UNTIL YOU LOVED ME (Silver Springs #3)

UNTIL YOU LOVED ME                           BRENDA NOVAK

Sometimes starting over means finding everything you’ve been missing…

After catching her fiancé cheating—with another man–usually straight-laced, workaholic scientist Ellie Fisher liberates her wild side just long enough to indulge in a passionate one-night-stand with a tall, dark stranger she meets at a trendy Miami bar. Embarrassed by her recklessness, she ducks out the following morning without learning the guy’s full name, something that shouldn’t have been a problem…until a pregnancy test turns positive.

Being a professional football player, Hudson King has always been cautious around women. But this one had been different—so disinterested in his celebrity, so convincingly into him. When Ellie tracks him down, claiming she’s carrying his baby, he’s stunned. And more than a little betrayed.

But after growing up as an orphan, he’ll do anything to stay involved in his child’s life, so he urges Ellie to move to Silver Springs where they can co-parent. Hudson has a lot of love to give—certainly enough for his child, and when their initial spark reignites, perhaps for Ellie too…


     What an interesting twist to this fun story.  Ellie Fisher is a soon to be a thirty-year-old scientist who was just dumped by her newly outed guy boyfriend and his boyfriend.  That she to by the way work with both of them daily and they are making it out to be her fault that his relationship was so awful.  That he had to play straight because of his parents and she made sex so unbearable. 
     My thing why did he even have to have sex with her anyway but that is just me.  Because he could have kept up the fake engagement until he had to say, “I Do!”  Giving him time to get his boyfriend moved down to the area, a job where he worked and outing himself with his family and friends.
     Word in the lab is Don used her to save face with his family.  Life was tough.  She was not what you would call a party girl but her best friend since childhood, Amy was always the all-American girl.  Popular, cheerleader, proms, everything.  Ellie on the other was her polar opposite.  Made her go out this night with her to Envy a nightclub.  She really didn’t want to be there.  She dressed sexy as she was instructed by Amy to do and they went.
     As she watched Amy and her friend get their dance on with two guys they met she had decided shots were in order after three shots and a mixed drink she was finally feeling relaxed.  When a waitress brought another mixed drink over from a guy in sunglasses and ball cap.  Which seemed odd to her but she accepted the drink anyway.  He seemed harmless enough.  He appeared tall, broad-shouldered, and muscled.
     When the second drink arrived, she turned it away.  He was surprised no one had ever turned anything he had ever given them away.  So, he had decided to leave his sheltered corner that the management had set up for him and go investigate.  When he gave his first name she showed no signs of knowing him.  Hudson King was big in LA but since he was in Miami well even still he was still big everyplace. 
     Especially, since he was in town to play a big game on Sunday even in Miami his first name got some recognition.  But nothing.  Are you into pop culture as a topic of conversation?  To which she answered not really since being a scientist and always working or reading the up and coming findings for work she doesn’t keep up with pop culture.
     After a while they left so they could go for a walk on the beach and talk two hours later they were headed to his hotel for the night, at the Four Seasons.
     You see, Hudson King is the starting quarterback for the LA Devils.  He is totally against love and marriage.  Doesn’t sleep around because he has major trust issues.
     This was a very good book of two people who have been hurt many times over varying degrees.  Causing them to guard their hearts to the point where they stand in their own way.  The way the author has their relationship develop is sweet and intense at times.  I give this: 5 stars.   Provided by netgalley.com.

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Title: Prelude
Series: Interlude Duet #1
Author: Auden Dar
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Hart & Bailey Design Co.
Release Date: November 9, 2017


I thought I had it all until he came back.

Julian Caine, my childhood friend, was a short, scrawny thirteen-year-old boy with thick glasses and a mouthful of braces the last time I saw him.

Fourteen years later, he’s no longer an awkward teen.

He’s all man.

