CAN'T RESIST HIM                                   MOLLY McLAIN

Can't Resist Him (River Bend, #4)Sometimes what you want and what you need are two very different things. 

Always relegated to the “friends with benefits” corner of small town River Bend, Jenny Riley is done giving the milk for free. Falling hard for a bad boy? Not in the plan, either.

Sexy, emotionally-wounded Marine Reservist Brody Nelson just needs someone to lend an ear. A friend. Friends to lovers? That’s more than he bargained for.

Neither wants a relationship. A long distance friendship should be enough.
It’s not.

Warning: This books contains a tattooed, pierced hero with a few surprises up his sleeve...and a hella sexy one down his pants.
Can't Resist Him is the fifth book in the River Bend series.

     It was New Year’s Eve and Jenny Riley and Brody Nelson had met for the first time as far as Jenny knew.  Later was later told by Brody it was the second.  You see Jenny had a friends with benefits situation with Reed Fletcher that she knew since high school.  Until recently when Reed found the girl of his dreams again.  Therefore, dropping Jenny as a bed buddy but not as a friend, so he thought.  Especially since that was the normal M.O.
     Jenny was, “Not anymore!  All men were asses!  I am done giving my milk away for free!”  At some point she had met Brody when she and Reed were out with their friends.  But since she had been hoping Reed would really see her and fall in love with her one day he didn’t.  What he said at the beginning held true.  Basically that it was just sex, he wasn’t in love with her, and there wouldn’t be anything more than sex.  How do guys do that?  What does that mean?  That you’re there on call, call girl, or what?
     So when her friend Ally gets married in Vegas she goes and her roomie leaves her the suite that they shared the night before their wedding.  So she is there all alone.  She starts going ape bat crazy being there all alone that the thoughts of a relaxing bath makes her crazier.  Maybe that’s why she was with Reed so long he keep the loneliness away.
     Hating to be alone and yet hating to be alone in a bar on New Year’s Eve could be worse she says, “F” It!”  Goes down for a few drinks when Brody who thinks she’s not just hot but sexy.  Once I read, “Hot was how girls look, (and with her brown hair curviness,) “sexy was how a girl acted.  If a hot girl didn’t know how to move her body, she was just hot.”  That is what Brody saw yet he also saw a girl who had been hurt recently by a guy and no guy was going to get past the walls.
     He didn’t need that he had his own problems.  They stamped him with PTSD.  Three tours as a Marine and the UAS was messing with him.  So he was a little messed up after having a few friends die in his arms.  He could handle it he is a Marine after all.  Right?  Well, it didn’t work that way he had to talk to someone.  It took an encounter with a curvy brunette to get him to somewhat agree to counseling.  He’s there at least.
     It worked out that night at the bar when they bumped into each other going up to their rooms a sticky situation was brewing not of his making.  Jenny could tell it was not of his making so she jumped in the mix to help when one of the potential players follows them to their rooms.  She ends up with Brody in her room passed out at first.  When he wakes they share a meal then truths are shared that cut like a knife.  Causing a brick to be removed from their walls.  Once they come to an agreement to stay out of each other’s business and then it was time to…
     A bond was formed in Vegas.  Lack of sex actually cemented it for these two in a way having sex does it for others.  Since these two were the eternal bed buddies it was time for a change up.  Jenny because she was tired of the Reed rollercoaster.  For Brody it was the trust and the safe connection to talk about his last tour where he lost two buddies.  Find instead the woman he didn’t know he was looking for.
    This book was refreshing the way the author didn’t over do the PTSD but spoke of the struggle our strong proud service personnel have taking help to combat it.  It’s real and we as a nation need to encourage it not make them ashamed of it.  As Reed tried to make Jenny feel about Brody.  I also like that his friends, counselor, and himself knew Jenny couldn’t fix him he had to.  Yet he knew he liked who he was with her which got him to seek that help on a real basis. 
     I totally enjoyed the books funny parts, erotic parts, and gut wrenching parts too.  This author pulled you through a lot of different emotions but made it better in the end yet in a real way.  Totally worth your read.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by

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