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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Shout Out: An Author’s Place: Marc Zappulla: THE LAST LONGSHOREMAN

Shout Out:
An Author’s


Anthony “Tony” Costa grew up admiring his Uncle Dom—a made member of the New England mafia— so when Dom asks him to collect gambling debts from around the neighborhood, Tony is happy to help. Even after his uncle gets thrown in jail, he does his nephew a good turn from behind bars, getting him a job as a longshoreman on the Boston waterfront. The year is 1958, and Tony is only eighteen. His new job quickly teaches him what it will take to survive on the docks.

Tony and his violent new friend Butchie Shea soon carve out a life for themselves on the pier. But when Butchie convinces him to take desperate, brutal action against an adversary, Tony realizes just how badly his criminal lifestyle has tainted him. He vows to go straight and focus on his wife and family—but old habits die hard, and the opportunity of a lifetime yanks Tony back in. The job could lead to big rewards, but Tony might not see just how risky it is until it’s too late.

Marc Zappulla hails from the Boston suburb of Medford, Massachusetts. He received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Endicott College. He has worked as a ghostwriter for sports figures such as Hockey Hall of Fame goaltender Gerry Cheevers and strength and conditioning coach Brian McNamee.
Zappulla was inspired to write his first novel by his father’s thirty-year career as a longshoreman. Zappulla lives in Boston and is busy working on his next book.

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Shout Out: An Author’s Place:Kim Hornsby Release Day: Girl Of His Dream

Shout Out:
An Author’s


Kim Hornsby

Everyone has a secret. Some darker than others. 
James must keep a lifelong secret that has made his life a living hell. Kristina has witnessed something she fears will ruin her fresh start on Maui. 

When Seattle cop, James Dunn, saves a child from drowning in the Maui Hyatt pool and finds himself with a free vacation on a romantic tropical island, a series of coincidences has him booking a diving course with Lahaina scuba instructor, Kristina Greene. Although James has vowed to steer clear of love because his clairvoyance always ruins romantic prospects, he can't resist the feisty dive instructor. Days spent in the hot Maui sun soon thaw Kristina's icy exterior and the two fall into a delicious romance. 
But all isn't as it seems as Kristina not only fights to keep a dark secret from the cop but worries that her too-good-to-be-true lover might have an ulterior motive for his attentions. As emotions deepen, James finds himself in dreams with Kristina and seeing more than he wants of the woman he's falling in love with, discovers a heartbreaking truth. 

Could you walk away from true love if you weren't sure your choice would save her from tragedy? 

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Friday, October 14, 2016

THE COLONEL AND HUG: The Partnership that Transformed the New York Yankees


From the team’s inception in 1903, the New York Yankees were a floundering group that played as second-class citizens to the New York Giants. With four winning seasons to date, the team was purchased in 1915 by Jacob Ruppert and his partner, Cap “Til” Huston. Three years later, when Ruppert hired Miller Huggins as manager, the unlikely partnership of the two figures began, one that set into motion the Yankees’ run as the dominant baseball franchise of the 1920s and the rest of the twentieth century, capturing six American League pennants with Huggins at the helm and four more during Ruppert’s lifetime. 

 The Yankees’ success was driven by Ruppert’s executive style and enduring financial commitment, combined with Huggins’s philosophy of continual improvement and personnel development. While Ruppert and Huggins had more than a little help from one of baseball’s greats, Babe Ruth, their close relationship has been overlooked in the Yankees’ rise to dominance. Though both were small of stature, the two men nonetheless became giants of the game with unassailable mutual trust and loyalty. The Colonel and Hug tells the story of how these two men transformed the Yankees. It also tells the larger story about baseball primarily in the tumultuous period from 1918 to 1929—with the end of the Deadball Era and the rise of the Lively Ball Era, a gambling scandal, and the collapse of baseball’s governing structure—and the significant role the Yankees played in it all. While the hitting of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig won many games for New York, Ruppert and Huggins institutionalized winning for the Yankees.


This is an excellent book about the true beginnings of the Yankee Dynasty. Beginning at a time when the New York Giants where the toast of the town. In 1915 Jacob Ruppert and Cap “Til” Huston bought the team wanting to put a competitive team out there. Then in 1918 when Huston was in Europe for WWI, Ruppert hired Miller Huggins who was a scrappy player but as a manager new how to put a team together. With the two of them they were able to win 6 American League Pennants. Of course it helped getting Babe Ruth from the Red Sox, but Ruppert also got Ed Barrow who left the Red Sox for the Yankees and it was really his leadership in contracts, starting a scouting team that helped as well. Together the forged ahead and when forced they purchase land in the Bronx which was just starting to grow and by the time it opened that year they made it to their third World Series and finally won. The author describes how the relationship broke down between the owners because of the hiring of Huggins, and Ruppert bought out Huston. The author gives you an inside look into the workings of the beginning of the winningest team. The good along with the not so good. For me being a Yankee fan this was a great book and my family being from the Bronx that was just the way it was and who you routed for. A lot of history about the team, players, manager and from an era gone for good. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at 

LOCKED AND LOADED (U.S. Marshals #5)

LOCKED AND LOADED                             MANDY BAXTER

With a rock-hard body and steel blue eyes, Mason Decker is about to become the U.S. Marshals’ newest recruit. But one last undercover job with a straitlaced attorney will test him to his limits . . . 
Charlotte Cahill intends to take down an infamous diamond smuggler on the FBI’s Most Wanted list—and she intends to do it by the book.  That won’t be easy with the cocky new temporary deputy on her task force. Mason Decker feels like trouble, especially when his cool gaze wanders across her hot body . . .
After his time as a Customs officer, Decker has enough experience hanging out with criminals to know that working undercover means following your instincts, not the rules. It doesn’t take long for him to lock horns with Cahill. But when the sexy assistant U.S. attorney is accidentally dragged out of her orderly world and into the turn-on-a-dime tension of Decker’s deceptive games, she’ll find that nothing is as seductive as playing a new role . . . 


