Heat Exchange by Shannon StaceyLydia Kincaid's shipping back to Boston, but she's not happy about it. She left to get away from the firefighting community—her father was a firefighter, her brother's a firefighter and, more important, her ex is a firefighter. But family is number one, and her father needs her help running the pub he bought when he retired. Soon, Lydia finds it hard to resist the familiar comfort and routine, and even harder to resist her brother's handsome friend Aidan. 

Aidan Hunt is a firefighter because of the Kincaid family. He's had the hots for Lydia for years, but if ever a woman was off-limits to him, it's her. Aside from being his mentor's daughter, she's his best friend's sister. The ex-wife of a fellow firefighter. But his plan to play it cool until she leaves town again fails, and soon he and Lydia have crossed a line they can't uncross.

As Aidan and Lydia's flirtation turns into something more serious, Lydia knows she should be planning her escape. Being a firefighter's wife was the hardest thing she's ever done, and she doesn't know if she has the strength to do it again. Aidan can't imagine walking away from Boston Fire—even for Lydia. The job and the brotherhood are his life; but if he wants Lydia in it, he'll have to decide who's first in his heart.

     When you come from a long tradition of firefighters how do you look at those you love and say you hate it!  You don’t it’s a necessary evil and the men and women who put their lives on the line are or should be saints but they’re not. They are walking heroes.  They’re humans like the rest of us.  Yet, they live and die by the brotherhood.  They barely talk to one another about their problems so forget that the love interest would know what was going on.  Or at least that is the way Lydia Kincaid sees it.
     That is the way Lydia’s life in a nutshell has gone.  She came into a family of fire chasers and Alpha Males.  Then she married one, which of course went up in flames, excuse the pun.  Because for her the stress of being a firefighter’s wife was just too much.  Hearing the sirens alone stopped her heartbeat but then listening to the scanner too to make sure her ex was okay became an obsession. 
     Divorce, moving, and missing her family hasn’t helped.  Her dad bought a bar when he retired so it is the firefighters hang-out now.  Yay her!  Her sister and brother in law are having marital problems so her sister calls crying asking her to come home to work the bar.  She says she can’t face all the questions and firefighters. 
Which she totally understood from her own divorce.  Her first night back she goes into the bar to say hi to her dad and the regulars.  When Scotty shows up and hot on his heels like always is his best friend Aiden Hunt.  Her annoying younger brother’s equally annoying best friend although sexier than hell now.
     Aiden had been 17 when they met years ago her at 21.  From that first day they were sparing partners of words.  He had a crush on his best friend’s sister from the moment he met her.  To this day nothing had changed.  Well, maybe the lust but he knows his mentor (her dad) and best friend (her brother) would not approve.  Aiden comes from a very white collar background that had higher hopes for their son.  Other than his drive to serve the public.  Things with his parents are still rough between them.
     Lydia’s sister needed her help but learning to not air your problems is a big thing in their home.  So, she was asked by Ashley to come home and she did which is costing her more than money.  It is cost her, her freedom from this world of firefighters and family drama.  Ashley’s biggest problem was her father because he was taking the side for his firefighter son in law instead of his daughter.  Which he did with her ex even when he was caught cheating on her and risking other firefighter’s lives.  So with that she showed up the next day.
     Ashley was only giving her bits and pieces of what was actually going on.  But what makes her really angry is her brother Scotty is housing her brother in law at his home.  Showing no loyalty to his own sister.  Once again the Kincaid men show that the Kincaid women are less than.
     Hence when she divorced her husband she was the talk of the town.  Not her lying, cheating, and drunk of a husband.  Her for divorcing him.  So, the last thing she wanted to be was attracted to the “KID.”  Yes, Aiden had grown up into one hell of a good looking man.  But he was still 4 years younger than she was.  She was still the daughter, sister, and ex-wife of a firefighter so the brotherhood code could cause a problem which said, “HANDS OFF!”  The other she didn’t think she wanted to go down that road again.
     Was this sexy as hell young man was worth the risk?  Did she want to chance it?  You’ll have to read this story to find out.  All the characters are bigger than life and you will not regret it.  I totally enjoyed it.  It was a family saga which all know I love.  There is something always going on within the family as a whole.  All worth reading about.  The characters are all believable ones you could have as friends or be in their shoes.  I give this book 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at: www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

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