Extreme Prey (Lucas Davenport #26)

EXTREME PREY                                             JOHN SANDFORD

After the events in Gathering Prey, Lucas Davenport finds himself in a very unusual situation—no longer employed by the Minnesota BCA. His friend the governor is just cranking up a presidential campaign, though, and he invites Lucas to come along as part of his campaign staff. “Should be fun!” he says, and it kind of is—until they find they have a shadow: an armed man intent on killing the governor . . . and anyone who gets in the way. 


In this book Lucas Davenport is longer working for the BCA. He is hired though by a campaign manager who knows him and is concerned over some threatening letters they have been receiving. The threats have been increasing as they are making their way into Iowa. Lucas who at first is just looking into it as just random normal political hijinks. Starts believing there may be something more to the threats when an older group from the 60’s members begin to disappear. He later learns they are being killed and when he still is not sure the two events are related. He becomes more focused if that is possible when he and his friend are what he thinks just being shot at. When he discovers he friend being shot now they have made a new friend in Lucas the blood hound and this is when the story takes off and the Lucas of old appears. If you have read any of the other stories you know what I am talking about. Though I felt at times the beginning of the book had a few slow moments. I let those go because after he was shot at the character came back and I was glad. Overall a good book to the series. I gave this book 4 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com

The Black Hand: The Epic War Between a Brilliant Detective and the Deadliest Secret Society in American History

THE BLACK HAND                                        STEPHAN TALTY

Beginning in the summer of 1903, an insidious crime wave filled New York City, and then the entire country, with fear. The children of Italian immigrants were kidnapped, and dozens of innocent victims were gunned down. Bombs tore apart tenement buildings. Judges, senators, Rockefellers, and society matrons were threatened with gruesome deaths. The perpetrators seemed both omnipresent and invisible. Their only calling card: the symbol of a black hand. The crimes whipped up the slavering tabloid press and heated ethnic tensions to the boiling point. Standing between the American public and the Black Hand’s lawlessness was Joseph Petrosino. Dubbed the “Italian Sherlock Holmes,” he was a famously dogged and ingenious detective, and a master of disguise. As the crimes grew ever more bizarre and the Black Hand’s activities spread far beyond New York’s borders, Petrosino and the all-Italian police squad he assembled raced to capture members of the secret criminal society before the country’s anti-immigrant tremors exploded into catastrophe. Petrosino’s quest to root out the source of the Black Hand’s power would take him all the way to Sicily—but at a terrible cost. 


First, let me say that this is a history book as well as a book about one man’s fight against “The Black Hand”. Over the years reading about the history of the Mafia I knew that when it first arrived in the U.S. it was called the Black Hand. I had also read just small little references about Joseph Petrosino who was a detective in the N.Y. Police. He was the first Italian at a time when the police and fire were owned by the Irish. This was a time when the migration from southern Italy and Sicily were at a peak. Poverty levels in those two areas were great and many Italians were looking for a new start. Also looking for a new start were criminals leaving both of those regions, and Joseph Petrosino knew this. He was a beat cop working the Italian neighborhood. He could speak the language and the peddlers and people got to know him. Going to his superiors and explaining his concerns fell on deaf ears until bombings started to take place. This is when they made him a detective and after some kidnappings, he was given some men who were now called the Italian squad. Of course, most New Yorkers were not concerned with a few Italians being a bomb or their children being kidnapped for most wanted them to go back to Italy. This all changed though when The Black Hand moved to a richer side of Manhattan. Now people wanted action and expected it right away. They looked to Petrosino. His ways would not work today but for back then they were perfect. He also had to get people to believe that they were going to be safe in order to testify against anyone he brought to trial. In one year he had 17 murder convictions which were huge in early 1900’s. He would tell the N.Y.PD and the federal government that if they did not work together and start to arrest and deport these criminals, the Black Hand will only get stronger. They did they became the Mafia. This same meeting with the secret service he told them of a plot to kill President William McKinley, in Buffalo. Even after Roosevelt who was Vice President vouched for his abilities this was ignored. He was later assassinated in Buffalo. By 1909 Petrosino was married and had a little girl. He traveled to Sicily to go over records and compile evidence to deport anyone arrested who was a criminal in Italy. The problem was Police Commissioner Bingham gave an interview to a newspaper while he was abroad. Now knowing that he was in their homeland and on the lookout once spotted he was assassinated in the street of Palermo. This became headlines in New York. The funeral was huge over 200,000 people and the city declared the day a holiday. His widow died in 1957. He is created with starting the first bomb squad, and a lot of his crime fighting techniques are still used today. The author does a good job in showing you the plight of the immigrant Italians of this time and their struggles, whether it’s about the 11 lynched in New Orleans in 1891, or how a mine explosion in 1910 16 miners was killed 9 Italian, and by 1910 one in five that came to the U.S. were either killed or maimed while on the job, and then had to deal with their own doing this to them. If the government would have followed through with the detective's plans about deportation they could have stopped or deterred the Mafia. His ideas were not used until after 9/11 and of course, he gets no credit. There is so much to this book besides a criminal aspect. I focused on the other history part being Italian and my great grand came over around that time. For me, this was a very good book and worth the read.I got this book from Netgalley.com  I gave this book 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

