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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


FIVE-STAR                               J. SANTIAGO

Tank Howard made headlines when he shocked the college football world by signing with Coach Franco’s non-BSC contender, Kensington State. Amber Johnson narrowly avoided making news following a harrowing accident that left her more than a little scarred. Three years later, as the profile of Kensington State begins to rise, Tank and Amber meet when she falls at his feet – literally. Although Tank needs to focus on football and Amber needs to focus on healing, neither one of them is able to fight their attraction. 

As the season heats up so does their relationship and their struggle to navigate through his fame, her infamy, and the expectations of the season. When an agent comes after Tank, everything is on the line: his relationship with Amber, his shot at the Heisman and the career of Franco. Figuring it all out may be his greatest audible yet.

     Anthony “Tank” Howard had been working toward this day since what felt like forever.  But today would be his day to declare what college program he was going to sign with.  Of which there had been no question for a long time.  Everyone had known since he was fifteen that he wanted to sign with Georgia State to be coached with Whitey and Franco.  He never wanted it to be this way with all this fanfare.  His mother Chantel Jones who had never really had a good word to say about her sperm donor, his father, had taken his unsolicited advice on this and had him visit all his options and then have this day too.
     You see Tank always knew state was it for him.  The sperm donor who had messed it up had messed up his own chances by gambling it away got say in how he did thing, really?  So when it was Tanks big day he could grab the limelight by coming in late for the proceedings all dressed in Georgia State garb the limelight meant for his son was now on him.  He was still Tank’s thunder by giving his choice away.  Making it perfectly clear to Tank he from day one had never wanted to claim Tank he was always and still was all about himself.  He had talked his mother into the hoopla of a day with all the bells and whistles for himself.
     At that moment Tank felt an anger he had never felt before ever.  Quickly going over his options because he knew this was playing out on national television.  Once it was clear in his head he decided that he was doing the right thing.  He decided to turn this signing day on its ear.  He reached down and picked up a hat and announced, “I am going to Kensington State.  I am going to be a Bear.”
     Three years in, if you asked him, he would never really admit it but his father’s showboating had everything to do with his decision to go to Kensington.  The rest had to do with the friendship and honesty he received from his coach well back then recruiter, Mike Franco.  Even though Mike would not be at state after all he would be going to Kensington, he advised Tank in his best interest it would be for him to go the state where they had more to offer.  That meant something to him.  The other thing was when he went on the tour freshman Tilly Lace says don’t believe half the things they promise you while the woo you.  Truth that’s what he really remembered when faced with a liar and a snake known as his father.
     Three years in and Tank was really and truly getting noticed already.  He needed his posse when he went anywhere to block his fans.  Nobody dared messed with his 300-pound team member’s that is for sure.  Because although he loved all the fame and hoopla he somethings would get surrounded and who knew what could happen.  So it was the beginning of the new season and tradition had it that the team as a whole was to go out and party.  They were known in the past to get out of hand.  With the new age of multimedia that is not something their team or Tank himself could afford.  There was already talk of the Heisman in Tank’s future.  So coach called him in as team captain and the most to lose.  That he needed to keep his team members in check.  He said he had it handled.  They were going to The Bear’s Den dedicated to the team’s theme and school colors and mascot.   Fans from all over liked to come on this night to mingle with the team.
     On this night a local hometown girl, Amber Johnson, was back working at the den.  She was like one of the family as far as the owners were concerned.  Especially, to her best friend and sister of the heart Keira.  At the den she dressed and left to all her dances and proms.  You see Amber’s parents were very young when they had her both 16.  But from day the day of her birth her mom didn’t want her so she gave her to her dad and his parents.  Her dad still went to school but every free moment he spent with her.  So while her dad was away for work Keira’s family stepped in for this kind of stuff.  His dad’s big family did all the rest.  But the den was also where she stole her first drink in the back by the pool tables.  So lots of memories.
