My Best Friend's Stepfather #3I never thought I'd be caught between two very different men, or that'd I'd crave it so much. My sensual dominant Billionaire and my best friend. I see a future with them by my side and in my bed. But can they?

Adam or Dare? Both men set her senses on fire. With Dare, Ash can just be free and let go of her control under his sensual tutelage. With Adam, Ash has a friend, a lover, a future. But with the choice in front of her and her heart on line, can she fight for what she wants the most? Especially when someone is determined to take it all away?

Secrets have a way of coming out when you least expect them, and while Ash dreams of a future with them both, she knows Adam and Dare are hiding something. How can she hold onto a relationship that's not even real yet? And will their pasts haunt their future? 

     Well, we left off with Ashley wanting her cake and eating it too.  She doesn’t know what she wants but instead of being an adult and abstaining from both men until she can find her true heart with the right man.  No, she is doing them but it's okay she makes sure she gets dumped or dumps with a few days in between so the guy doesn’t feel like a rebounder.
     Wow!  How kind of her.  Is all I can say?  So let’s see what we have in store now.  Ashley successfully gets another night with Dare before she finds out…from Helen Dare’s ex-step-daughter...  All the things I thought about each one at any given time seems to be swaying in another direction.  When she confronts Adam first she thinks Dare’s marriage broke up, at least that is what Helen said, because of him.  When she gets him to talk she wanted details but, he said he didn’t feel it was his story to tell it was Dare’s and couldn’t talk about it.  For sure, Adam said, it was not him that broke up Dare’s marriage. 
     When she talks to Dare he tells her, that yes Adam had nothing to do with his marriage breaking up.  What happened was that Adam was just someone that Helen focused on after the marriage broke up and the stories her mother told her.  It was the truth but just not Adam and she couldn’t handle it.  Her mother thought he (Dare) was a pervert, for being Bisexual, although being with men was before he ever married her mother.  He is bi and likes both men and women.  By telling Helen it took the Hero Worship that she had for Dare out of her eyes being that he is the only male that has ever stayed in her life and has ever tried to help her.  Actually any person even over her mother.  Making Helen angry at the world.
     Ashley needed to process and then they would talk.  She needed to make sense of it all.  So where could they go from there who come out the winner?  Was there really one or will it cause discord somewhere or has it already?  These are questions I would ask myself but then I don’t think I could put myself in her situation and say I loved someone without calling it cheating.  But that’s just me.  Very interesting storyline.  Very erotic I would say a 3 out of 5 for story for me it just wrapped it up to nicely in a bow to fast.  2 out of 5 for BDSM, and 4 out of 5 for all three stories overall.  Provided by netgalley.  Follow us at:

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