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     Tonight is the beginning of college football but all people are talking about is the decision handed down by the Judge saying Tom Brady, did nothing wrong and that the N.F.L. actually violated some rules themselves which now makes Roger Goodell 0-5 in the cases that he has handed down a suspension. Maybe now the owners will think about replacing him? He really has done nothing to help the league from a positive stand point. Just my opinion.       

     In college football it should be another exciting season and with the return of Harbaugh at Michigan maybe they will be back as well. Can Ohio State win it again? Who knows? Maybe them or more likely a totally different team. Anyway can wait for the start tonight and this weekend. 


  1. tonight with the start of college football you can really see the difference between the teams who have a quarterback who has more confidence than his opponent. In the North Carolina vs South Carolina it really came down to the quarterback for North Carolina throwing two interceptions that the passes should not have been thrown. Really on one series i think they should have kept in their biggest running back Hood but they took him out when they got down to the goal line after he made big runs to get them their.

  2. Michigan's quarterback is making to many bad throws as well and is being out played by Utah's QB. The Michigan's QB is either making throws behind his receivers or over their head when they are open. You can definitely see the difference.

  3. next Thursday starts pro football season and i am looking forward to that night as well. Also still looking at who will be making the baseball playoffs also.

  4. still surprised by the judge reversing Brady's suspension but at the same time really felt that the NFL was making this bigger than it really was and now from my prospectus it just makes Goodell look foolish which also makes the Nfl look bad as well. I for one think he has done more harm to the league in the last year than even the players, and some of them did need to be suspended but by the way he handle everything even those were lowered. Just looks bad overall.

  5. It has been good to see Jason Day come back from vertigo and win these last tournaments plus his first major. He really put on a show and some of these younger players are fun to watch. It is like watching some of the new young basball players, it adds to the sport and gives fans something to look forward to.

  6. Have a good week hope to talk to you next week.


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