Salsas and Moles: Fresh and Authentic Recipes for Pico de Gallo, Mole Poblano, Chimichurri, Guacamole, and More

SALSAS AND MOLES                                     DEBORAH SCHNEIDER

America has a new favorite condiment: salsaAnd with good reason—a great salsa makes a big impression with just a little bite. In Salsas and Moles, award-winning chef Deborah Schneider explores a wide variety of favorites, from classic table salsas to mole and enchilada sauces, plus chunky salsas and snacks. While some people think salsa is all about heat, Schneider teases out fresh flavors from chiles, fruits, and herbs, creating authentic recipes that showcase the unique flavors of Mexico. 

With serving suggestions for each salsa, and recipes for popular sauces such as Salsa Verde, Enchilada Sauce, and Mango-Habanero Salsa, any salsa lover will be able to find their perfect match.


Let me first say that I am late with this review. I received this book from Netgalley and I have enjoyed it so much that I got behind in my reviews. This was an amazing booking with simple easy to follow steps in making salsa, and mole. The author also gives you a little back ground on some of the recipes that are in this book. Also there are pictures identifying the different chilies and peppers which is very important if you do not know it already. Some of the recipes reminded me of cooking with my father in law and the times when he was teaching me about enchilada sauce and salsa, mole, and some of the different sauces that are in this book are different than the ones than my wife’s family used. I am always looking for something different to try at least once and this book does not disappoint. For me who enjoys cooking all types of food this book was fantastic and I found it very useful to add to recipes that I already had. She also goes over the different ways of roasting, or grilling that brings out a different type of flavor. Much better than store bought and worth the time if you have it. This book is also worth your time as well. A very good book. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow uswww.1rad-readerreviews.com

The South's Best Butts: Pitmaster Secrets for Southern Barbecue Perfection

THE SOUHT'S BEST BUTTS                         MATTMOORE

In The South's Best Butts, food writer and Southern gentleman, Matt Moore, waves away clouds of smoke to give barbecue-lovers a sneak peek into the kitchens and smokehouses of a handful of the Barbecue Belt's most revered pitmasters. He uncovers their tried-and-true techniques gleaned over hours, days, and years toiling by fire and spit, coaxing meltingly tender perfection from the humble pig-the foundation of Southern BBQ. More than a book of recipes, Matt explores how the marriage of meat, cooking method, and sauce varies from place to place based on history and culture, climate, available ingredients and wood, and always the closely-guarded, passed-down secrets followed like scripture. Because no meat plate is complete in the South without "all the fixin's" to round out the meal, Matt cues up patron-sanctioned recipes from every establishment he visits. One thing is for certain...this book will change the way you cook, smoke, grill, and eat, but be warned: Your own butt may suffer in the process.


