HEART BREAKER                                           HARPER KINCAID

Heart Breaker (Break on Through, #2)Love wasn’t in the script… 

Former man-eater Samantha Lockhart has been an actress long enough to be able to spot a smooth-talking player a mile away. Dark-haired, bourbon-eyed, a wicked smile…Kyle Masterson is one of the best.

From his bad-boy motorcycle boots to his good-ole-boy Southern drawl, everything about Kyle screams sex appeal. But after a tragedy hits close to home, Sam tries to convince herself she’s done with players on and off the stage. 

Kyle, a V-twin-riding divorce attorney, has witnessed enough horror stories of love gone wrong to know that while women are welcome in his bed, they’re definitely not in his future. But once the petite, mercurial redhead catches his eye, he can’t think of anything—or anyone—else. 

Sam’s trust doesn’t come easy, but the more time they spend together, the deeper they both fall. Yet just as they’re breaking through each other’s barriers, someone who doesn’t like being upstaged makes a deadly play of his own. And if Sam refuses, she may not be able to breathe a word to anyone…ever.

Warning: Contains a small-town thespian who isn’t easily fooled and a lawyer with a weakness for V-twin engines and sassy redheads.

Samantha Lockhart, an actress and a self-proclaimed man-eater. She is with a man in her apartment not really into him when she gets a phone call from the police saying that her parents were involved in a traffic accident. She kicks the actor out which she was getting ready to do anyway because he was talking and her sister and her drove back to their home town about an hour outside of D.C. when arriving they are told that their parents have passed. They together move into their old home and she begins to remolded the home. Her sister finds a teaching job right there in town, but she does not go out. She stays in mostly to do the remolded and runs to home depot, not going on any additions just being in a funk that she can’t seem to get out of. Finally she goes to a neighbor’s Super Bowl party and she is attracted to a man that she later finds out is a player. He is a divorce attorney named Kyle Masterson, he starts talking to her but she tells him that she does not want anything to do with him. She then goes back into theater and gets a roll but later finds out that a director that she does not like to work with. He really like to torment her. Kyle meanwhile was still working on being with and then when they finally did get together he blew it the next morning, so now he was actually worse than he was before. He was still working on her but really it was one of her friends that helped push them along. She was trying to figure everything out from her parents death to the house to going back into acting that so much was happening to her at times I felt Kyle character was to forceful with and twice I felt that I did not listen to her and just pushed his way on her so she finally gave into him. I don’t know if that really would work because she needed for him to listen to her and he did not always do that. Maybe I am looking at this from a father’s perspective but just my thought. The rest of the story and how he takes care of her when she really needs him to was good so I am a little torn between the two sides of him. Overall this is a good book. I got this book from net galley.  I give them 4 stars. 

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