     Being that he was a single father at 16 it only made sense.  But until he was picked up as a pro football player she was around him as much as possible.  Her grandparents made sure of that.  She was at his college stadium almost every day to watch his practices and games.  Amber knows stats as well as any guy if not better than most.  In fact, when her and her father would talk is was about the breakdown of what happened on the field during the game sometimes she would catch things he or his staff would miss.
     She came home early from college due to a horrific accident that left her scared than more ways than one but she suffered physical scars also.  She was arranged through strings to have PT with the therapist for the Kensington team.  Which has been kicking her ass.  This will be her second night back at The Bear’s Den and she’s already tired.  From the accident she has a bad leg that is already lagging from PT also so she is glad she only has to work behind the bar.  She has a mean looking scar on the right side of her face on her jawline mouth to neck with marbling.  But she keeps it hidden by braiding her hair to the right and putting a hat on. 
     Now it was well past midnight and her leg was really lagging and she was heading toward the kitchen to take a much needed break.  She had to dodge the team of players and half the town to get there.  As she came upon one of the players from behind in order not to get stepped on, to let him know she was there and to balance herself she put her hand on the small of the back of a huge team player’s back.  She stood up as far as she could and said, “Excuse me,” to get by so she could go through.  Wrong move.
     The woman on the other side of the player is the jealous type.  She must not have heard what she said.  All she saw was a platinum blonde leaning into her man.  Amber was so tired she was slow to react.  So when the larger women in tights, wrenched Amber’s arm off the players back.  The jerking motion was too much for Amber’s leg.  She went down hard even though she tried to break her fall or at the least her balance.  When she hit the floor full force knocking her out.
     Tank got up from his cover of his posse wall from the overzealous crowd and went to the aid or the platinum blonde, when Cynthia, Marsh’s girlfriend took her out.  She took no shit from anyone and wouldn’t take kindly to the spindly given Stefani-look-alike touching her man.  He wondered if they wouldn’t get in trouble for the girl fight?  Tank was hoping to thwart Cynthia when the blonde went down-hard.  Marsh was pissed when he said to her, “What the fuck, Cyn?  Are you crazy?”  Showing that he had a pair for saying that though, at least the next couple of days for sure.  Tank looked at Tilly before dropping to his knees and scooping up the sprite, Amber.
     Tilly’s gold teeth, flashed as he caught Tank’s expression.  Tank lifted her and they headed to the kitchen doors behind them.  They were worried Tank sent Tilly back to the bar for a first aid kit.  As Tank was assessing her he saw her scar she had hidden behind the braid.  She was small waisted, ample chest, and very long legs.  She had such a skinny frame.  When her head fell sideways he got a better look at the scar not and it was worst that was little he saw by her mouth.  When flopped to the side he was confronted with her mean looking red scar.  It must have happened when she fell and Tank let out a curse.  Tilly said a glass must have shattered in the fall.  That’s when he noticed she was wearing a Bear’s Den shirt.  Tank told him he should get Mark because she must work there.
     Even with the scar she was “HOT.”  That was all Tank could think of.  His gaze made its way back up to her eyes.  As he was doing so he was wondering what color her eyes were.  The wonder was over.  He made eye contact as he got there with a pair of dark chocolate eyes.  Smiling because he was so glad she woke up he said, “Great you’re awake.”
     She on the other hand not so friendly says, “Did you get a good look perv?”
     Tank couldn’t help it he nodded yes!  With a huge smile.  Not making any points.
     Hostility.  “I’ll assume that’s from being knocked off your ass and hitting your head.  Do you feel okay?”
     All Amber could think was “Seriously?”  That she had the “luck of the damned.”  Without being told and just by his light green eyes she was staring at this was Tank Howard.  Although she was grateful for his help she was in the fight or flight mode at that moment.  With her past history she needed to get away from Tank Howard and fast.  The best way to do that sarcasm. 

