SHADOW BOYS #2                                      HARRY HUNSICKER

Shadow Boys (A Jon Cantrell Thriller, #2)A gritty, whip-smart thriller from acclaimed author Harry Hunsicker.
For once, things are going well for former DEA contractor Jon Cantrell. He’s got a real job as a fix-it man for a law firm that specializes in handling government contracts. But when his ex-girlfriend Piper asks him to meet with a high-ranking police official and Cantrell is forced to take an off-the-books assignment to find a missing boy, everything starts to unravel.
Not helping the situation is his client, Deputy Chief Raul Delgado, an up-and-coming politico carrying his own tragic burdens he doesn’t like to dwell on. Forty years earlier, a racist cop brutally killed Delgado’s brother. Now, in a weird twist of fate, Delgado works for the very department that altered his life.
As Cantrell proceeds, he uncovers a puzzling link between Delgado, the missing boy, and a series of vigilante murders. As the link becomes clearer, Cantrell struggles to stay alive and find the missing child.
This book is about Jon Cantrell, who lost his job with the DEA and is now working for a private law firm out of DC. They want him to go to Dallas and help an asst. police chief with a problem that he is having with a missing child, who was the child of a friend of his that got killed in the line of duty. This part of the story kind of gets lost until the end. The rest of the book has multiple story-lines of different people who somehow their lives have all intersected which adds a lot of action to the book but at times makes the story a little confusing in jumping around. The main character I like but I felt the story got a little much with all of the people added to it. Maybe to other people it will be okay but for me it was a little much. The writing was good though. I got this book from netgalley.  I give this 3 stars.

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