A fast paced story of thieves and criminals who you don’t know which side even the good guys are on until the end. Charlotte Cahill is a U. S. Attorney heading up a task force to take down a group of people that they don’t know who all of the players are. Enter Mason Decker a former customs, border agent who has been trying to enter the U. S. Marshall's for years and always being denied because of who his father is. Now trying to get in any way possible they come to him with a deal help them and they will fast track his application. He agrees only because he wants to take down the people, but first he must meet his father who has been locked up for ten years and somehow get with the guy he always thought of as a brother and who learned from his father as well. Coming up with a plan and not telling anyone pisses off Cahill who barges in on his first met and now she has put herself in their cross hairs. Not knowing what she did she can’t get out of it and has to go along with Mason. The story picks up from their and is a wild ride to a surprise finish. Overall a very good book with good characters and storyline. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 4 stars. Follow us



Stella’s mama never should’ve put Stella on the church prayer list. With Stella’s twenty-seventh birthday coming up fast, Nancy desperately wants to see her daughter married and giving her grandbabies. Petitioning heaven seems like a surefire way to get it done. But in Cadillac, Texas, where the gossip’s hotter than the city’s famous jalapeƱo peppers, it isn’t long before all hell breaks loose.

Heather, the bossy leader of the church’s Prayer Angels, thinks a summer ball will get Stella and the town’s other single gals paired off. But nobody can tell redheaded spitfire Stella what to do—not her mama, not Heather, and not even the sexy beau Stella’s been seeing in secret. Together, Stella, her best friends Charlotte and Piper, and the loyal customers of the Yellow Rose Beauty Shop hatch a good old-fashioned scheme to sabotage the ball. But will it wreck Stella’s relationship with her mama forever? And what will the church folk think when Stella reveals the identity of her mystery man?


Stella’s mom has put her name in the pray group because she wants her married and wants grand babies. The problem was after the prayer meeting Heater puts a sign up in the store saying that Stella is looking to get married. Not liking having her business out on Main Street the red head sets off fireworks and Heater wishes she did not put that sign up. Her mother is sorry, but she can deal with her mother. What she has in store for Heather and anyone else is a whole different matter. A good story of strong women, that being Stella and her friends deal with this and other daily crisis like Piper raising twin boys because her ex did not want to be a father or husband. Stella does have a boyfriend buts she is keeping the whole relationship secret because of the small town and all of the talk. Overall a good story about friends, relationships and the struggles to keep others out of your life. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars.
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Thursday, October 13, 2016



It will take a miracle bigger than the state of Texas for these two feuding families to survive the holidays!

Opposites might attract...
The Brennans and the Gallaghers put aside their one-hundred-year feud every Tuesday for their weekly poker game. This week, the stakes are sky-high. Goaded to recklessness, Declan Brennan bets one thousand dollars that he can woo the next woman to walk into the saloon. A minute later, fiery-haired Betsy Gallagher pushes through the doors. If Declan can tame this wild Gallagher, he'll have earned every penny.

If they don't kill each other first...
Betsy can outshoot anybody in Burnt Boot and loves ranching more than anything-until she falls for Declan. He's fallen for her too. But when she discovers what sparked their courtship, Declan will need a Christmas miracle to save his hide-and his heart.


This story opens up with the guys playing poker at the bar that is off limits to fighting. The game is slowing down and an argument ensues between Declan Brennan, and Tanner Gallagher and it involves the next girl that walks through the door. In walks Betsy Gallagher, Declan has always liked her but because of the feud they cannot be together. He must be with her in order to win the bet but at what cost. Now Betsy knows something is up in the bar but can’t figure it out. When the two of them come together later that night by chance they decide to come up with a plan to save the Christmas pageant since each family destroyed the other ones. Having to sneak around to get items only puts them together more and at same time they find out that they like some of the same things. The more time they spend together they begin to wish for the feud to be over. They come up with more ways to get together and you begin to route for them. This is a very good story that makes both families look at one another and decide what is important. I thoroughly enjoyed their time making a snowman, and also as you get to the end. A very good story that goes along with this series. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at: 

ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY (Burnt Boot, Texas #3)


For good girl Leah Brennan, the only thing worse than falling for the dark-eyed, tattooed Rhett O'Donnell would be falling for a member of the off-limits Gallagher clan—or maybe both.

All Leah wants is to please her grandmother and bring some peace to the feuding town of Burnt Boot. With Tanner Gallagher—her forbidden, childhood crush—flirting with her and sexy Rhett showing up wherever she goes, Leah soon realizes that this may not be as easy as it seems… Will love be enough to conquer her family's hundred-year-old feud with the Gallaghers?


This is a fast paced story about Leah Brennan who has always done what her grandmother has wanted her to do. Now though the guy she always thought she had a crush on Tanner Gallagher is starting to play with her mind more and more. She thinks it is because of the feud between the two families that has now gone to new heights. She also knows she is feeling different because she is almost 30 and she is still doing what her grandmother wants. This starts to change when Rhett O’Donnell comes riding into town on a Harley with horns attached to the front. A biker, cowboy, and tattooed she is taken by him the moment she sees him. Now she wants to get to know him and when she does he feels comfortable but also exciting. She is trying to sort out all of her emotions when her grandmother gives her an ultimatum of either moving off the ranch or stop seeing Rhett. What happens next is worth the read, along with the fight between the two grandmothers. This is a very good story, and you find out a little more about the characters. I got this book from netgalley. I gave it 5 stars. Follow us at