This is an excellent book about barbeque and especially pork butts. The author gives you a little history about pork from china, to Rome, then Cuba and finally the South and how it became staple before the civil war and has just increased over the years. There is of course the different methods and types of wood, and of course slow cooking. Everyone has their one way but for the most part the beginning is just going over some of the same, but focus is on the pork butt. He then moves on to some different places in the country that have been around for a while and all of those stories are great. The recipes that the people shared from their places of business really added to this book. The different type of restaurant also gave it a different type of feel. Some of the pit masters are women, and they own or have taken over the family business in order to keep it going. I thought that was great. There also was a Korean Bar B Q that was interesting. When you get past though stories you get into different recipes from the author and some were very interesting and looked very good that I am going to try. Some other not so much, it is just a matter of choice. There are different rubs, and sauces, also salads, desserts, and sides. There was also an interesting bar b q tamale recipe that looked worthy of me giving it a try. The pictures were of good quality, the recipes were written in a way that were easy to follow. Overall a very good book. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us atwww.1rad-readerreviews.com 

Troy (American Extreme Bull Riders Tour #5)

TROY                                                                 AMY ANDREWS

Cocky, young Aussie bull rider Troy Jensen has been busted down to the pro-circuit. He needs wins and points to get him back into the big league and a shot at being crowned champ but an injury forces him off the circuit and into the arms of the woman fate keeps putting in his path.

The first time local Doc Joss Garrity meets Troy, she’s brandishing a lug wrench. The second time, he’s dragging her delinquent teen son home. The third time, he’s in her ER. How he ends up convalescing at her house she’s not quite sure. But it does make it hard to ignore him and their simmering attraction.

As Troy gets to know Joss, he starts to see a life after bull riding for the first time. But can Joss risk her heart on another man who may not come home one day?


Each one of these stories are written by different authors but each one are just as good as the previous ones. This one is still like the ones before this one. Written with the same time and thought where you as the reader are taken through a journey of a bull rider and a female who rocks his world more than the bull he is riding. Troy Jensen is from Austral and is a top bull rider. He comes along a woman who is having problems with changing her tire, the lug nuts won’t budge. After helping her and flirting they leave not together. Joss Garrity is a doctor and 34 years old and when she finds out that Troy is 27 she believes that he is too young for her. She is a widow and is raising a teenage son, so she feels Troy is not for her. Now Troy is at is hotel late one night and he has to go out to his truck when he notices someone going through it, mistake. He takes him down and when he takes the youngster home he is surprised to find Joss opening the door. She is a doctor and a mother, he does find out that her husband died and he does not stay because he has to ride the next day. The next comes with him seeing Joss for the third day in a row and this time it was because he was in the E.R. And then because he has nowhere to go or look after him she takes him home where her son and father in law live. Now she must somehow get her emotions under control because he wants to be with her. After some time together and he spends time with her son she gives it a shot until he tells her he loves her, but her main problem is that he does not wear a helmet and he has no home base. He is a traveler from place to place. When he takes the steps to change he goes to her and puts it back in her court and makes it her decision to be with him. Find out what she does. A good story. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

Cody (American Extreme Bull Riders Tour #4)

CODY                                                                 MEGAN CRANE

Skylar Grey lost everything when her fiancĂ© died. But her move back to her hometown, Billings, Montana is not the fresh start she seeks, as too many people know her tragic tale. But then she meets a bull riding cowboy who treats her like she's made of fire and everything changes. 

Cody Galen joined the American Extreme Bull Riders Tour to make money, not friends. He enjoys whiskey, winning, and women and he doesn’t care who he pisses off while he pursues the hell out of all three. He figures he only has a few years left before his body gives out and he might as well go down hard in a blaze of glory. He knows the pretty thing he meets his first night in Billings is no buckle bunny, but if she wants to play that role, who is he to argue? 

Neither one of them is looking for anything lasting. But there’s only one thing more dangerous than riding bulls—and that’s love.


