SAFE IN HIS ARMS                                      MELODY ANNE

Safe in His Arms by Melody AnneCan a California transplant survive Montana’s deep snows? New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Melody Anne breaks the ice between a sexy fireman and a brand-new teacher in this steamy holiday tale—originally published in the sizzling anthology Baby, It’s Cold Outside—which launched her popular Unexpected Heroes series.

Natalie Duncan is thrilled to get her first teaching job, but southern California didn’t prepare her for winter in Montana—or for gorgeous fire chief Hawk Winchester. For a man dedicated to putting out fires, Hawk really knows how to add heat to Natalie’s life, especially when he’s rescuing her from compromising situations. A man this strong and capable should know exactly what to do when a lady is trapped under the mistletoe. Suddenly Natalie’s blue Christmas is glowing red-hot...

     The poor 23 year old California girl gets her first real teachers job.  Nope that’s not the bad part.  What is?  Well, she gets in Montana in November.  She did not do one ounce of research to see what type of conditions she would be living in.  But it’s Montana.  Yup I could hear you cuz that’s what I was thinking too.  Nope poor Natalie Duncan arrived in 4 inch heels, pencil skirt, and blouse with snow on the ground.
     She was tooling along through the airport daydreaming as she always seems to do.  When she gets to the doors leading outside. Wow!  It stole her breath from her lungs which stung because it was so cold.  Making her quickly run back in and take stalk of her clothing and what she brought with her clothing wise and what she brought to wear now. Yup, nothing near good enough to protect you.  New clothing and there goes some of that hard saved savings account she hoped to keep for those hard times.
     When she arrives at the house the school board had provided for her she hears the cab driver say, “Hawk is here as your welcome committee.”  As she looks up she sees this Adonis hunched over talking to the driver through the open window.  Her mind wanders again having an inner dialog again about her 10 year plan the one where a guy and family don’t come for at least another 5 years.  When all of a sudden the door to the cab opens and this Hawk person is extending his hand to help her out.  For what seems like forever to her she panics to have to touch him.  For this thing of love at first sight can’t at all be true right?  Nah!
     She reaches for his hand which is gloved and she can feel it tingle all the way up her arm.  By the smoldering look in his eyes so can he.  She drops it immediately.  They exchange names he is Hawk Winchester fire chief.  She says she’s glad to meet him then brushes past him to go to the porch. She notices the much older car she bought from one of the nice ladies on the school board for super cheap.  She’s happy to see someone had made a path through the snow so she could get to the door.
     But before Hawk could tell her to wait she was already going heels up and bracing to hit the snow.  Just before she was due to hit Hawk caught her.  Once again she was staring into Hawk’s thirsty eyes.  She curtly ask him to right her.  He does and she does get to the door.  She says she can handle it from there but he says she may need the keys.  She looks at him funny but then he tells her that he is her landlord.  Did Hawk feel it too?
     The next day these two have a run in that sets a whole set of things in motion.  The ladies of the town may have started the wheels moving but it was the wheels of love that keeps this story moving in the right direction.  Find out why Natalie has no clue it was Thanksgiving when their run in occurred.  See what has these two so spooked being around each other.  I really enjoyed this book.  Love family sagas with fun meddling town to add to the craziness of love.  I give this 5 stars.  Provided by
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