SEAL TEAM SIX                           DON MANN & RALPH PEZZULLO
Posted:  June 22, 2015

Hunt the Fox (SEAL Team Six, #5)The heroes of Don Mann and Ralph Pezzullo's acclaimed, hyper-realistic SEAL Team Six series are called to defuse an explosive situation in Syria.
On his way to a meeting with a CIA source in Istanbul, Captain Thomas Crocker notices he's being tailed. He suspects the men tracking his movements are members of Syria's intelligence agency, the Mulhabarat--their presence a sign of the region's increasing volatility.
Syria's government is unraveling, with the alliances between rebel groups increasingly complex, and ISIS dangerously in the mix. Farid al-Kazaz, aka the Fox, leads the most threatening of the ISIS factions. The Fox believes Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ordered the murder of the Fox's brother and has vowed revenge, planning a Sarin gas attack that would wreak havoc across not just Syria, but the entire Middle East. It's up to Crocker and the rest of SEAL Team Six to stop a ruthless killer and keep an explosive plot from detonating.
Against almost impossible odds, it's up to Crocker and the rest of SEAL Team Six to stop a ruthless killer and keep an explosive plot from detonating. Once again, the fate of millions rests on the shoulders of these fearless and ferociously loyal men.
This story has Thomas Crocker and his team looking for a man they call the “Fox” really a code name. The story mainly takes place in the Middle East and is full of action from the beginning to the end. Yes men and women get hurt explosions happen and even when you think the story is starting to come the end it picks up again. There are people who are out to make sure that they do not complete their mission and there are people they trust because of the location or country they are in that are not who they say they are and they don’t find out about their real identity until it is almost too late. Crocker is also going back over the counseling sessions he had with his wife before he left on this mission and you get the feeling that there are things he should have told her but he did not and how will that affect him down the road. This is a fast paced and action pact story and if you read his other books you will not be disappointed with this book. A good book. i got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 stars.

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