A.  Beautiful.  Staggering.  Drop-dead.  Gorgeous.  Man.

This is more than a fleeting attraction.  I’ve spent too many sleepless nights obsessing over him while my fiancé sleeps next to me.

Then Julian makes a proposal I can’t ignore.

One night.

That’s all he’s offering.

If I say yes, will I finally have it all?  Or will it be a prelude to disaster?


Prelude is Book One in The Interlude Duet.  There is no cheating and due to graphic sexual content, it is intended for mature audiences only.

Author Bio

Auden Dar is a romance junkie.  A former A&R music executive, Auden aspires to create the perfect, imperfect book boyfriend.  Besides her family and erotic romance, Auden's other passions include music, foreign films, stalking bulldogs, and learning how to cook like Nigella Lawson.

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’Tis the season for ex-Navy SEAL Clayton East to come home for the holidays―even if the mood at home is anything but festive. His father is ill. The East Ranch is in financial trouble. And now it’s on Clayton, the prodigal son, to make sure his family doesn’t lose everything.

Headstrong Abby Harper is like a mother to her younger brothers, who she’s helped raise since she was a teenager. Keeping them in line is no small task while she’s also working toward her college degree. And now that one of her brothers has been arrested for stealing cattle at the East Ranch, Abby is at her wit’s end. But there is a silver lining: Clayton East. He believes in second chances, and is willing to give one to her brother this Christmas. Letting beautiful Abby―and the inescapable longing in his heart―off the hook, however, is a whole ’nother story. Could it be that the woman of this local hero’s dreams has been back at home all along?

     This was an amazingly touching story of an ex-Navy SEAL.  His last tour had taken its toll on him.  So, instead of returning home to Clearview, Texas to help run his families ranch he resigns and hires himself out to protect the wildlife in South Africa.
     Clayton East comes from a long line of ranchers.  From one of the largest cattle ranches in the state.  But it was always meant for his brother to run it.
     But when he gets a desperate call from his mother calling him to come home and it was coming from his boss that is not good.  He knew it had to be bad then.  She tells him the ranch is in a position to be lost for good not to mention someone keeps stealing the cattle but now their prize bull has been stolen now too.
     By the time he’s arrived they have arrested someone and he is prepared to have charged to the full extent of the law.  That is until he figures out that he is a young man of sixteen, Brice Harper.  Clayton is spitting mad and means to press all the charges he can until he meets his guardian, Abby Harper, his older sister, twenty-six, who has been caring for him and their younger brother, Caleb, fourteen, for the last nine years.
     He breaks down for her, in dollar and cents, just how much the cattle, bull, and unborn calves are worth if her brother won’t confess and tell them where the cattle are or at the least who is running the operation.  She turns green with the number but doesn’t back down.  She tells him with a hard edge but fully meaning it that she will find a way to pay it all back to him and his family.  Then she stands and asks to see her brother.
     She is mutual friends with the sheriff Danny Oldman, she has him take her to her brother because she was missing work which she can’t because missing just one hour mean whether the lights are on or food on the table.  After thinking a while Danny was gone, Clayton knew the best way to find his stock was the kid.  So, he told Danny he wanted the kid to see the kid.
     When he does he won’t tell so he says, “I’ll give you a second chance.  You will come to the ranch every day after school to do your homework, you will work until dinner, then I’ll take you home.  On the weekends you are at the ranch at six a.m. and there until dinner.  You don’t show for one time unless to be sick or dying I will have Danny put you back in jail.  Do you understand?” 
     Brice agrees.  He takes him home when he asked why he did he wasn’t too surprised by the answer.  Just by the way his sister held herself and Brice jumped at the chance to work it off.  So, his sister wouldn’t have to pay.  He said, “Because for once he didn’t want his sis to struggle and he wanted her to think of just herself and get something nice for just her.  But like she always to them if it’s too easy it might not always be right.”
     After he dropped Brice on his way home he sees Abby with her head under the hood of her car trying to work on it.  He stops to help.  He reacts to her like no other woman ever.  She is gorgeous.  He knows he rubbed her to wrong way but not being able to bend when it came to her brother when they met earlier.  When he looks up she hates the way her body reacts to him.  But he is walking sex on legs.
     This is a book of a couple who start off on the opposite sides of the game.  Things shift when one shows their tin man heart.  Out of fear from their past they want, no need to help one another because they know it’s right.  Yet, they have allowed their past for so long guide them.
     They banter and joke but when she meets his mom when picking up her brother all their lives change.  Her wisdom and a mother’s love changes them, softens them, and makes them braver.
     The love scenes in this story are so sensually orchestrated they are giving, loving, and powerfully charged with need you feel their thirst for one another.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.

