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Kansas City is up 2-0 on the Mets and last night Kansas City got a great pitching game from Johnny Cueto-who pitched a complete game and only gave up two hits.  He is the first American League pitcher since Jack Morris of the “91” Twins to pitch a complete game in a World Series.  Now we wait and see if the Royals can win 2 more games.

The NBA season started the other night and for me the biggest surprise was that the New York Knicks won their first game of the season and that Anthony was not the leading scorer.  Maybe there is some hope?  


  1. well tonight it looks like once again that the New England Patriots are going to win another game and stay undefeated, and win another division game as well. A lot of people don't like them but they do win their games.

  2. This weekend one game i will be watching is the Packers and Broncos. Both teams have good defenses but their offenses are slow this year. Rogers is still doing better stats than Manning, but not having Nelson has really hurt them, and it seems when a player gets injured it is a wide receiver. Still should be a good game and i don't think a very high scoring game.

  3. I watched some of the opening night of basketball and was surprised when i saw Gasol block James shot that could have sent their game into overtime. Gasol played like he did when he first got to the Lakers, so it goes to show you that when you have a team of NBA players around you, you can still make plays at the end of the game instead of feeling like you have to carry the team. Maybe that was what was going on with him the last few years that Kobe was out?

  4. In Hockey the Canadiens won 9 straight before losing and look like they are going to win tonight, so they will be 10-1, what a start to the season. The Kings lost their first three games of the season and now have won the last 6 in a row. Well done keep it up.

  5. I really was surprised last night at the score of the baseball game. I thought the score would be closer like game one, but Kansas City, is just playing great baseball right now and they look very tough to beat. Now that the next three games are in New York , we will see if anything changes for the Mets? We know Kansas City is not going to do anything different and if they continue to swing the bats like they been the series will be over in New York and they will have won the title. We will have to wait and see.


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