Rad-Reader:  Where did the idea for this book come from?

Jane:  When I wrote Take Me Cowboy back in 2013, I knew I’d one day want to write stories featuring Jenny’s sisters, but it’s taken me five years to do it!  Mandy, the youngest Wright sister, is the heroine in Take a Chance on Me, and she’s been mentioned in other Marietta stories.  Mandy (or Amanda) is a hair stylist and smart and ambitious and it took me awhile to figure out her story, and then I thought, I’d love to give her a story that Tule Publishing could also pitch to Hallmark, which isn’t easy with my stories since I tend to write dramas, not Rom Coms.  My romances have lots of emotion, and tension, but this time I wanted to something a little lighter, and so I had two goals when writing Take a Chance on Me:  to give Mandy Wright a happy ever after, and to do it with a lightness and sweetness that could appeal to the Hallmark audience.  I think I mostly succeeded, but of course, toward the end of the story, there is the usual JP emotion!

Rad-Reader:  Tell us about Amanda and Tyler’s background.  Something the blurb/synopsis doesn’t.

Jane:  Amanda was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth—her family has struggled financially—and the Wrights don’t have the best reputation in Marietta so Amanda’s success is all the more meaningful.  Tyler’s dad may have been born and raised in Marietta, but Tyler is all Californian.  He does not identify with Montana in any way.

Rad-Reader:  Had Tyler never been to Marietta before?  It almost seemed like he never been there by the way he was talking to Amanda while getting his haircut.

Jane:  No, he hadn’t.  His father had never taken him back to Marietta.  All visits with his grandmother, were in California when Bette would come to visit them there.

Rad-Reader:  Tyler came there to check on Mandy because he felt she may be a liar and a cheat taking advantage of his grandmother.  Yet, isn’t he the only one lying so far?

Jane:  He is, but I don’t think he’s aware of that.  I think he’s so focused on protecting his grandmother that he doesn’t really think about his own subterfuge.

Rad-Reader:  If he has been so worried why hasn’t he been out to visit before and why doesn’t he already know Mandy since her and his grandma are such good friends?

Jane:  I think Tyler is typical of many driven men—he sees the big picture but is missing out on the details.  I don’t think men take in all the things we women say, and the fabric of our friendships aren’t as important so those things can easily be missed.

Rad-Reader:  After Coby died his father was doing a lot of extreme sports.  Did he do them before too?  Or just after?

Jane:  He’d always done extreme sports.  Both of his sons did, too.  They were an athletic family.

Rad-Reader:  Tyler found out his grandmother lent out some money.  How did he not know about the payment plan and the payoff?

Jane:  Tyler has only recently been brought into the financial side of his grandmother’s life, and it was at her invitation, but he’s not pouring over her numbers and accounts.  He’s busy with his work and he’s probably distracted between his work with Justice Games and what’s happening with his very active, bubbly grandmother in Montana.

Rad-Reader:  It sounded like Tyler never really has bothered to really come and spend any real quality time with his grandmother.  So, how would he know about her life?

Jane:  They have phone calls, and she writes him letters and he would fly her out for visits, but Tyler has resisted visiting Montana probably because his father distanced himself from his roots in Montana.  It’s actually a problem as we discover in this story!

Rad-Reader:  Tyler never even asked Mandy about her bad credit.  Or how she got it to that point.  Why?

Jane:  It’s a pretty personal thing, isn’t it?  It’s not easy to discuss someone’s financial state...and we all have different perspectives on financial stability.

Rad-Reader:  What was Mandy’s strategy behind the pink for the business that just bugged Tyler to no end?

Jane:  Mandy has an impulsive streak!  She is also a little bit of a rebel.  The moment Tyler started questioning her choice of colors for her salon, she began to get her back up.  But the choice of pink for her salon was based on two things:  her knowledge from psychology that pink is a soothing, calming color, and it tends to make people feel food, and then the fact that it’s feminine and Amanda embraces all things feminine.  She’s proud of who she is, and what she’s accomplished as a woman.

Rad-Reader:  Tyler couldn’t seem to relax why is that?  Who was he trying to prove himself too?

