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I know everyone heard about Frank Gifford who passed away Sunday.  He really was the first big star for the NY Giants and was part of their championship team in 1956.  Of course he also played in what is called the greatest game when the Giants lost to the Colts and really made football a household sport.  In 1956 he was the MVP.  He also at one time was selected as all-Pro as defensive back, running back and wide receiver.  He threw 14 TD’s which still stands as a record for most TD’s thrown by a non-quarterback in the NFL history.  There is more of course Broadcasting-Monday Night Football etc… All of this is great for a guy from our present hometown that we adopted over 30 years ago, Bakersfield, California and the son of an oil field worker.  He was a star player for our hometowns Bakersfield Drillers and for USC.    

Bakersfield, Ca.  Driller



  1. Also on Aug 4, Mel Farr running back for UCLA and then a #1 DRAFT PICK BY THE LIONS passed away. He was someone i watched and was a good player. In both college and the pros.

  2. Also a few weeks ago a young boy of nine passed away from being hit in the head while being a bat boy for a National Baseball Congress game. The father said that he has no remorse or anger towards what happened it was just a tragedy. He did not speak to the team until after their game because he did not want to affect their play. If you can find the story very moving.

  3. This was a big month in Packer football. Favre was inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame. Then Ron Wolf was Inducted into the Pro football Hall OF fAME AND the other day Aug 11 was their 96th Birthday as an organization. Not bad all around. A special thanks goes out to the Raiders, where Ron Wolf started but Al Davis would not let him go any farther in the team so he left, that opened the door for him to go to the Jets for one year and then the Packers and the rest as they say is history. Without him i really think there would have been no Favre, No Holmgren and most definitely no Reggie White. Therefore no Super Bowl and probably no Packers the league would have moved them.

  4. Last night another no hitter in baseball by a pitcher for Seattle. Only saw the highlights but it looked good. Baltimore is an excellent hitting ball club.

  5. Toronto won again so now they have won 11 straight and lead the American League East. Tomorrow starts a weekend series against the Yankees who they swept last weekend. I am still surprised by the Houston Astros leading their division but good to see different teams this year in the baseball races.

  6. Saw that Lindsay Vonn broke her ankle in a skiing accident while training. I think she is still wanting to compete in the Olympics, hopefully everything will workout for her.

  7. It was good to see Michael Phelps do so good at the US swimming championships along with all of the other swimmers.


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