RESCUING AN ANGEL                               ANN JACOBS
Posted:  June 21, 2015

Rescuing an Angel by Ann JacobsOne fateful misstep for Gayla Levine was all it took for her once-adoring fiancé to walk away and her demanding father to disown her. Determined to finally turn her life around and embrace her newfound independence, she wants nothing to do with men or relationships—until she meets Dan Newman, a sexy surgeon who sends a shock of electricity through her every time they touch. 

Dan Newman has spent his life struggling to overcome his own crippling past by devoting himself to healing others who have suffered. Now a world-class surgeon, he’s confident in his ability to face anything life throws at him—until he meets a headstrong Texas beauty who has his pulse racing and fills his dreams with impossibly sensual visions. 

As they fall into a passionate romance that takes them both to the burning edges of pleasure, these two damaged souls must both confront their darkest demons. Because Gayla is haunted by the echoes of being called a failure and torn by the fear that she’ll be rejected once again, and Dan, who has proved his worth to so many others, now must convince himself and Gayla that they deserve the powerful love they’ve found. 

     Everyone has a past they feel they need to hide from, run from or clean up.  And although Gayla Levine has been doing everything in her power to do all three at some point she is not being cut any slack.  Life just seems to kick her in the stomach.  Hers comes in the hatefulness of her father Dr. Eli Levine, the chief of surgery.
     Five years ago she did not make the Olympics, so her father and her fiancé disowned her.  Her father only accepts perfection.  On top of it all she ended up in the hospital where she miscarried, her wedding that was less than two weeks away was off and she learned she wasn’t good enough and he gave his loyalties to her ex-fiancé and his fair-haired resident.  Neither wanted a loser.
     To help erase the memories and no family to stand by her she turned to drugs and alcohol.  She made the slow hard climb back only to find her father blamed her for the heart attack she suffered as she was under so much stress.  Now though she is clean and sober four years.  She is coaching kids in swimming at one of the country clubs.
     To try and get them talking her mom has a package delivered to her place.  She knows that Gayla has been taught not to delay in giving him mail or anything else.  In turning a corner in the hospital she runs and I mean runs right into Dr. Dan Newman.  He offers to be her personal guide for one knocking her over and two she doesn’t know where her father’s office is.  Which he finds odd.  He asks her out to dinner.
     She doesn’t say no she challenges him to a winner takes all event.  She tells him to meet her at the country club.  He says oh golfing she says no swimming.  He thinks she’s being an ass like her dad when he realizes she doesn’t know or even notice his disability.  So, he says okay.  He can’t sleep even though he is dead tired after working and the gym.  Just the thought of her knowing about his disability makes him nervous but he really liked her sass and she stirred his sexuality.  That hasn’t happened in a long time.
     When he arrives they are both excited.  When it’s time to get in the pool he removes his leg at least from his knee down.  She was surprised but not at all put off and he liked that.  She liked that he was only a few arm lengths behind her in the swim race.
    From that moment on their instant attraction and sexual charge grew large and fast.  They were alike when most couples shouldn’t have been.  Track this relationship and the many new friendships that allows Gayla to find her own self-worth and the love of a good man.  I give this 4 stars.  Provided by Netgalley. 
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