     Sit back and enjoy this intense engulfing read.  The characters are funny, emotionally gripping even after the read is over, and the saga is one that has a very surprising ending that in most stories would have made me mad this one not at all.  Yet, it left me hopeful that maybe just maybe there may be hope for them in another book if this turns into a series.   I so want to do an interview with the author for I have so many questions I hope to get answers to.  Because this is the second day since I have finished it and well I have to say it is sticking with me.  I give this book 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

Friday, September 16, 2016

Let’s Welcome Karla Brandenburg Author of: COOKIE THERAPY

Let’s Welcome
Karla Brandenburg
Author of:

Rad-Reader:  Where did the idea for this book come from?

Karla:  Matt started in Living Canvas, as Audrey’s disappointing ex-boyfriend. When I wrote the next book with Cinda (Return to Hoffman Grove), I had so much fun redeeming an unlikeable character (people absolutely HATED Cinda in Living Canvas) that I had to give Matt his shot at redemption.

Rad-Reader:  Why did everyone think it was okay to tell each other’s secrets?

Karla:  They have the best of intentions! They think they’re helping each other out.

Rad-Reader:  How did the Family Friends see themselves as a whole?

Karla:  As a family  :)  because their home lives were so dysfunctional, they found the stability they needed as a group. I had one reviewer comment that she found Sue too forgiving of Mike in Cookie Therapy (she hadn’t read the rest of the story in Return to Hoffman Grove). It’s because they’re family that she can forgive him, but she is stronger and looking out for herself in Cookie Therapy.
Rad-Reader:  I totally get that as much as we may at first be grinding our teeth as we forgive "them" it is for our own peace of mind for the healing process in the long run.  One day you realize you are no long grinding your teeth.  But there still may be hurt feelings so you have your guards up and support system ready which in this case is the Family Friends.  So they had her back to say No Mike You May Not Hit Her Any More!


Rad-Reader:  What was Aunt Brenda’s true thoughts at first about Elizabeth? 

Karla:  Confused – she knew Elizabeth from when she was younger, so the mixed message Elizabeth’s mom gives about Elizabeth’s personality leaves her questioning what has happened to Elizabeth in the years since she’s seen her last.

Rad-Reader:  Did they lean toward her mother’s version or toward newspapers? 

Karla:  She wants to believe the best about Elizabeth, but the “trauma” presents a different image of who Elizabeth might be.

Rad-Reader:  It seemed like really nothing happened in town without the family friends orchestrating it.  Is that correct or just the way it appeared?

Karla:  Since the story is about them, those are the events we get to see  ;)  The concert in the park, for instance, wasn’t orchestrated by them, but they did attend.

Rad-Reader:  Matt never wanted children so why didn’t he just break up with Audrey? 

Karla:  Because he loved Audrey, but he was blinded by teenage lust. Matt wasn’t ready to settle down yet, he thought they’d have more time just the two of them, which changed when Audrey became a caretaker for her father, and he reacted poorly. (boys mature slower than girls)

Rad-Reader:  After the fire where did Sue go to live?

Karla:  Immediately? She went to stay at the B&B with Audrey. Beyond that, I don’t know! (It wasn’t her story; she didn’t tell me) ;)

Rad-Reader:  Does Sue and Rod get together?

Karla:  They might  :)  I left Hoffman Grove temporarily to move on to a new series, but I do love the characters, so I may have to go back to find out!

Rad-Reader:  Why had her Aunt Brenda let everything go?  Meaning the building repairs, etc. or was it just money?

Karla:  The bookstore has become an albatross. As much as she loves it, without her husband, whose dream it was, it becomes too much work for her alone. That was part of why she invited Elizabeth to move there, to manage the ship. Another emotional attachment, the store was all Aunt Brenda had left of her husband, so she was reluctant to sell out.

Rad-Reader:  Where did Audrey meet Greg? 

Karla:  For that answer to that, you should read Living Canvas! (They met in Scotland, where they were traveling separately on business trips)
Rad-Reader:  You, teaser you.  But a smart one. :)

Rad-Reader:  Why did her Aunt, knowing her sister was not completely focused in reality, she keeps making the two make contact with each other?

Karla:  She wasn’t aware of how bad things were between Elizabeth and her mother. Aunt Brenda is an optimist who wants to believe the best.

Rad-Reader:  Matt was so into Elizabeth but he seemed to be having some trouble making up his mind as to whether he wanted her in his life causing her to doubt herself.  Is that a correct take on the situation?

Karla:  It was more a sense of Matt doubting his ability to make a commitment. He loved Audrey and screwed that up. He doesn’t want to screw up again, especially now that the stakes are higher. It isn’t just him this time, he has a son to think about.

Rad-Reader:  Trey seemed to know who he liked and Sharon was not it.  Was Matt just scared or just did want responsibility fulltime?  Or was it that he was still wrapping his head around the whole I AM A FATHER thing when he didn’t want to be?

Karla:  When Shannon “dumped” Trey off with Matt, Trey knew he was in the right place. Matt had always been a good father when he and Shannon lived together, but Matt didn’t have confidence in his parenting abilities. Matt didn’t want to make waves with Shannon for Trey’s sake, but once she abandoned Trey, Matt knew he had to step up to the plate.

