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"He needs her for one reason but winds up wanting her for a hundred more."

"Home is Where the Heat Is," Book 4

Elizabeth McCarthy needs a scoop for her local newspaper, and the Fashion for the Future Ball is the perfect opportunity until Murphy s Law kicks in. But she s saved from public humiliation by the last man she thought would notice her. Ultra-sexy fashion critic Ian Malcolm.

Ian is tired. Tired of playing games, tired of people letting him down. Elizabeth is a breath of fresh air he didn t know he was missing. She even makes him laugh. On impulse, he makes her an enticing offer: she gets the story she needs, and he gets a sexy companion to keep the media vultures off his back.

It s a business deal. Easy as pie. Yet as their association takes them around the world, Ian remembers what it s like to experience everything for the first time and fills Elizabeth s neglected bag of sexual tricks to the brim.

Once the whirlwind trip is over, though, they re left with one unexpected hunger left unsatisfied the hunger for something more lasting than lust.

"Warning: Contains a sweet country girl steeped in small-town values, and a big-city man who doesn t hesitate to guide her through his bisexual and menage-a-licious world of sinful pleasures.""

     First off you have to understand this is an erotica.  That said this is a very funny odd couple book.  The author takes two characters from completely different worlds and brings them together.
     You have Elizabeth (Liz) McCarthy a full out born and raised Texas girl with all the phrases and accent to go with it.  With a heart and personality bigger than Texas itself.  Now she has lived a very sheltered life only going out of Texas ones to check out a school in Florida.  Which by the way was her first plane ride ever.  Her second a twenty minute cropper sized plane that scared the hell out of her.  Never one since.
     She is putting herself through Veterinary school by working for a newspaper but since she has morals and a conscious she can’t seem to land that break out story.  She was due to interview Cash Dillon from Grumps Jeans Co.’s hottest model.  He missed his flight and couldn’t make it.  Now she tracked him down at the annual Fashion for the Future Charity Ball in San Antonio.  There is just one minor problem…
     Her boss didn’t secure a ticket for her and her press pass didn’t get her in for you had to be on the list.  So, desperate times call for desperate measures.  Like sneaking in the shadows on all fours under the heavy velvet curtains and getting stuck was not part of the plan though.  Only to be caught by OMG! Ian Malcomb!  Before she figures it out the guard that had turned her away sees the ruckus and takes her up by the arm to take her out when the man she can’t really see yet due to the shadows tells him she’s with him.  She’s shocked and pleased all at once.  She squeezes his arm and says, “I don’t know why you saved me from Deputy Dawg back there, but thank you.  Usually some well-shelved cleavage will do the job.”  He couldn’t help but to bust out laughing he was so taken by her.  As they got into the light that’s when she figures it out as to who he is.
     When she says, his eyebrows pull together as he looks around.  He tells her, “You are officially my date for the evening as payment for saving you.”  Then the bartering started and he loved it.  His spark for life had always been dark due to his upbringing but in the last 8 months worse since his break-up.  So, in the very short period of time she had made him laugh more than he could remember.  The life of Fashion Critic was a lonely one.  Filled with fake people.  His circle was very small of those he could trust.  For some reason he knew he could trust Elizabeth.
     He had a business agreement that could benefit them both but would open her eyes to a whole new world.  Only ever doing those things she wanted never ever being forced to do anything she didn’t want to do.  Travel and fashion for sure.
     I totally enjoyed this story.  It was highly erotic but the story was so endearing and yet extremely painful to see into the past of Ian’s beginnings.  Wonderful to see he was benefitting as much if not more, times three, from their time together even though he tried to say it was just business.  Or was it more you’ll have to read it and decide for yourself. 

     I give this 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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