This book opens with a women Skylar Grey who lost her fiancĂ© two years ago in a car accident moving back to Montana from Atlanta where she has lived from college and after. Now thinking that she has a fresh start and not all of the sympathy that she was getting in Atlanta, she is finding out she is receiving the same treatment in Montana. Now she has meet a stunning looking cowboy at her father’s 4th of July bar b Q. Not expecting to see the cowboy see is surprised when he shows up where she is sitting off by herself. Cody Galen was a champion bull rider and is in the last year of riding even though he has not told anyone. He also hates having to do these corporate shindigs. But here he was looking at a beautiful women and wouldn’t you know it later in the night he sees here sitting by herself after he thought she was gone. Now after they have their own fireworks which actually was great for Skylar she walks away just saying thank you. He feels like he has just been thrown and he was not on a bull. He has never felt this way before. The problem he does not know her name. She on the other hand feels good that she does not know the cowboys name, and now at another corporate gathering for her father’s company. Her father introduces her to bull riding champion Cody Galen, and yes she knows who he is and now she also knows who the cowboy she was with that made her feel again. Actually feel more than she has felt before. This is where the story takes off because she actually takes off with him. Her family and friends go crazy and when they finally have a two week break he takes her to some property he owns and tells her his dreams. She does not want to hear that or that he loves her and after a huge fight he drives her to an airport so she can make it to her brother’s wedding. The problem is all she is thinking about is a cowboy and how she left things. Now when said cowboy has tracked her down to her families’ bar that looks like it was out of the old west she can’t move as he walks to her. Describe like a scene from an old western movie everyone parts and the ending of this book is just as good as the beginning. The characters and dialogue really make this story stand out, and it is very much worth the read. Find out what happens. A very good book. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com 

Fly Away with Me (Blue Moon Harbor #1)

FLY AWAY WITH ME                                     SUSAN FOX

For busy lawyer Eden Blaine, a trip to a Pacific Northwest island she's never even heard of is far from a vacation. Eden's ailing mother has tasked her with finding her long-lost aunt, who once had ties to a commune on the island. Still reeling from a breakup with her longtime boyfriend, romance is the last thing Eden is looking for. But her gorgeous seaplane pilot has her wondering if a carefree rebound fling is exactly what she needs. . . 
Aaron Gabriel has no illusions about happily ever after. His troubled childhood made sure of that. But he does appreciate a pretty woman's company, and Eden is the exact combination of smart and sexy that turns him on. Still, as he helps her search for her missing aunt, the casual relationship he imagined quickly becomes something much more passionate--and much harder to give up. Can two people determined to ignore romance recognize that their heated connection is the kind of love destined to last? 


Eden Blaine is an attorney and she is dealing with her mother being sick with cancer and her own break up with her longtime boyfriend. Now her mother has asked her to look for her long lost sister who she has not heard from since she was a little girl in the late 60’s. Traveling to Alaska she meets Aaron Gabriel who is not looking for happily ever after. But he is looking at one beautiful women who he would like to get to know. Realizing that she is staying in his home town for a week he volunteers to help her in looking for her aunt. She agrees since the town is a very close knit community and it would be difficult for them to talk to an outsider. While there she meets a very eclectic group of people. Meanwhile Aaron is becoming more attracted to Eden but does not think he deserves to be happy since his childhood was so troubled. Eden is also attracted to Aaron but lets him know that she is a city girl and does not see herself living in a small town in Alaska. Things change a little when Aaron shows up at her place and stays for a week but like her he does not think he could make it in the city and she would not want him to. Still looking for her Aunt Lucy everything begins to change when she is found still living there and was just vacationing when Eden had arrived. Now they all have choices to make including her parents. The book and the ending are all very good. Overall a good story. I got this book from Netgalley.com I gave it 4 stars. Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com

Extreme Prey (Lucas Davenport #26)

EXTREME PREY                                               JOHN SANDFORD After the events in  Gathering Prey , Lucas Davenport finds him...