Rad-Reader:  When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

Karla:  From the time I was five years old! The problem was I didn’t focus my imagination until about 15 years ago, when I wrote Touched by the Sun. The idea I had for that was so overpowering, I knew I had to write it, and I knew it was time to pursue the dream instead of playing around.

Rad-Reader:  What did you do for yourself when you sold your first book?

Karla:  As my husband would tell you, I’m not very good at indulging myself. That was back in 2002, so quite honestly, I don’t remember if I did anything for myself!

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you have play…

Elizabeth: Kristen Stewart

Trey:  No Idea what his name is from Pinterest.
Fran:  Angela Molina
Audrey:  Emma Rossum
Sue:  Elisha Cuthbert

Karla:  Oh how fun! People ask me these kinds of questions sometimes, but this is the first time with this book! I like all your choices. I might consider Anne Hathaway for Audrey (and I found an alternate cutie for Matt, although Eric Decker is good!).


Matt:  Cole Welch


Audrey:  Anne Hathaway

Aunt Brenda:

Rad-Reader:  What song new or old reminds you or your storyline or characters?
 I Do - Meghan Tonjes

Karla:  Good to be Alive by Andy Grammer. I heard it about 2/3 through writing, and the lyrics resonated!

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project?  When will it be out?

Karla:  I’m working on a new series of ghost stories/haunted house books. The first is titled Epitaph, and I’m currently working on the second in the series. I don’t have a release date from the publisher yet. Here’s the sneak peek at Epitaph:

“Crazy Amy” Benson has an unusual talent for hearing epitaphs as the dead pass on. The men she dates who aren’t unnerved by her ability are usually scared off by Amy’s brothers. When reporter Kevin McCormick shows up to do a story at the cemetery, Amy tells him his dead sister is calling for justice, except Kevin’s sister died in an accident.

Kevin relays Amy’s odd message to his family and unleashes a killer. While Kevin strives to be an investigative reporter, he doesn’t anticipate his first opportunity will focus on murders within his own family. Now he has to protect the alluring epitaph writer while hunting for evidence against the killer.

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find your books?

Karla:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, the usual places. 
Quicklinks are on my webpage at

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?

Karla:  Facebook:

     Although your book was a very intense book with a very heavy storyline of survivor’s guilt, forgiveness, abandonment, and a whole lot more.  There were so many funny times that you were able to make those things seem secondary yet still very important to all involved which was pretty much the whole bloomin’ town.  You made it like taking your medicine with a spoonful of sugar.  You knew you had to get through those things but the laughter made it easier. 
     Thanks for making us look at these things more closely without shoving them in our faces.  But also helping us remember that sharing our secrets doesn’t make them secrets anymore that people can use against us and we can tell the story better and with more truth than some third party.  Living on egg shells is not living.  As Elizabeth and Matt both found out as they found each other.
     Thanks for being with us come back and visit us anytime.  Your new backwards family at 1 Rad-Reader Reviews.  You are now a Misfit.  I know, you don’t know whether to be happy or sad.  Be happy now because you can’t run now cause tag your it. ;)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

THE TRIANGLE: A Year on the Ground with New York's Bloods and Crips

THE TRIANGLE                                               KEVIN DEUTSCH

The Linden Triangle: Linden Avenue and Linden Place, Hempstead, Long Island. At this blighted intersection, seemingly forgotten by the middle and upper class communities that surround it, the dream of suburban comfort and safety has devolved into a nightmare of flying bullets and bloodshed. Here, a war between the Bloods and Crips has torn a once-peaceful neighborhood apart.The Triangle: A Year on the Ground with New York's Bloods and Crips, tells the true story of one year in the life of a suburban village-turned-war-zone. Written by Kevin Deutsch, award-winning criminal justice reporter for Newsday, it follows two warring gangs and the anti-violence activists and police desperate to stop them. As the body
count climbs and conflict spreads to New York City, young men wielding military grade weaponry wage a prolonged battle over pride, respect, revenge, and their legacies.Based on immersive reporting and interviews with more than 250 gang members, their families, drug addicts, police, and others, this is the first insider account of a New York Bloods-Crips gang war from the only journalist ever given access to the crews' secretive realm. The Triangle is a chilling investigation of a world in which teenagers shoot their childhood friends over gang allegiance; where rape is used as a form of retaliation; and once-promising students are molded into cold-blooded assassins.

