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When Nicole Smith was just a teenager with a head full of dreams, she saved the life of Mitch Grayson, a troubled boy about to join the Army. While she doubted she’d ever see him again, she could never quite forget him either. When their paths cross ten years later, Mitch carries the internal scars of all he has seen and endured. Throughout his tours of duty, he carried Nicole’s picture into combat. Naming her his Good-Luck Angel, he believes the photograph kept him safe time after time. Now, they both have successful careers and meaningful lives, but neither of them can decide if fate is throwing them together again… or working overtime to keep them apart

Rad-Reader:  Why this storyline?  Did it pick you or you pick it?

Jacie:  It kind of picked me. A long time ago I saw a news story about a nurse who saved a young boy’s life. He grew up to be a paramedic and has the opportunity to save hers. I loved the significance of that, how their story went full circle. But I write romance, so I had create a hot sexy fireman, Harley-rider, Army vet to turn it into a love story about a man and a woman who were fated to be together.

Rad-Reader:  Why did Mitch feel the military was his only out away from his father?

Jacie: He and his domineering father had a volatile relationship. His father had groomed Mitch to follow his footsteps into business and finance, which didn’t interest Mitch at all. When Mitch graduated from high school, his father had arranged for a legacy admission to his own Ivy-league college. He joined the military as a rebellious, but honorable path to get out from his father’s thumb. Plus, it offered him the opportunity for adventure and excitement that Mitch always craved.

Rad-Reader: Did he do it to keep himself from hurting his father?

 Jacie: Not specifically, but that was a possibility. Mitch would have been more likely to hurt his father in order to protect his mother and brother from him.

Rad-Reader: Did he fall for Nicole that day at the summer camp for his brother, Elliott, the way she did him?

Jacie: He did, although he didn’t recognize it at the time. She was always the one he couldn’t forget.

Rad-Reader: Did he really only come to see her as his protector and not someone he could love?

Jacie:  He liked thinking of her as a protector, because that allowed him to think of her as someone special. At first, he wasn’t mentally or emotionally prepared to make a commitment and love her.

Rad-Reader: Why did it take him so long to move to Cincinnati, Ohio?  Why didn’t he look her up? Or at least try?

Jacie: While he was in the Army, he made some small attempts at looking for her, but most of the time he was out of the country in dangerous situations. Her name was Nicole Smith, which is a pretty common name, but he didn’t even know that much. He was looking for her as Nikki Smith and not coming up with the correct results. And logically, he thought the possibility of connecting with her again was zero. It was a nice little fantasy to think that he would, but if he pursued the idea and failed, then the fantasy would be over.

Rad-Reader: Why didn’t Nicole ever look up Elliott and find out what happened?

Jacie:  Nicole thought the attraction was all on her side. She wished Mitch well, thought of him occasionally, but she had her own dreams and goals and didn’t expect anything more to come of the encounter. She’d saved his life and couldn’t bear to think of him dying someplace else. That’s why she checked the Army records to make sure he survived. But when he didn’t call or contact her during the intervening ten years, she didn’t believe he was interested in having anything more to do with her.

Rad-Reader: He wondered about her for so long and then when small things in life start to put obstacles in the way of the relationship he basically did booty calls.  Why did he get spooked?

Jacie: He wants her in his life, but he’s just superstitious enough about her to think fate might be trying to keep them apart. Which was just a good excuse to keep him from having to make a commitment.

Rad-Reader:  Why did Nicole allow the booty calls and why did it take her friend to make the point?

Jacie: Because it was Mitch, and because of the preexisting connection between them. He was hot, and special, and he was offering so much more than she ever expected to have with him. And initially, she didn’t expect their fun little hook-ups to be an on-going thing. When Lisa pointed out that he might be using her, she was already at a place where she didn’t want that superficial relationship to continue.

Rad-Reader: What spooked him so much after the fire?

Jacie: He always worried that he was too much like his father be a good husband, or to enjoy a steady, monogamous relationship with one woman. When he almost lost Nikki and realized how much she meant to him, he had to pull back and regroup. 

Rad-Reader: If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play…
I have to say I pick all the same stars that Jacie picks.

Nicole: Anna Kendrick

Mitch: Chris Hemsworth

Elliott: Liam Hemsworth

Rad-Reader:  What song do you think of when you think of your book?

Jacie: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. It’s a song that had meant a lot to Mitch and his unit in the Army. Powerful and strong, but undergoing profound change, like Mitch. Welcome to the new age.

Rad-Reader: What is your next project?

Jacie: I’m always working on a dozen things at once. I’m currently writing Happier With You, a Christmas novella for the Good Riders series. It will be out in November of this year. I’m editing Remaking Ryan which is the third book in The Billionaire Brotherhood series, set for release in January/2016. And I’m currently promoting Daring Dylan, the second Brotherhood book that releases on October 6th.

Rad-Reader: Where can our readers find you? (Websites…)

Jacie:  I love to hear from readers! Please contact me at:

Rad-Reader: Where can they buy your books?

Jacie:  All of my ebooks and print books are available through www.jaciefloyd.com. Or through Amazon at http://amzn.to/1xgdbOt
Please note: Meant For Me is being offered as a free book on Amazon today (9/25 is the last day). Winning Wyatt is $0.99 through 9/27. And Daring Dylan can be preordered at the special price of $1,99 until 10/6.

Rad-Reader: What is your favorite Book?

Jacie: Tough one. I don’t think I can be limited to just one. The answer is usually based on my mood, the weather, and the genre.
My overall favorite books, disregarding all other criteria, would probably be Winds of War and/or To Kill a Mockingbird.
Favorite historical romance: Desperate Duchesses by Eloisa James.
Favorite contemporary romance: Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie

Rad-Reader: How do your books differ from others in your genre?

Jacie: Although The Good Riders series is about a motorcycle club, I chose not to write about your typical bad-boy bikers. I wanted to show a group of regular good guys (with a touch of rebellion) who love their Harleys but also ride to raise funds for charities and to give back to their communities. The Billionaire Brotherhood are not your typical billionaires either. Although they come from backgrounds of vast wealth and privilege, they don’t stay locked in that traditional business tycoon lifestyle.

Rad-Reader: Where do you want to take your writing from here?

Jacie: My goal is to have three or four series going and to release at least one book a year for each series. My broader goals are to write books readers will love, increase my readership, make the best-seller lists and eventually become a household name. 

We would like to thank Jacie for taking the time to answer all our fangirl questions that I had for her.  I really enjoyed this book.  Who doesn't like bikers, firemen and sexy all rolled up into one?  Hahaha! :)  You are now part of our crazy family.  Should have ran faster.  So now you are stuck.
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  1. Thank you for featuring me on your site. The questions were great and a lot of fin to answer. This whole process was a delightful experience!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to be with us and all the luck to you can't wait for the next book.

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