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Posted:  July 8, 2015

There’s more than one way to feed a hungry man.
Boots and the Rogue by Myla JacksonUgly Stick Saloon, Book 10
Brody McFarlan left home eight years ago after he and his younger brother had a falling-out over a girl. When a frantic phone call sends him racing home, he’s astounded to learn the truth. Mom isn’t sick, she’s threatening to sell the ranch—unless he and his brothers get busy settling down.
With Mom on strike, Brody uneasily settles in to help—and find a replacement cook before he starves.
Fired from her last job, Jessie Taylor is forced to ride out on her horse, leaving her car behind. Hot, tired and homeless, she stumbles onto the Ugly Stick Saloon, grateful to pick up a spatula in trade for a burger to fill her belly and a much-needed rest for her road-weary mount.
One bite of Jessie’s tasty burger, and Brody offers the rough-and-tumble blonde a job and a stall. It doesn’t hurt that she’s sexy as hell, and he hungers for a taste of her sweet pink mouth. The only bur under his saddle is the grudge he still carries…and the fear that his brother will once again swoop in to steal the pretty filly right out from under him.
Warning: Burning hunger lights fires in the kitchen, the barn, the pasture, and more when another McFarlan brother bites the romantic dust in the sexiest possible way.
   Jessie Taylor was a girl with her horse who was just looking for a place to call home.  You see her mom left them when she was 4.  Her daddy did the best he could but he was a foreman on a large spread.  The thing was they didn’t own the house that she grew up in.  It was part of the perks of the job.
     So, when her father had a heart attack 2 years ago she had to vacate the home.  From there out she had been looking for a decent job.  She was more comfortable doing outdoor so called guys work on a ranch than indoor girl stuff.  Well, it turns out she had to leave this last job on short notice.  Do to the owner and his making passes at her all the time. 
     She always deflected his advances but this time they were caught during the cat and mouse fight.  So, she was the one fired because the wife said so.  Since she didn’t have a trailer to take her horse she rides him off the ranch after she collects what little she could carry in a duffle bag.  After 8 hours of riding trying to get the farthest away from her old boss as she could and his old haunts.  She ends up behind the Ugly Stick Saloon.
     She needed to get her and her horse Scout some water.  When the back door opens and the very pregnant owner sees her.  Audrey Anderson says if she tosses the trash bag in the bin she had been dragging out into the trash she would pay her $20.00 and the horse and she could have all the water they wanted.  Of course that is a no brainer Jessie does it for nothing but the water.  Once inside Audrey hires her for the night to B-B-Q since they are short a cook.
     That is when she meets Brody McFarlan the long lost brother to Colin and Angus who moved away eight years ago.  With his mama laying down the law they needed a new cook since their mama’s not cooking for them.  When he sees that Jessie can cook B-B-Q he gets an idea.  But first he is hungry so he stands in line but this big huge guy gets there first.  Jessie has her back to them so the big guy says he wants some food.  She looks over her shoulder and states that they needed to sit down that the waitresses will wait on them and that she can’t give them the food from where they are at they were for other customers. 
     She was able to handle herself and the waitress came to her aide too.  The whole time Brody had been checking her out and how sexy she looking in her Annie Oakley costume.
But back to business he wants to hire her.  But he uses the wrong wording and she punches him in the eye and knocks him out cold.  The brothers are laughing at him but thinks she will be perfect, after the punch he’s not so sure.  But when Chemistry hits and they kiss he is sunk.
     The next morning does not go as planned she burns the pancakes but their mama on the sly helps her out.  Their chemistry only gets bigger but he had promised not to kiss her again.  He does whisper in her ear, “You can’t cook can you?”
     This is a very cute short.  Sexually charged yet not overly erotic yet you feel what they feel for each other.  This has a family saga which you know I love and the characters are extremely loveable and funny.  I give this 4 stars.  Provided by 

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