EENY MEENY                                         M.J. ARLIDGE

Eeny Meeny (Helen Grace, #1)Two people are abducted, imprisoned, and left with a gun. As hunger and thirst set in, only one walks away alive.

It’s a game more twisted than any Detective Helen Grace has ever seen. If she hadn’t spoken with the shattered survivors herself, she almost wouldn’t believe them.

Helen is familiar with the dark sides of human nature, including her own, but this case—with its seemingly random victims—has her baffled. But as more people go missing, nothing will be more terrifying than when it all starts making sense....

This is a very dark story but also a good story. The main character is Detective Helen Grace and the men and women who work for her in her unit. There really is nothing happy about this book it seemed every time I was beginning to like a character something would happen to that person and they would be gone. No one is save in this story police even the ones you begin to get into you start to wonder are they going to be next. Who is the person? That really is the telling part of the story and when you find out at the end you are surprised but not really when you get to that point. This is difficult book to review because if I say any more I feel like I am going to give something away. A very well written story that makes you want to turn the page even though part of you doesn’t want to. i got this book from net galley.  I give this 5 stars.

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