Bulletproof Weeks (When You're Gone, #2)Being a famous rock star for almost two decades means putting his life on display. But for the last two years Logan King has dealt with the uglier side of fame. When his stalker escalates to issuing veiled threats against the first woman he's allowed in his life, Logan locks down and shuts Izzy out. His stalker isn't just anyone—she's as famous as he is with a financial reach that makes her infinitely more treacherous. 

Falling for Logan King wasn't part of Isabella Grace's plans and their spectacular public breakup didn't make it easy to move on. Whispers and pitying looks from people in her small town send her fleeing from the first place that finally feels like home. Her solace becomes her travel for work, but the niggling sense that someone is watching her follows her from city to city. When she begins to unravel the secrets that surround the man she still loves, she discovers her personal security detail and demands answers. And they all point to Logan. 

Letting him back into her life comes with many more challenges–and rewards–than she could've ever dreamed. But loving a man like Logan comes at a dangerous cost. One that has a lasting effect that could echo into all their tomorrows.

In this story the second book of Logan and Isabella, she finds out that he, Logan has hired a security detail for her the problem with that is she figured it out and caught the person who was supposed to be following her. She then goes into this is where I am going mode until she can get to the office of the detail to find out what is going on. She has an idea who the person is that hired her to be followed so she tracks down Logan who is having trouble with writing his music and is locked up in his apartment throughout the day only to come out at night. Once she finds him and they talk and they end up back together she cannot figure out why he is living his life in fear of his ex when clearly she is not stable but he will still not do anything important or necessary to put an end to her stalking them. As the story goes along and they are back together but also had to work things out from the previous book just as the love story starts up again and things are going good another tragedy strikes this time with a more serious tone and something needs to be done. But you don’t know what if anything or if and who is really seriously hurt or killed because the story ends for the next book. I have forgotten to leave a review so I am giving this book 4 stars which I would have ant way. I am slowly working through my own issues with continuation books, since I read so many books I tend to forget now. This book was good.  I give this 4 stars.

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