Jane:  Because Tyler grew up with a father who had cut himself off from his past (primarily his father and hometown), and then he lost his brother, he isn’t truly settled.  He doesn’t have a lot of inner peace, and he’s used his love of games to distract himself from this emptiness and restlessness.  I don’t think he’s reached the self-awareness stage to know why he can’t relax.  Is it because he’s creative?  Is it because there was tremendous tension between his father and grandfather?  Is it the loss of his father and brother?  I don’t think Tyler really knows, which is maybe why Mandy’s calm, stability and deep roots in Marietta affect him so profoundly.

Rad-Reader:  What did Charity and Jenny go to college to get a degree for?

Jane:  Jenny didn’t go to college.  She went to work after high school in Chicago and did clerical courses, which is why she wanted her younger sisters, Mandy and Charity to go to college.  Amanda studied Psychology—which as you know has really helped her with her clients--and Charity studied Communications.

Rad-Reader:  When Bette Reveals her secret that caused such discord for Tyler and Mandy.  What was her purpose for doing it in the first place?  Without revealing the secret.

Jane:  I think she either had a guilty conscience or, perhaps she believed everyone would be pleased?  I’m not sure why she chose that moment and the way she did it.  Perhaps she didn’t know how to handle it and figured the truth needed to come out, and since Tyler and Amanda are so close now, it shouldn’t be a problem???

Rad-Reader:  Mandy took the whole poverty, pulling themselves up together only pretty seriously.  More so than Charity.  Why is that?  Did something happen to her we don’t know about?

Jane:  Yes, things have happened to Charity that we don’t know about. Charity has some secrets in her past, secrets that will be revealed in her Christmas story coming out December 4th, Not Christmas without You. 

Rad-Reader:  Why did Jenny not come back home why did she chose to go and marry someone that is from Colorado?

Jane:  Jenny left home after high school and went to work in Chicago where she became a very valuable personal assistant to a wealthy executive.  They eventually fell in love, and the wedding was to be in Marietta, but when Charles and Jenny arrive in Montana for the wedding, everything falls apart, and Charles leaves Jenny virtually at the altar.  Jenny is rescued from a street corner, in her wedding dress, by her childhood crush, Colton Thorpe, a national bullriding champ. Even though both Colton and Jenny are from Marietta, they both want a new life together, and choose to settle down on property Colton buys in Colorado.

Rad-Reader:  Is there someone is Charity’s future that will be coming forward soon that we don’t know about, or do we? 

Jane:  Yes!  I’ve just started writing Charity’s story and I am so excited about it.  It’s going to be a wonderful Christmas romance!

Rad-Reader:  Bette seemed so crushed when Mandy wouldn’t talk to her.  But does she understand why she felt that way?  Does Tyler?

Jane:  Both Bette and Tyler understand, but Tyler hates seeing his grandmother so hurt.  He wants to smooth things out, but Amanda needs some time.

Rad-Reader:  How many books are in this series?

Jane:  There are 4! 

Book 1 - Take Me, Cowboy
Book 2 – Miracle on Chance Avenue
Book 3 – Take a Chance on Me
Book 4 – Not Christmas Without You

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you want to play…

Mandy:  Julianne Hough

Tyler:  Jensen Ackles

Bette:  Judi Dench

Charity:  Christina Aguilera

Jane:  Ooh, you picked some good ones!  

Bette:  I’d have to go with Judi Dench, too!

Charity:  Blake Lively

Okay, sticky, she would watch her hubby kissing the other woman who will play her sister.  Yikes! LOL!!!

Rad-Reader:  What song or songs best describes the feel of your two characters of the book as a whole?

“Take Back Home Girl – Chris Lane ft. Tori Kelly”
When he goes to investigate Mandy, he finds someone totally different.  Someone who wakes up his senses.

“Love By You – Kirby”
When Mandy meets Tyler and is confused because she knows he doesn’t trust her friendship with his grandmother.  Yet, he shows his lust he feels for her.

