Dear Readers,
     I know I have been promising that Molly McLain would be here tomorrow in the form of a written interview.  Well, it looks like that is not going to be happening.  She was unable to complete the questions due to time management issues.  Therefore, we will not have an interview for tomorrow. 
     I have not had this happen before and I am so sorry to promise something that I was not able to deliver.  But life does happen to all of us from time to time. Darn when life gets in the way. Molly has offered a great incentive for some of you loyal readers.  As her way of being truly sorry for this absence.
    Thanks to you our loyal readers we know you will keep coming back to check out who we have coming each week.  Next week we have Charlene Sands: “Claim Me, Cowboy” see you next week for sure.

Dear Readers,

I know you were anticipating a Molly tell-tale today and I so, so wish I could have given it to you. Unfortunately time got away from me and, in the chaos of life (you know how that goes, right?), I didn't get to finish the interview or return all the needed information in time. This is totally on me and not this amazing blog!

As a consolation, I would like to offer five readers a digital copy of my River Bend boxed set. I'll let Char choose the winners and I'll hook them up with the prize. 

Happy Halloween weekend and apologies.
Molly McLain

The first (5) readers to tell me where my family and I were last weekend and what we did last Friday night while we were there will win the digital copies.  Good Luck! :) Hints: We are on instagram press name to take to our Instagram page to search 😄 1radreader

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