This story takes place in Long Island, Hempstead. The streets are Linden Avenue, and Linden Place. These make a triangle that the two street gangs the Bloods, and the Crips, have turned into a drugged infested war zone between these two gangs. The author give you a behind the scenes look at the people living in the neighborhood who can’t leave and the pain it has caused them in their lives. He also talks to a returning vet who with his PTSD, feels like he is still in the war especially after his wife leaves him. A woman who has lived in the neighborhood since it was the place to be and does not want to move because she is hoping for a change. She passes away. This is not a feel good book by any means this is just a little look at what life is like for anyone throughout the country living in many neighborhoods like this one. Murder, rape, drug addiction, and many other crimes are committed but go unreported for many reasons. The author explains this in the book. This is a very graphic but true life story that has taken away a generation, and now is working on another one with no hope for change and not being able to leave the hood even when they have it planned except for an ambulance. Be ready for a good story about real life on the streets and the author does not pull any punches when writing. A very good book that actually members of Congress should be forced to read. Won’t happen. Very good book! I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

TEXAS RANGER: The Epic Life of Frank Hamer, the Man Who Killed Bonnie and Clyde

TEXAS RANGER                                                 JOHN BOESSENECKER

To most Americans, Frank Hamer is known only as the “villain” of the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde. Now, in Texas Ranger, historian John Boessenecker sets out to restore Hamer’s good name and prove that he was, in fact, a classic American hero.

From the horseback days of the Old West through the gangster days of the 1930s, Hamer stood on the frontlines of some of the most important and exciting periods in American history. He participated in the Bandit War of 1915, survived the climactic gunfight in the last blood feud of the Old West, battled the Mexican Revolution’s spillover across the border, protected African Americans from lynch mobs and the Ku Klux Klan, and ran down gangsters, bootleggers, and Communists. When at last his career came to an end, it was only when he ran up against another legendary Texan: Lyndon B. Johnson.

Written by one of the most acclaimed historians of the Old West,Texas Ranger is the first biography to tell the full story of this near-mythic lawman.

Though I am a fan of the old west and stories of gangster’s, I was really looking forward to an exciting story of the true life story of a famous law man. One that took down Bonnie and Clyde when the FBI could not. This is a book that was thoroughly researched and I believed he put every detail and every case that Frank Hammer was either the lead investigator or worked on in any way and because of this it makes for a long book and at times I was bored. It was like there was too much information which I never thought I would say. You get Texas State politics, bootlegging, hangings, and then there is too many stories to count of men being guilty of a crime but the jury finding them not guilty. Stories of prejudice that after a while I was amazed that parts of Texas became livable with some of the stories he mentions in this book. One thing you cannot deny is that Frank Hammer got the people he was after and he did it by tracking, following a pattern that the individual or individuals had, sometimes it would take him a little while but they always gave him the toughest ones and he came through. That in itself was amazing. Along with his easy attitude, shooting, riding, investigation he was a remarkable law man. Still a good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us

AROUSE (Spiral of Bliss #1)

AROUSE                                                            NINA LANE

"One day I'm going to touch you in a thousand different ways and show you how to touch me," he said.

And he did.

Struggling with a tormented past, undergraduate Olivia Winter once led a practical but isolated life. Then she met Professor Dean West, a brilliant scholar of medieval history who melted Liv's inhibitions and taught her the meaning of both love and erotic pleasure.

But after three years of a blissful, lusty marriage, Liv and Dean now face a crisis that threatens everything they believe about each other as dark secrets and temptations rise to the surface.

What starts off as a very hot and passionate story about a couple that has been together for 5 years married for 3 years. Takes a turn one day when she is disappointed in a pregnancy that comes back negative, and the response in her husband's Deans in not even thinking about children. Liv and Dean now are having communication issues which she has never experienced with him before. Still attracted to each other Liv is starting to question herself. She is nine years younger than Dean and met while she was a student or undergrad at UW, he was and a Professor, and still is. They have moved a few times for his job and she has not once complained. She came from a not so good background that is described in the story and Dean knows about it. A little later after the pregnancy test Dean reveals a secret about himself that he has kept since before they met. Liv is crushed because she has opened up to him her total self, and cannot understand why he would share his life before her with her. This now puts doubts into her mind and as much as she tries to force them away they will not leave. There more situations that come up and pull at them, and you as the reader are pulled into the story because you are fighting with them. I found myself being drawn towards the Liv character. I don’t know if this is because I am older, and have daughters, but I am going to go with that. The supporting characters help the story along and do not take away from the story at all. I know there are more books but this is a great way to get started. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at

