ANYTHING BUT BROKEN                                Joelle Knox

Anything but Broken by Joelle KnoxAfter five years, tragedy brings Hannah Casey back to Hurricane Creek to bury what’s left of her family. She’s flunking out of college, haunted by scandal, and the only person who cares is Sean Whitlow, an irresistible bad boy with a soft spot for her. The problem? He’s her dead sister’s ex.

Sean doesn’t bleed red, he bleeds motor oil. During the week, he struggles to turn his auto repair shop into a profitable business. But when Saturday night rolls around, he’s the reigning stock-car king of the local race track. He doesn’t know how to lose–or how to walk away and leave Hannah alone with her grief.

Between her grades and her wealthy family’s dark secrets, Hannah’s barely holding her life together. And the last thing Sean needs is to get tangled up with another Casey girl. As the attraction between them spins out of control, they’ll either find a love with no limits–or go up in flames.
     Hannah Casey’s life has been racked with lies, sadness, and senseless wreckage.  All brought on by the social standing in the community due to being one of the wealthier families.  It was all about appearance with her parents and never about their children.
     You see they had their required 2.5 children but their eldest was the bad seed that would not follow the program.  You see Hannah’s older sister Cait loved parties, fast cars, and fast boys.  That is how she ended up with Sean Whitlow.  Yet, no one really knew that Sean was the one trying to keep up with Cait.  She was always pushing the envelope.  Hannah had such a crush on Sean.
     Like every summer Hannah went to her grandparents for the summer to go feel normal.  Not to have to be in the show house playing perfect family.  That summer after graduation Cait joined them but then there was her terrible death.  At 15, Hannah lost her sister, her parents wouldn’t even let her come home for her funeral.   After that she just stayed on then and went to college from there leaving her parents and grandparents behind.  She was forced to go to school to become a lawyer but she was failing at that even though it was expected that she do well.
     When she gets a call that she need to come home and bury the rest of her family.  Her father was drunk again and wrapped himself and her mother around a tree.  She brain dead in ICU and he was dead.  She makes it in time for the funeral.  But has to stay on to pull the plug on dear old mom and there was the matter of the will.  Selling that house and all its secrets and ghost would be the first on her list.  Walking through her house she feels to many lies and ghost and leaves to find the seediest bar in town that would take her fake ID.  When she runs into her biggest and now still wet dream, Sean.
     There are ghost and secrets that need to be met but Gibbs Sean’s best friend thinks he needs to run from another too rich troubled Casey sister.  Sean is not too sure and thinks she’s worth testing the waters with.  Is it because of her sister or truly for Hannah?  Because he really appears to be good Okay with Hannah through all the joys of foreplay and pre-sex.  Knowing she could leave at any time.
     This is an emotionally filled storyline.  The family dynamics of Hannah are filled with pitfalls of epic proportions.  Yet, you get to see what the love of a solid family like Sean’s who is willing to take in strays can engulf and help heal not only scars but deep wounds.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by

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