MONTANA MISTLETOE                                     R.L. SYME
Posted:  July 2, 2015

Montana Mistletoe by R.L. SymeCaught in a Christmas nightmare, Gillian needs to keep her distance from her ex, but with mistletoe everywhere and feelings resurfacing, she’s not sure she can resist just one more kiss… 

Gillian Potter is having the biggest night of her life. A giant fundraiser, a beautifully decorated Christmas scene, an original madrigal, and her job is on the line. When she needs a caterer at the last minute, her secretary books the only person they can find on short notice. Unfortunately, that person is Gillian’s ex: Mason Herrick. Hurt as she is by the way he ended things, she wants to hate him and tries to stay away… 

Mason Herrick took too many years to grow up and the perfect girl got away. Returned to Madison Falls, a new man and a business owner, Mason is determined to make good and to someday show Gillian Potter that he can be different. When her job and her future depend on Mason, he’s not sure if he’s become a good enough man to save her. Or to deserve her.

     Holy Mistletoe there has been an explosion of an awful kind in the lobby of the dinner theater.  Mason Herrick and his brothers Cash and Tyson are caters that own 406 Catering Company.  They were hired because the usual caterer died suddenly.
     When they get there though Mason and the director (as well as writer and fundraiser coordinator) for the event have a history and not a pleasant one.  In fact Gillian (Jill) Potter hates Mason.  It has been years since they have seen one another.  As far as she could care it could go on longer.
     You see Mason had left the state of Montana and her behind never looking back.  California might as well have been another country.  Now he is back and trying to play nice?  Well it’s too little too late.  Besides she can’t hate him if he is trying to be nice it was much easier when there were several states between them.
     Now thought she has a show to get ready to be put on stage.  Kids to run through their lines again and last minute things to get done with the fundraiser.  All that won’t now if she had to deal with Mason.  Just looking at him makes her made.  All Mason can see is all the good memories.  And wanting to kiss her the first chance he gets.
     This was a cute very short story.  Not a lot of meat or potatoes to it.  I give this 3 stars.  Provided by netgalley.
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