VAN HALEN RISING: How a Southern California Backyard Party Band Saved Heavy Metal

VAN HALEN RISING                                             GREG RENOFF                       

A vivid and energetic history of Van Halen’s legendary early years 

After years of playing gigs everywhere from suburban backyards to dive bars, Van Halen — led by frontman extraordinaire David Lee Roth and guitar virtuoso Edward Van Halen — had the songs, the swagger, and the talent to turn the rock world on its ear. The quartet’s classic 1978 debut, Van Halen, sold more than a million copies within months of release and rocketed the band to the stratosphere of rock success. On tour, Van Halen’s high-energy show wowed audiences and prompted headlining acts like Black Sabbath to concede that they’d been blown off the stage. By the year’s end, Van Halen had established themselves as superstars and reinvigorated heavy metal in the process.

Based on more than 230 original interviews — including with former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and power players like Pete Angelus, Marshall Berle, Donn Landee, Ted Templeman, and Neil Zlozower — Van Halen Rising reveals the untold story of how these rock legends made the unlikely journey from Pasadena, California, to the worldwide stage.

This is a fantastic book about the struggles of getting a band started, and working towards that record deal. The author gives you background of the Van Halen family and their move to this country and starting both Alex, and Eddie with piano lessons. From there he takes you through them finding their next instruments and their different bands that they were in and then formed. When they became a huge party band in Pasadena, and surrounding cities always wanting more. Even when they got a show at a club they were still looking for improvement. He also goes into the history of David Lee Roth and though Eddie did not like him from the beginning what he did like was his stage presence, showmanship. He brought that other it factor that made the band. Yes the guitar was and is always there but really the guy out front also brought a lot of power to the shows and to the music. Being a fan and being older now I found this book to be an opener into what really made them unique, the four of them. I also found out the Roth wrote most of the songs which I did not know especially the early stuff. The many interviews and other stories just make this a good read and very entertaining. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at 

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD (Returning Home #3)

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD                                SERENA BELL

The reunion is supposed to be the start of the rest of their lives. But when Trina Levine sees the soldier she promised to love forever, Hunter Cross looks at her like she’s a stranger. The connection is gone, lost in the blank stare of those soulful brown eyes. Hunter remembers his young daughter but not Trina, and he certainly can’t recall why Trina and her own child are living in his house. Although his lean, rugged frame bears the scars of battle, his mind took the worst hit.
But Hunter Cross hasn’t forgotten everything. His body remembers caressing Trina’s delicate curves, holding her close, never wanting to let go. Was it just a dream, or was it real life? Now, as he tries to put the pieces back together, Trina’s the one who comforts him when his night terrors strike. It’s Trina whose warm touch rekindles a connection no man could deny. Even with the odds stacked against them, Hunter wants to believe. Because passion has the power to awaken the past—and remake the future.

This is a very powerful story that grabs you from the beginning and does not let until the end. Hunter Cross and Trina Levine have known each other for some time. But after Hunter's wife is killed in an explosion in their lives become more meshed together because of their daughters. After some time they decide to date and as it starts to heat up he is given orders to ship out. They come up with a plain that helps them but also mainly the girls. While he is deployed his daughter and Trina have become more attached and now she looks to her as her mother figure. Hunter is injured in an explosion while deployed and is gone a little longer than expected. When he does return he does not remember Trina or anything that they spoke about before he shipped out. This is breaking her heart but she is doing everything to hold it together for all of them. He realizes that he cannot have her leave because not only does his daughter love her but that there is a routine that he has no idea what to do. He does not remember meeting his mother’s boyfriend and them traveling on his motorcycle. Causing more problems is his nightmares and it seems that the only why they leave is when Trina comes in to help him and he remembers her curves and her touch. Wanting to get help for his PTSD he goes to counseling and you as the reader are hoping that they can get it worked out before she leaves for L.A. This is a powerful story full of many emotions. A very, very good book. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. 
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