“Keep Me Awake – Rhys Lewis”
When Tyler leaves early to go back to Texas because he’s confused about just meeting Mandy.  Yet, feelings have formed in just a few days making him run scared.

“It’s You – Maggie Rose”
She was so surprised when she like this man after his disdain.  She had not only liked the man, imagine.  She, like everyone in her hometown who had lumped her into the Wright Girls from the other side of the tracks they have to be bad, had distrusted Tyler too.  Wasn’t willing to give him a chance.  But she was falling for him he was making it past her well-constructed walls to make it up to her heart.

Jane:  I played Brandi Carlile’s: 
Give Up The Ghost 
when I was writing this book and I think a lot of the songs captured the emotions of this story.

Rad-Reader:  Where is your favorite place to meet your friends for lunch?

Jane:  I love Nick’s and South of Nick’s in San Clemente....great ambiance, great salads, great dessert!

Rad-Reader:  What is your favorite style of clothing and why?

Jane:  I love jeans and kaftans and fun, colorful smocks and bohemian tops.  I also love gorgeous earrings, whether beaded shimmering chandelier style or large hoops.  I used to love boots—but have become a comfort clog person due to health stuff.  I so miss my cool shoe days!!

Rad-Reader:  What items you need to make your writing work for you?


Rad-Reader:  Would you be the one to jump out of the plane or the one to meet them all at the rendezvous?


Rad-Reader:  Your favorite genre to write other than your current writing?


Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it due out?


Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers buy your books?

Rad-Reader:  Where can our readers find you on the Web?

     Thanks so much for coming together with Lee to get this done so quickly.  With you just coming back into the country and having your computer back up and running after a crash cannot be fun this I know from first-hand experience. 
     It all worked out well.  So, thank you.  This was such a fun book to read.  Mandy is one strong woman character that still knows how to be a woman at the same time.  All to poor Tyler's weak heart he just could not hold out any longer he was a goner. 
     You are now a 1 Rad-Reader Misfit and hope you will come back and use our Shout-Out page to let us know when you have a new book coming out.  
Char & Pat


MELT FOR YOU (Slow Burn #2)

MELT FOR YOU                                   J. T. GEISSINGER

A wallflower gets seduction tips from a playboy athlete—until love changes the rules.
Socially awkward Joellen Bixby has a date every Saturday—with her cat, a pint of ice cream, and fantasies of the way-too-handsome Michael Maddox. She’d give anything to win over the unattainable CEO of her firm, but how can she when she blends in so well with her cubicle? The answer may be closer than she thinks.
Cameron McGregor is a cocky, tattooed Scottish rugby captain who just moved in next door. He’s not Jo’s type—at all—but the notorious playboy is offering to teach the wallflower everything he knows about inspiring desire. Though a lot of women have rumpled Cam’s kilt, Jo is special. Far from the ugly duckling, she thinks she is, in Cam’s eyes she’s sharp, funny, and effortlessly sexy. Now, thanks to him, Jo is blooming with confidence and has the man of her dreams within reach.
Unfortunately for Cam, he’s just helped to push the woman of his dreams into the arms of another man—and now he’s in the fight of his life to keep this beauty from getting away.