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The Cowboy's Christmas Bride (The McCall Brothers Book 4)


Rising country music star Cassidy James McCall is living her own version of a bad country song. After undergoing vocal chord surgery, her future is uncertain. To escape the constant presence of tabloid reporters, she accepts an invitation to celebrate Christmas with her McCall cousins. But her idea of a quiet and peaceful holiday comes to a screeching halt the moment she crashes into her former boyfriend, the tough yet noble cowboy that she's never gotten over.

Widowed, single father and ex-rodeo bull rider, Ryder Hadley, longs to raise this precious little girl in his safe, secure small hometown of Honor, Texas while bringing his ranch back to life. It’s a simple wish that goes haywire when the mega country sensation and the woman who stole his heart years ago gallops back in to town, igniting a firestorm of emotions in her wake.

As Ryder tries to protect his heart from falling once again under Cassidy's spell, he soon learns he's not the only one who can't resist her–his daughter wants Cassidy as a bride for her daddy. With the help of some Christmas magic, will Ryder and Cassidy get the second chance that they've always wanted?


Book four in the series has Cousin Cassidy James McCall a country music star coming into town to find herself after the death of her mother, her voice, and what she thinks is her career. Her manager has done some underhanded deals while she was grieving and took advantage of her. Now going to a place with Gramps and her cousin’s she is looking for a safe place. What she finds though is her lost love that she threw away only to find out that he married and has a daughter, and that the mother, wife passed after Molly was a year old. Now she is looking at what could have been. All of the characters from the other books are in this one which makes for a nice story to see where each of the brothers her cousins are with their wife’s. What really makes this story though is Ryder, Cassidy’s lost love and his daughter Molly. Molly is a hoot and really catches you from the beginning all the way to the end. A really good story to go along with the other books in the series. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

At the Heart of It

AT THE HEART OF IT                                    TAWNA FENSKE

TV producer Kate Geary is in unscripted heaven. She’s piloting a reality series featuring her favorite self-help guru, Dr. Vivienne Brandt. The Dr. Viv—whose nuggets of wisdom helped Kate get through some of her toughest times. Thanks to Dr. Viv, Kate is almost on the verge of figuring everything out. That is, until Jonah Porter, the superhot book nerd Kate just spent an amazing date with, appears at the show’s first meeting.

Jonah did not want to get reeled into a world filled with invasive crews, pushy network execs, and over-the-top drama, but a connection to the story leaves him no choice. Fortunately, Kate—hot, smart, and funny—helps make it bearable. Now they’re both on the verge of violating their contracts as they find themselves sneaking around off set. But the cameras have a way of finding out everyone’s secrets…especially the ones that can break hearts.


