ONCE KISSED                                              CECY ROBSON

Once Kissed (O'Brien Family, #1)Tough-as-steel cop Curran O’Brien is quickly rising through the ranks of the Philadelphia police department. But when his rookie partner is almost killed under his watch, Curran just wants to prove he still has what it takes to walk among Philly’s finest. So he’s pissed to be stuck on a cushy security assignment for the DA’s office . . . until he gets a good look at the sweet, straitlaced intern he’s supposed to protect—but not touch.

Tess Newart recognizes Curran instantly. How could she not? Back in college she tied this former frat boy to the bed with her argyle socks! That sizzling one-night stand was the only indiscretion Tess ever allowed herself. She has survived law school so far, despite being pushed to succeed by her overbearing father. Now that she’s interning on a major case against a ruthless crime boss, she won’t jeopardize her career by giving in to temptation again. She just never expected temptation to look so damn hot in uniform.

Tess knows her father has other plans for her, and they don’t include Curran. But soon she’s falling for him all over again. And when danger emerges, Curran will prove just how good a bad-boy cop can be.
     Many years before Contessa (Tess) Newart and Curren O’Brien met in college when Curren was a big shot frat boy. One with an athletic soccer build and a smile all the girls wanted pointed in their direction. With his eyes showing that twinkle of promise that they might be his date that night.

     Tess though, she always knew that she was not his type. Her father kept such a heavy hand that he even picked out her old maid boring clothes including her argyle socks. Curren would always say hi to her but before she could get her thoughts together he was already checking out or moving on to talk to one of the beautiful sexy girls. Which always hurt her feels if truth be told.
     Yet, this one night she caught Curren’s attention and held it to the point where they ended up in her dorm room. One thing led to another and before you knew it she had him tied to her headboard with her argyle socks and riding him hard. It was an all-nighter she was a lot wilder then even Curren had dreamt she would be. The only problem being the president of the college, her father, caught them the next morning. That was the last time he saw her until today.
     Present day. Tess’s dad still has total control over her life. Yet no one knows it but her step-mother and she can’t be trusted since she is just in it for the prestige. He treats her like a lap dog too. She’s one semester away from graduating law school and she is interning for the Assistant D.A. Declan O’Brien. She is about to get the shock of her life not because she is being asked over the lawyers that work in the law library to work with Declan on this high profile case not that is the easy part. No she is about to be told she is having a protective detail. The one they pick is the logical choice in the long run because Declan for sure can and does get along and love his family and his brother is a cop for Philly PD, Curren O’Brien.
     Curren has been on desk duty due to his rookie partner being shot on his watch. So, he is not happy when he is picked to do this watch of security detail that is to guard a meek librarian. When he meets the woman he is told her name is Contessa. He can’t understand why he feels like he knows her? He keeps stealing glances at her when he looks down and sees her argyle socks totally giving her away. At which time he lets it slip out loud “Argyle!” She wants to die. It’s Tess his little Minx from college. This detail is looking up for him.
     This story is not only intense but oh so funny. The author has a way with words that had me rolling. Crude to some maybe but in context. The relationship between Tess and her father was heart breaking and oh so abuse to her. I give this book 5 stars. Provided by netgalley.com. Follow us at:

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