     The laughter you get from this book makes it well worth the price of admission as they say.  For it is an absolutely amazing story of two completely different people from what appears on the surface two different worlds.  They start off as enemies, come to terms with being frenemies and become so much more.
     You see Joellen Bixby is in a ten-year slump at her job as a copyeditor.  Where on day one she fell head-over-hills in love with her boss Michael Maddox.  One problem he’s very much married so she had admired him from her desk only missing one day.
     Being a California girl coming from the all American Sunshine state family model mom, beauty queen sister, and photographer dad to the beautiful people of Hollywood.  The poor girl who looked like none of them with her brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin.  Not to mention her full body of curves and breast every man wanted to sink into yet she never noticed them watching she only noticed the disdain.  Or so she thought. 
     So, getting her job in N.Y. was a dream come true this full figured curvy girl could get out of the line of fire and be herself.  Even if she was a loner who loved books, her cat and rom-com movies.  So, when she comes home late from work tired and gets off the elevator and hears the loud, foul mouth rap coming from her neighbor’s apartment she was too tired to deal with it right away.  She fed the cat and herself then she pounded on the door and asked nicely maybe not, to turn it down.
     Or at least that was after she popped her eyes back in and picked up her tongue back up and into her mouth.  Because the mountain of a man in front of her was huge.  He was wearing nothing but boots and a kilt.  His chest was ripped and the arms on him were what she always read about but had never seen up close but they were real guns. 
     But that damn smirk pissed her off.  With his Scottish accent, Cameron McGregor asked her if she needed anything else that she saw.  When she yells at him to turn down the music she sees half-naked women and men and cards on the table.  Strip poker and what she knew was going on.  What a life! Was, her thought.
     She proceeds to turn around and go home.  The next night was the same thing with the music as she was making dinner of Shepard’s pie.  So, she grabs a clean wooden spoon and goes and pounds on the door again kilt and loud music minus the people.  He lowers the music and follows her over to her place telling her that he will agree to keep the music off after she gets home if she makes him dinner.  She says yes.  But the next night she does but then the night after he holds her cat hostage until she agrees to a week.  Hence starts a pattern of banter.
     The bantering that starts that night gives them more time to check out the other options, to handle things with each other, Cam is more than a sexy body, pretty face, and rugby player.  He is a force bigger than life and he forces his way into wallflower Joellen’s life.  Allowing her to see if you want something you go after it even if what you really want has always or needed is right in front of you all the time.  Cam is, Joellen’s finding out, the old saying for sure, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

     This book has a lot of funny parts, fun, and yet some scary painful things happen.  Things you know they must both walk through.  I love the banter between them the characters are so engaging and real it actually makes you laugh out loud.  I give this: 5 ++++ stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  
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Savvy stylist Amanda Wright loves Marietta, her hair salon, and her clients, and no client is more dear to her heart than eighty-year-old Bette Justice–even if her years have made her a little fragile. So when Bette asks Amanda to help her convince her determined grandson, Tyler, a successful game designer, that Marietta is the right home for Bette, Amanda can’t say no.

Tyler Justice has a one-track mind–he wants to take care of his beloved grandmother. He can’t understand her resistance to move to Texas and is sure that the young friend she keeps mentioning–Amanda–is taking advantage of his grandmother’s generosity. He reaches Marietta determined to put the salon owner in her place and bring his grandmother home…until smart, kind Amanda starts to tug at his heart in ways he never expected.
But just as Tyler and Amanda start to form a real connection, will a long-buried family secret destroy their chance at love?

