Sept. 4th Ally Adams: Author of "Team Lucas" Synopsis & Review

Coming Friday,
Sept. 4th  7pm PST
Ally Adams
Author of:

Team Lucas
First book in the series.

"Lucas Ainswright won’t even remember my name in a month’s time—but one occasional smile or a look from those searching eyes made me want to dissect him and put him together again."

Mia Carter never thought getting suspended from her part-time job for having attitude could be the best thing to ever happen ... maybe. 

When Lucas Ainswright—one of the world’s biggest sporting stars—needs a minder, it just so happens that attitude is what is needed to keep Lucas in line.

Now Mia’s job is to manage the sporting world’s bad boy and keep him at the top of his game for the season. Game on!

     When a tragedy at a young age mars your youth it alters it for life unless you have good people around you to change it.  When that tragedy is a loss of a sibling that’s even worse, when it’s your identical twin you are left with a big hole too big to fill, and a life that feel forever broken.  Now add to that a mother who basically shuts down so at age 12 when it all goes to dung, she cannot handle you.   So your father steps in and ships you off to boarding school.
     Year after year Lucas (Luke) Ainswright, 26, would cry and plead with his parents to be allowed to come home to be with them when he was right there in there in the UK.   On holidays and vacations the same answers, NO!  So when high school came he was excited because he was going to the states with his father.  That didn’t work out either for his father arranged for a boarding school for him in the states too.  He at least thought his father would spend time with him.  But no he had found another out that his father had that he could use his business kept him busy and couldn’t see him.  All the time in high school he never once went to see him.
     In no time at all though Luke excelled in soccer which made him grow up some he changed and made due where he was.  The saddest part was that Luke had to be farmed out every holiday because he had no family to go home to.
     Cam and Jase he knew since he was 12.  Cam, Jase, Sarah, and Luke all went to college after their senior year at high school together.  Cam: Doctor, Jase: Lawyer, Sarah: Psychology, and Luke: Sports scholarship.  During all that time Sarah and Jase are engaged.  Last year Cam and Jessica got married (Jessica a teacher) and it was on that day the might Lucas took his fatal step.  Luke hooked up with two of Jesse’s party hard cousins who turned him on to drugs.  It got so bad he almost lost everything that’s important to him.
His sport but most of all the only family he ever has had Cam, and Jase with Sarah and Jessica too.
     It hit the worst of the worst nights and now he has to have what is called a “Minder.”  Which is a person who checks your saliva, urine, or blood at random for drugs.  His father assigned her to him which is what pisses him off the most.  If it had been anyone else it would have been embarrassing but he would have done it because he did the crime but that it is his father…
     So far there have been 5 other minders making Mia Catherine Carter, 21, number 6 on Luke’s hit list.  Only one more semester then she will be a sports physiotherapist.  The minute he meets her he insults, badgers, and is just plain rude to Mia. 
     Never fear Mia gives it right back though.  Never really giving him the upper hand in their banter until he can find a weak point and then he goes for the jugular.  He will pour in the salt by the buckets.  His best friends give Mia the inside scoop to keep her as Luke’s minder for they notice the very small changes, for the good, in him with her around.  Not to mention the way he watches her when he thinks that no one can see him doing it.  Long before they can even speak to each other like civil human beings people start asking if they are a couple.  Which makes him totally edgy.  But tickles her.
     Mia jokes it off saying things like, “Miranda, Chloe, or Cassie may not like to hear that.” Or say, “I am no supermodel so could never be in the running.”  One night at a get to know you dinner for the house guest that live in his mansion.  Luke went after Mia viciously and continuously until Jase got tired of correcting and defending Luke to protect Mia.  Luke’s childish behavior had Jase telling Luke to come with him into the spare bedroom and told him he could not come back to the dinner unless he apologized to Mia for his bad behavior.  He and Jase had it out verbally in that room on the third floor.  Then Jase locked Luke in the room where he just started tearing up the room and then it got quiet.  Mia wanted to go downstairs to level one to her wing but they asked her to stay that he needed to learn better behavior.  Superstar or not he could not act out any longer.
     Jase went back to look Luke was sound asleep just like a small child.  They all chose to leave him.  During that time waiting for Luke, Sarah did tell Mia that Luke had all the characteristics of PTSD for abandonment.  Not to mention that if he was feeling like he was starting to trust Mia, it would make him fearful and therefore, be forced to push her away, or act out.
     This book engulfed me so much I stayed up reading it until 5:45 a.m. and still had half a chapter to read but couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by

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