Kate Geary is a TV producer and she is hoping her next idea for a show takes off. Having read a book from a self-help author she wants to do a show with the author helping couples, like a reality show. The top ex’s like the idea and meeting the author she also agrees, but then she finds out that the husband in the book and she are divorced. She also finds out that about two months before while on vacation they actually meet and spent a weekend together seeing Shakespeare plays together. Now seeing Jonah again she does not equate him to the average Joe as he was in the book. Not wanting to do the show he agrees because of personal reasons that are explained in the story. Once everything begins the real twist begins Jonah and Kate and their feelings for each other. Like every show, there must be drama, and this drama does not go well. Jonah wants to blame everyone but his sister tells him he must look at himself as well. With Jonah once being married to Dr. Vivienne Brandt the author and everything else around him has Kate wondering what to with herself. Whether to continue with the show or just leave town, so many decisions for her. When you start to come to the end of the book everything takes some nice unexpected turns that I did not see happening but was still in line with the story and it all worked. Overall a good book. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

Deck the Halls (Darling, VT)

DECK THE HALLS                                          DONNA ALWARD

In the last year, George's life has drastically changed. The formerly homeless veteran now has a job he likes, a family in the residents of Darling, VT, and for the first time in years, a home. But while his present is good, he's still haunted by the past, a past that appears shortly before Christmas when the older sister of his brother-in-arms hunts him down and finds him in Darling, working at the Ladybug Garden Center.

Amy’s looking for closure for her family after her brother's death in the Middle East, but the serious man she finds working in Vermont doesn’t resemble the soldier she remembers from years before. This man is hardened and yet somehow fragile, too, and in her desire to find out what really happened to her brother, she learns more about George than she ever expected.

With a little Christmas magic and the whole town supporting them, can these two bruised hearts make a future together?


A very good story about two people trying to move forward in their lives. One George is a veteran and is dealing with PTSD along with guilt over men that he fought with that did not come home. After years of wondering he has finally found a job at a nursery. He has been making progress but is still haunted by one soldier’s death. That solder’s sister Amy who has been dealing with the loss of her marriage and her ex-has now totally moved forward from her with his new wife who is expecting their second child. Something she was wanting with him but had never happened. Now hoping to move forward in her life and to help her parents she would like to know how her brother died. After months of searching she has tracked down the one person she knows, would help her but is turned away the first time she comes face to face with him. Realizing her mistake she goes into the next meeting softer and gentler seeing that George is not the same man she met years ago. He is different. Something in his eyes. George also is seeing and listening to the story that she is telling him and is realizing that she is lost like himself. Not wanting anything but answers can these two people actually help each other and be their own Christmas gifts to each other. Read this wonderful story about being lost and finding your way back to life once again. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com


SNOW                                                                MIKE BOND

Three hunters find a crashed cocaine plane in the Montana wilderness. Each has a reason to steal the cocaine – who will?

The two who do steal it soon find themselves hunted by the Mexican cocaine cartel, the DEA, Las Vegas killers, their guide, and the police of several states.

Zack, a former NFL star now a TV sports icon, owes two million to some nasty people in Vegas. Steve, a Wall Street broker, may have lost all of his and Zack’s investments. Curt, their guide, a half-Cheyenne mountain man, is trying to save his ranch from an energy company takeover.

Diego is an executioner for the cocaine cartel. María Christina, a Harvard grad and Yale MBA, runs the cartel. Whitney Castro is a black girl from the Denver slums, now a brilliant DEA agent. Kenny Stauffenberg is an easy-going Montana sheriff who never gives up a hunt.

From the frozen peaks of Montana to the heights of Wall Street, the slums of Denver and the million-dollar tables at Vegas, SNOW is an electric portrait of today’s American culture, the invisible line between good and evil, and what people will do in their frantic search for love and freedom.


A very interesting story that has a group of men that are out on a hunting trip and while hunting they come across a plane that has crashed. The contents of the plane led two of the men to think that they can sell the product and make the cash that they both need fast in order to help themselves. This story starts strong and has you going until the end. You leave the mountains and travel to New York, Las Vegas, and then back to the mountains. They are being tracked by the man sent to bring the product back and to end them, and also the DEA. A very exciting book from start to finish. A good read. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

UNTIL YOU LOVED ME (Silver Springs #3)

UNTIL YOU LOVED ME                             BRENDA NOVAK Sometimes starting over means finding everything you’ve been missing… After ...