THE GRID #3                                           HARRY HUNSICKER

The GridA former federal law enforcement contractor with a somewhat spotty record, Jon Cantrell has seen—and done—just about everything. Now he’s a sheriff, keeping the peace in small-town Texas. He thought that he’d finally settled into a quiet, less-complicated life—until his deputy gets himself murdered. Soon Cantrell’s search for the killer points to an online-dating site designed for extramarital affairs and to a woman who may have been the unfortunate deputy’s last date.

Meanwhile, someone is staging a series of seemingly random attacks on the regional power grid, and Cantrell is reluctantly pulled back into the federal fray when he accepts an off-the-books assignment to uncover the culprit. With the power company and the feds impatient for an arrest—and clues in his deputy’s case pointing to something more sinister—Cantrell must run parallel, conflicting investigations. But will he find what he’s looking for? Or is he about to take a fall?

Like the other book that I read there are multiple story-lines running through this book also. Now Jon Cantrell who was fired in the last book is hired as a sheriff in a small county in Texas and while a murder happened, along with a power outage he is still trying to find his former wife and daughter. With the murder investigation going on a government team shows up at his office wanting him to work for them and figure out why the power plant in his county was shot up. For a man who has been fired by the Government, police of Dallas. He sure does come to their rescue so why fire him? Like the other book the person who killed the deputy is a separate part of the story and whole other story all together and that is even crazier but at times more believable than the power grid. Not saying can’t take it out but I doubt they would come and ask for help from one guy. Just saying. The crazy chick who is killing people that part of the book made sense. Not a bad story, I did like it better than the other book. I got this book from netgalley. I give this 3 stars.

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