RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE                           CHRISTI SNOW

Right By Your Side by Christi SnowBest Female Country Artist. Sold out world-wide tour. Record-setting album sales. It’s been a stellar year for Skye Taylor and it’s left her exhausted. All she wants to do is go home to Oklahoma, curl up in her little house, and veg out in pj’s with a pile of junk food. But when her tour bus crashes in the middle of West Texas, her priorities suddenly shift. Now she’s sitting bedside hoping her best friend and bodyguard, KC, survives. 

For Scott Martin, he simply wants this horrible year to end. After the murder of his brother, his family is falling apart. With one crisis after another pulling him back to the family ranch, he’s put way too many late night miles on his truck between his family home and Lubbock, where he works as a paramedic. When he comes upon the wrecked tour bus, he has no idea this is one emergency which will change his life forever.

Skye and Scott quickly form a friendship which hints at possibilities of more. But as these two dodge paparazzi, over-zealous label executives, and stalker fans, they soon discover that everything is easier when you have someone you trust RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE. And that becomes even more important when they discover the bus wreck wasn’t an accident…

     This is your knight in shining armor story for sure.  Yet, with a twist.  The twist being can two very rich but sad in family be truly rich?
     Skye Taylor is the newest girl it on the Country Charts writing and singing.  She and her band have been on tour for 300 or the 365 days in a year.  She is exhausted.  All she wants to do is get home to Oklahoma, veg, eat junk food, and write music.  She was so tired she didn’t want to deal with fans by flying home.  She wanted her tour bus so she could be with KC, her best friend since she was a kid, and write.
     No sooner had they left a little hole in the wall gas station, where Skye was in need of a chocolate fix too, when she was mobbed.  She wasn’t thinking since it was an out in the country place.   There must have been 200 people more or less.  It was all KC could do to get her on the bus and have Roger start the bus moving.  Boy was he pissed!  In reality more scared for her safety since it was just Skye, KC, and Roger on the bus.  The rest of the band flew home to be with their families.  Skye said she was sorry knowing they were both scared and so tired.  She told KC to take a nap that she was going to do some writing.  Once again he thought of her first getting her situated and making sure she buckled-up.  Then he went to the back to of the bus to nap.  Not to long after the bus was spinning and rolling out of control and things went to black, lights that is.
     She wasn’t knocked out but she knew she was hurt and dangling in her seat belt.  Then it hit her KC wasn’t in a seat belt because of his nap.  She started yelling for him and heard nothing.  She released her belt and found her way out.  She had more injures but she didn’t care she had to find KC.  Once her eyes adjusted to the dark she realized the bus was in three parts and the engine was starting to flame up.  That would be the area where KC was.  She finds him and he’s awake but hurt and burned badly.  She says he’s pinned so she will need to lift a piece of the bus he will have to use his arms to crawl out.  She cuts her hand as she starts to lift the piece and KC winces when out of nowhere an angel pulls KC the rest of the way out.
     Scott Martin her angel was really a very exhausted paramedic who had just pulled 2 double shifts.  And was on his way to his family’s ranch.  To deal with his ill father and help his US Marshall brother Andrew.  He is having problems with their youngest brother Matthew.  Like all of them they are dealing with the murder of the middle brother who died last year. When he comes upon the accident.  Thank goodness for them all.  Poor Roger didn’t make it he was killed on impact.  Scott on seeing the accident called 911 who was sending help as they spoke.
     He secured KC and Skye’s injuries until the help arrived.  Before Skye left she made him promise that he would come see her in the hospital.  Knowing who she was and hearing her explain that KC and she were the only family they each had and that she loved him he assumed he was her boyfriend.
Boy will he be surprised to find out that is not the case.  Until then there is a story to unwind and is it oh so interesting…
     This story has so many twist and turns it’s unbelievable.  I hated to put it down to sleep.  You get romance, suspense, murder, and mystery all rolled into one.  Loved it!  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at:



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