Fate Book Two (Fate Book Series, #2)Missing: Hot Italian Bodyguard Last Seen Wearing Tux... 

Dakota Dane's bodyguard is the sort of guy every man fears and every woman dreams of: chiseled abs, face of a male model, and tougher than nails. Except with her, of course. And those glimpses of Paolo's soft side are just as sinfully addictive as the rest of him.

So when he proposes to take their relationship to the next level--marriage--Dakota can't deny the thought of becoming his makes her pulse race and her knees go all wobbly. Unfortunately, when the big moment finally arrives, Paolo is nowhere to be found.

Was it something she said?

Dakota's heart won't move on until she finds out, but is she ready to face her dangerous world alone? Or will Dakota have to let go of everything she loves simply to survive?

NOTE: While reading book #1 (Fate Book) enhances the story, FATE BOOK TWO is a stand-alone story.

Dakota and Palo, were supposed to get married. She 19 and he 23, he Palo being her bodyguard, but when she entered the church he was not there and her father who she really did not trust said he would find him. Not knowing at first what to do her and her mother go back to Chicago and after a littler while they are in the Caribbean on an island. Dakota still not trusting her father because of the business he does for the government and that Paolo worked for him. She decides to look for him herself and through a series of changes of identity she ends up in Italy and then somehow manages to get herself into every place she needs to find him. She finds out that not only did her father lie to her once again but so did Paolo. When she comes back to the U.S. She realizes that once again Paolo is not going to show up and she decides to move on with her life when she gets arrested one night and declines all the help that she normally would have with her father and Paolo. When she is released he is their outside of the police station and not wanting to go with him she leads him to a coffee shop. There she explains to him that she is moving on and though she loves him she is going to live not just go around life to breath because she is not going to end up like him when she dies alone with no one by her side, she is whiling to walk away because he has and she does not want to see him ever again. It does not end there but I will not spoil the ending. I found parts of this book hard to believe, but it is just a story. It is about second chances and what you are going to do with them and for that reason it is a good book. The action scenes do make this for a fast read and that also helps this book. Overall a good book. I got this book from net galley.   I give this 3 stars.

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