My Best Friend's Stepfather #2Being with Dare was a fantasy come true, but I never expected Adam to confess his feeling. Now he's determined to be the only man to possess me...and it turns out, he's just as Dominant as Dare. With Adam, I can see a future. But does that mean I'm willing to give up the man I've always dreamed of...for a man who wants to make my dreams come true?

Ash is torn between two very different men. One who refuses to admit there can ever be a future between them but with one command can make her come undone. The other whose kiss can make her weak in the knees yet can make her feel cherished at the same time.

For years Adam and Ash have been circling a romance, but hearing him say he wants more, that he can be what she's looking for, sends her reeling, and his scorching kisses set her blood on fire. Unwilling to give up her relationship with Dare, she also wants to explore the future she can have with Adam. Her head knows she has to choose, but her heart-and her body-wants them both.

     Ashley, Dare, and Adam, what a tangled web we weave.  Boy Oh Boy!  Ashley had homework and even though she knew that Adam did not like Dare she let it slip that it was Dare who was teaching her.  So once again like the first homework session Adam kisses her and his hands get busy.
     Ashley, I have to give her credit backs away and says she is doing Dare during her lessons and at least for the next month and then they could see where they were.  Leaving it unsaid that hey buddy you rejected me yesterday.  You’re too late.  Adam basically said don’t expect him to be waiting.
     She goes to Dare and he takes her in with open arms.  They make sweet love together and they talk.  Him telling her not to write her friend off because in a month he might just be waiting if he really loves her.  The next morning he makes her breakfast when the doorbell rings.  Out of nowhere, Helen, Dare’s ex-stepdaughter and Ashley’s friend she hasn’t seen in like 6 years shows up…
     Helen is pissed and surprised because she thought she was going to catch Jessica with Dare never Ashley.  She swore under her breath and said so only Ashley could hear that Ashley would pay for this.  Later at work at the end of the day Adam calls her into work her turns into a Dom in his office.  Although it totally turns her on she says she can’t be with him she is with Dare.  Adam says that’s fine he’ll be gone in a month but he, Adam, will still be there.  He tells him that Helen caught them.  She says that’s going to be bad for you both.  Revenge is on her plate and she aims to tell all who will listen.
     But he calls and says why aren’t you here you’re late?  She says well Helen is there.  He says she’s staying with a friend.  He tells Ashley she has twenty minutes to get there.  She gets there in twenty-two.  She was late.  A punishment is in store, a spanking.  As their getting into deeper into role play Helen comes in and she’s drunk.  She starts calling Ashley all kinds of bad names and makes advances on her that make Dare angry and…
     This part of the story has me frustrated.  Dare appears to be a good guy and Adam too.  Yet, there’s a past there between them I can’t figure out all the way.  Ashley who I thought was a na├»ve girl is a cunning woman who wants her cake and eat it too.  I give this 4 stars.  Provided by netgalley.  Follow us at: 

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