between these two doctors, they realize that sometimes opposites really do attract.

     Lizzie Howard is turning thirty and a nice relaxing weekend at her BFF’s is just what the doctor ordered.  Only her friend Charlie who hasn’t seen Lizzie since her wedding to Dave, really has no idea how true that is.  All Charlie knows is Lizzie is finally coming to Jewell’s Cove for a much needed visit for both of them.  They talked often but it’s never the same as being together in person.
     Charlie is due very soon to have her first baby.  She has been doing a hard sell to get Lizzie to take her spot at the local clinic.  She wants her to take her spot while she is off for maternity leave.  Only Lizzie has put her off for months she would die being cooped up in a small town with no night life, nice restaurants, or theaters.  She is a city girl all the way.
     Once she is in town though Charlie’s gloves are off and her big guns are out.  She first supplies her with tea and the best sweet treats from the local bakery, then she takes her to town to shop and show her the friendliness of the people and the town’s charm.  From there she takes her to a great place for lunch where she says really nothing about the job. But then she has Lizzie drive past the office and gives her the run down.  With a full stomach and fresh look of the town and its people she says what about a place to live and Charlie’s place is not an option.
     Charlie was prepared she took her to Tom’s place that he just moved out of when he got married.  When she saw it and she could see the ocean she was a goner.  She really asked Charlie questions about the business.  They go back to Charlie’s.
     Lizzie was holding secrets that her ex-doctor Ian knew the truth about.  So the thought about taking the job to clear her head and find herself again became real.  Six weeks later she was back and ready to work.  When she arrives the first day she does not make Brownie points with her new boss Joshua Collins.  She first called him the janitor, then she sounded snobbish when she spoke to him.  Not a good way to start.  But it’s all Charlie’s fault.  When she said he was a widowed doctor she was thinking old.  While Charlie had to be laughing her a—off.
     Josh was far from old.  He is tall, tanned, blond, muscled, and sexy as all hell.  In fact when she is nervous she tends to sound snobbish, it is a coping skill.  Josh had lost his wife about two years ago now.  From what Charlie says he doesn’t date yet, his favorite things are sailing and fishing.  Match made in heaven.  NOT!!!
     But it really didn’t matter she wasn’t staying at least not permanently.  Then people like Josh’s sisters and family and friends start roping her in.  More and more they get thrown in after work activities.  So, one day Josh asks her to go sailing.  Truly rocking both their worlds.  I so enjoyed the dynamics of this couple and all of Josh’s friends and family.  Lizzie and Charlie’s relationship is becoming more the norm where friends are more family then family.  You can’t miss with this read.  I give this 4 stars.  Provided by Net Galley.
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