DISINTEGRATION                                         RICHARD THOMAS
Posted:  June 16, 2015

Disintegration: A Windy City Dark Mystery“A dark existential thriller of unexpected twists, featuring a drowning man determined to pull the rest of the world under with him. A stunning and vital piece of work.” 
—Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting and Filth

In a brilliantly stylish breakthrough thriller for fans of Bret Easton Ellis’sAmerican Psycho and Will Christopher Baer’s Kiss Me, Judas, here is the compelling tale of a man who has lost it all—and is now navigating a crooked, harrowing path to redemption.

Once a suburban husband and father, now the man has lost all sense of time. He retains only a few keepsakes of his former life: a handmade dining room table, an armoire and dresser from the bedroom, and a tape of the last message his wife ever left on their answering machine. These are memories of a man who no longer exists. Booze and an affair with a beautiful woman provide little relief, with the only meaning left in his life coming from his assignments. An envelope slipped under the door of his apartment with the name and address of an unpunished evildoer. The unspoken directive to kill. And every time he does, he marks the occasion with a memento: a tattoo. He has a lot of tattoos.

But into this unchanging existence seep unsettling questions. How much of what he feels and sees can he trust? How much is a lie designed to control him? He will risk his own life—and the lives of everyone around him—to find out.

This is a dark but exciting book about a man who at one time was a father, husband and just a guy trying to make it all work. Now he is drunk, high, having an affair oh and by the way he is a killer. He marks his killings by getting a tattoo and his body is now covered by them. but one day as he is listening to the last recording he kept from the night of the accident that took his family he is wondering did it really happen or was it all just a plan to get me to do what I am doing now. As he is trying to put the pieces together he is also trying to stay alive for now someone is trying to kill him. He must find the truth but when he does what will happen, he is a killer and a drunk he is not that man he once was and would his family if they were alive even recognize him. Better yet would they want to be around him? As he gets closer to finding to truth he is realizing he is having to kill more people to just to stay alive but as you get closer to finding out what has happened to him you find yourself actually routing for the guy but knowing he is screwed. An excellent book and the main character and story is full of depth and emotion. A very good book. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 5 stars.

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