Tyler James Justice had expected Amanda Wright to be polished and stylish—she did hair for a living, after all—but he hadn’t expected her to be quite so pretty.
Or kind.
Or appealing.
But she was pretty, strikingly pretty, and disarmingly sweet.  Make that charming.  For a moment he’d wondered if she’d had work done, and then he spotted the photo of three gorgeous blonde women tucked into her mirror, and asked, “Girlfriends or sisters?” as he nodded to the photo.
She steadied his head, preventing him from moving again.  “Sisters.  I’m the baby.”
“When was this picture taken?”
“My sister’s wedding a couple years ago.”
“Do your sisters live here in Marietta, too?”
“Charity does.  Jenny and her husband have a ranch in Colorado.”
“What does Charity do?”
Mandy didn’t answer immediately, her elegantly arched brows flattening as she concentrated on trimming the hair close to the tip of his right ear.  On one hand, he was impatient for her to answer, but on the other, he appreciated her attention to detail and not nicking his ear.
“She works for a Realtor on Main Street,” Amanda finally said, before tipping his head forward and taking a razor to his nape, cleaning up the back of his neck.  “I’m hoping, though, to eventually bring her here to help me manage the salon.”
“It wouldn’t be hard working with her?”
“Not at all.  Charity is my best friend.  We’re two peas in a pod.  Mom used to say we were more like twins than twins.  What about you?” she asked.  “Do you have brothers or sisters?”
He hesitated.  “I had a brother.  He died serving the country.”
Her hand went to his shoulder, her touch firm, warm.  “I’m sorry,” she said quietly.
He swallowed around the unexpected lump in his throat.  He rarely talked about Coby, and he never got emotional when he did, and he wasn’t at all sure why he’d mentioned his brother to her.
“I couldn’t imagine losing one of my sisters,” Amanda added.  “It must have devastated your parents.”
He nodded, unable to say more, because it had devastated them, and Coby’s death had changed the dynamics of the family.
“You said you were here for business,” she said, changing the subject.   “You must be in the ranching business then.”
“No.  I’m in tech.”
Her full lips pursed.  “Tech?”
“I design games.”
“Games?” she repeated a delicate eyebrow arching.
“Computer games.”
“That must be fun.” Her eyes met his in the mirror.  She was smiling, and it did something funny to his chest.
“It’s creative,” he answered.
“You’re giving people something fun to do.  Good for you.  People need entertainment to help us unplug from the world, don’t you think?”
He found himself watching her as she took the big soft brush and went over his nape, brushing off the stray hair.  “I do.”
He wished he’d been prepared for her, and not just how pretty she was with her high cheekbones and gleaming blonde hair pulled back in a high teased ponytail, but her kindness and good nature.  She reminded him of spring rain—sweet and refreshing—which wasn’t at all his impression of her before he came.
“How is the length?” she asked, turning the chair and handing him a mirror so he could see the back of his head.  “Any shorter?”
“It’s a little longer than I usually wear it,” Tyler said.  “But I like it.  Looks good.”
“I think so, too.  It gives you a 70’s rock star vibe.”
“I’m not that.”
She laughed, and a dimple appeared at the corner of her full lips.  “Well, if you’re a game designer, you can be anyone you want to be.”  She unsnapped the black plastic cape, removing it from around his shoulders.  “How long are you in town?”
“A couple of days.  Maybe a week.”
“Well, I hope you enjoy your stay.  Marietta is a great little town.  Everyone that comes here, falls in love—”
“Don’t say that.”
“—with the town,” she finished, laughing again.  “But what’s wrong with falling in love?”
“Nothing.  But I’m not looking for love.  Or a new place to live.  I like Austin.”
“A Texas boy.”
California, he wanted to correct her, as he’d only relocated to Austin two years ago, but there was no point in telling her any of that.  They weren’t friends, and furthermore, once she knew who he really was, they’d never be friends.  The warmth inside of him cooled, and his smile faded.  Standing, he reached for his wallet.  “How much do I owe you?”
“Thirty-five.  And you can pay Emily.  She’s at the desk in reception.”
“You did a good job.”
“Then leave a review,” she teased, reaching for the broom and dustpan tucked in the corner next to her station.  “And enjoy Marietta.  It’s a great place to be.”
“I’ll try,” he answered.
“Not good enough,” she called after him.
He turned in the doorway to look back at her, all golden blonde and astonishingly pretty in the winter sunlight, and yet she was smiling at him in a way that made his chest ache.
She made him feel young and hopeful, just as he’d felt as a boy when he’d see a cute girl.  But he wasn’t a boy, and he wasn’t in town because he wanted to be, but because he needed to be.  He’d arrived to put distance between this woman and his grandmother, a move that wasn’t going to make him popular with anyone.  “Goodbye.”
“Good luck tomorrow.”

When Jenny Wright’s fiancĂ© leaves her standing at the altar in a Vera Wang bridal gown she can’t afford, she’s humiliated and heartbroken. To have Marietta hero bull riding champ Colton Thorpe witness her shame makes the rejection even more devastating.
Jenny and Colton grew up in the same rough neighborhood and they both left home right after school to pursue big dreams. Now they’re both back, with Colton as the celebrity chair for the 75th Copper Mountain Rodeo, and Jenny in disgrace. Sexy, rugged Colton didn’t get to be a national champion by chance. He’s a man that takes risks and goes after what he wants. During the rodeo weekend, Colton makes it clear he wants Jenny. Flustered but flattered, Jenny finds it difficult to resist his charm. But what happens when the rodeo ends and Colton leaves town? Will she dare to dream again?

