FIRE ME UP (Deacons of Bourbon Street #2)

FIRE ME UP                                             RACHAEL JOHNS

Fire Me Up (The Deacons of Bourbon Street, #2)Can a scorching affair with a bohemian beauty tame a motorcycle man with a dark side? Rachael Johns takes the wheel in the sexy series co-written with Megan Crane, Jackie Ashenden, and Maisey Yates.

Travis “Cash” Sinclair values only two things from his days with the Deacons of Bourbon Street: his prized Harley Davidson and the man who gave it to him. But now Priest Lombard is gone, and Cash has inherited the Deacons’ clubhouse—not to mentions its unexpected tenant. She’s exactly the type of woman he tries to avoid: all incense and art, with a sharp tongue that promises trouble. So why does Cash want to push aside those flowing skirts and lose himself between her legs?

Billie Taylor fled a bad marriage to start a new life among the grit and glamour of the French Quarter. She refuses to let another man distract her from her dreams, especially an outlaw biker with nothing to offer except hot sex and an eviction notice. Cash is dangerous, with an untamed streak he tries desperately to conceal. He drives Billie wild, sending her too close to the edge for her own good. And she won’t fall under his spell—or into his bed—without a fight.

Cash, comes back to New Orleans after being away for years and starting his own business. He finds that the building that Priest Lombard put his name on as one of the owners of his inheritance is now an art studio at one time it was their club house for the Deacons of Bourbon street. Cash is trying to find his way and trying to sort out his life, but the women who is now renting the building and using it as an art gallery, Billie Taylor is not putting up with his mouth or any of his attitude. She gives back as much as he gives her. This is really the good part of the story. Their fighting turns them towards each other and with no one else to talk too but each other a relationship starts to build but Cash is afraid for every person he has loved has turned on him. His mother was the first in a big way and he must get past that if he wants to have anything with Billie. A good story, and I really liked all of the characters. A good book. I got this book from net galley.  I give this 4 stars.

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