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The newest sexy e-novella in the Unexpected Heroes series by New York Times bestselling author Melody Anne!
Ella was a woman Axel wouldn’t mind shadowing day and night—especially night.
Ella Brooks is strong-willed, independent, and stubborn, and when she hears something she’s not supposed to about her shady boyfriend, her safety is at risk. Much to her dismay, her cousin sends FBI Agent Axel Carlson to keep an eye on her. Ella’s determined to resist the infuriatingly sexy bodyguard—she can take care of herself!—but she soon discovers that beneath the six-pack abs and amazing biceps lies an equally amazing heart. But will a mysterious threat keep them from finding their happily ever after?
     Ella Brooks and Axel Carlson have nothing in common other than they serve the law.  She being a lawyer and him an FBI agent.  Oh and one other thing, Axel happens to be her cousin, Bryson’s partner and best friend.  They are such good friends Axel was only a couple of hours into a much needed two week break when he got the call that Bryson needed his help.
     You see Ella was working at a law firm where the senior partner took an interest in her.  They dated for a while but it just wasn’t working out, so she broke it off and quit the firm.  Well, Felix was not a happy man because she saw, heard and knew too much.  Things that could cause him and a few judges he had in his pocket a lot of trouble and to go down.  So, he had been sending Wade to scare her.  It did and she talked to Bryson, but she wouldn’t go to his house or take the FBI protection.  Off duty he called Axel because Bryson was on a case and couldn’t be there himself.
     Bryson knew Ella wasn’t taking the threats from Felix and his side kick Wade serious enough so he called in the favor that Axel owed him.  Bryson had every reason to worry.  Although a grand overpriced home there was no security whatsoever.  Ella was a sitting duck.  Axel had to say Ella had a pair on her for a woman.  Bryson said she was tough and would try to run him off.  To stick with her no matter what this Felix character was bad news.
     Their first meeting was not a good one considering he let himself in with the key Bryson had given to him only after ringing and knocking three different times.  Ella was nice enough to have programed the coffee to go off while she was in the shower.  So, by the time she came down he was on his second cup.  She had no clue he was there by the way she was dressed and that she started pouring herself a cup when he spoke.  Yeah, not a good beginning.
     Not taking her eyes off him after have words and introductions she reaches for the phone and dialed Bryson.  After more choice words with him she agrees to allow him to put a security system in place, only!  Yet she knew and Axel knew that was never going to happen.  By the looks of Axel he was not going to be good for her girl parts or her heart.  I love the bantering that goes on between the two main characters.  The author shows their strengths as well as their weaknesses.  Yet, neither goes for the others jugular.  Even with Ella saying she doesn’t like him. When she sees his insecurities she moves away from the subject they were on to another all together to deflect.  This was everything you would want a world wind romance to be.  With bantering, laughing, and romance.  All lifelong gifts for a fun future.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by

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