“I can’t do it, Jenny. I can’t go through with this.”
The warm dry autumn wind whipped Jenny Wright’s wedding veil up above her shoulders, fine lace grazing her cheek. Having lived the past ten years in Chicago, Jenny had forgotten the wind that whistled from Yellowstone, down through Paradise Valley, turning the ranching valley into a wind tunnel.
The wind snapped and crackled now, the gusts as much a part of Marietta as the iconic peak of Copper Mountain jutting behind the small, sleepy Montana town. Marietta had surged to life in the late 1800’s before nearly dying when the copper boom proved to be nothing more than a hiccup and all the investors and prospectors packed up and moved away.
It’d been a hundred and twenty some years since then but it was still hard to make a living in Marietta.
It’s why she’d left town as soon as she’d graduated from high school. It’s why she’d been determined to never move back.
She’d only come home for her wedding. Only come home to make her family proud.
Jenny gently plucked the delicate veil from her small diamond and pearl earring before it tore. “I didn’t catch that, honey,” she said, smashing the sudden rush of adrenaline flooding her veins.
No need to panic, she told herself. It was so windy today, and others might not like the gusts, but the wind had blown all the clouds north, leaving the sky above Marietta a perfect brilliant blue, and the wind had made it hard to hear.
Because for a moment there, it sounded as if Charles said he wouldn’t marry her. But that didn’t make sense. He and his family were here. The guests were here. The minister was here, all in the church waiting.
Her stomach rose and fell. She swallowed hard, fighting a sudden rush of nausea. She hadn’t slept well last night, nervous. Excited.
Excited, she silently insisted. Not terrified. Or sad. She would never be sad. This was the right decision. This was the best decision. It was.
It had to be.
“Can you say that again?” she asked him, fighting her veil and tamping down the horrible rush of adrenaline flooding her veins. “I didn’t hear you, honey.”
He hesitated.
She stared at his mouth, focusing on his lips, not wanting to miss a thing this time.
And looking at his mouth, she tried to feel reassured. Because she knew him. She’d worked for his company for years, first as an administrative assistant in Human Resources, then as a manager, before he’d hand-picked her to be his assistant, and then his girlfriend. His woman. It hadn’t happened overnight. At least the love part.
The love part had been tricky, but she loved him now. He’d been in her life a long time, and he’d been good to her. Better than any man had been to her.
And just like that her chest squeezed and her eyes burned and her throat threatened to close.
Maybe it wasn’t the wild fierce passionate love you read about in books, but it was steady and kind and based on respect. Mutual respect.
They were good for each other.
“Charles?” she whispered, fighting the awful aching lump in her throat.
He just stared at her, gray eyes shadowed. “Things got out of hand, Jenny. I’m sorry.”
“I don’t understand.”
He said nothing.
She bit down so hard into her bottom lip she tasted lipstick and blood.
Keep it together, she told herself. Keep it together. You can fix this. You can. You’ve fixed everything else in his life…you can fix this, too.
She masked her panic with one of her professional smiles. Thank God for a stressful career. The workload and deadlines had taught her to cope with pressure. She’d learned how to be strong. “I hear almost every bride and groom experience some cold feet. It’s natural.” She managed a lop-sided smile. “We wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t have a few pre-wedding jitters.”
“Jenny, I’m not going to marry you.”
She suddenly pictured her family—Mama, Daddy, Grandma, her sisters and the rest of her bridesmaids—dressed in their new, expensive and uncomfortable fancy clothes. This was a big day for the Wrights and they hadn’t wanted to disappoint. Scrubbed clean, perfumed, shoes shining, waiting in the church, fighting nerves of their own.
“I’m shocked,” she said calmly, her voice firm, composed. My God, she was good at hiding pain. Hiding her own feelings. Her needs.
But then, she didn’t assert her needs anymore.
Being Charles Monmouth’s assistant had taught her oh so very well.


LET’S WELCOME JANE PORTER AUTHOR OF: Rad-Reader:  Where did the idea for this book come from? Jane:   When I...