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I never will get my happy ending. With my past threatening to ruin the possibility of love in my future, I keep every man at arm’s length.  Nick appears out of thin air, becoming a part of my life instantly, leaving me breathless and wanting more. The pain that haunts me is still present, but Nick is worth the risk. When he promises me forever; can I trust him?

Justine makes me see that a forever is in reach with her. She keeps telling me she is hard to love, yet I find it quite easy. Once I break down her walls, she finally lets me in. But, I have a secret of my own which can expose her to the demons that destroyed me in the past. However, with Justine, I will do anything and everything to make her mine.

Driving down the street that connects both our houses, I imagine my life before Nick and it is very empty. I didn’t stop at my house but ran up his steps and open the door frantically. In the kitchen, he doesn’t know I am coming until I am on top of him. Turning around, he grabs for me, as I am already unbuttoning my pants. It is a race to see who can undress first. I am breathing hard, almost panting, needing him now. “Goodness gracious! I like this greeting.” I am in fierce primal need. He sees it quickly in my eyes and he has no problem with the direction this passion is taking us both.
 I kiss him as if it has been years. I work my tongue deeply inside of his mouth, as I grab his bare ass. His fingers make their way to my core and stopping for a second, he leans back with a smile. My overly greedy pussy is something he takes pride in and he should because he does this to me. I don’t speak, and I will not allow him to either. There will be plenty of time for words later. Within a span of a second, he spins me around leaning my torso on the kitchen counter. Silently, he delves his fingers back inside of me as my wetness increases. I love the way he pushes me down, showing a little dominance yet is still gentle with me. This is my Nick, in every way yet I am still myself when I say, “Just fucking do it already.” With both a deep chuckle and a moan from him, he enters me hard and as he does, we adjust to this position when he pushes me further onto the counter and I am loving every minute. This feels hot—almost dirty, something a respectable mother doesn’t do yet I make a mental note to partake in this position more often. I feel his breath on my neck and it adds to the adventure, just imagining the facial expressions that he is making as he grows within me, getting harder and harder. As he kisses my back, he pushes with more intensity and one last thrust sets us both overboard and we delight together in our orgasms. I turn around instantly, engulfing his cock into my mouth. This is one technique I learned from him—he loves a blowjob right after he has come and boy does I love pleasing him.
He quickly leads me to his room, where he recovers, and we make love, this time gently, again. I am wrapped in his arms, saying very little for several minutes, just enjoying the closeness of one another. This is my future, I see it for the first time since Nick waltzed into my life. Although with Nick, his commitment to me is more like a marathon.

Justine is my future and I can’t imagine a life without her as my future. She is nervous about the next step yet I won’t let her go that easily. “Are you really that uncertain of us?”
“No, it’s not that. I’m not uncertain of us, I am uncertain of me, of me ruining this by being well, me!”
Leaning forward, with an affliction of righteous anger fueling me, I snap, “I fucking hate when you put yourself down like that Justine,” Her eyes instantly shift in dilation over my brashness, which has never been shown to her.
“Whoa, buddy,” she says as a warning. “Don’t you see? I am scared that I will be the one to screw this up, that is all.” She asks, her hands shaking. I grab them to bring calm to her.
“I am doing all I can to show you I am not like those that abandoned you in the past. Don’t you see that?” I look away, trying to not attach myself to the hurt in her eyes, placed by others, but I am not the one who placed all that crap there. “I haven’t had a lot of long-lasting relationships. You once told me that you suspected Rafe stepped out on you well before you left him.”
She looks down as if she was silently telling me she hates the direction of this conversation. “Yes, that is true.”
“I think this is affecting you more than you’re willing to admit. And sure, this relationship of ours is moving fast, but I think when you are our age, you just don’t care about the petty shit you do when you are twenty. We have something special, Justine.”
“Yes, I agree.”
 “But you’re still scared,” I press for an answer.
 “Hell yes, I am scared. You came out of nowhere right when I wrote of being able to love again.”
“You are too damn proud of a woman. You don’t have to act all macho with me.”
“But I have had to do just that for so long. Rafe was a shitty husband and a really shitty dad until Hildy came around. And how do you think that made me feel. He wouldn’t change for the kids and myself but with her, he did. Which I guess is good, she wouldn’t put up with the half-assed dad stuff. But he wouldn’t change for me. So yes, I have been on my own, even during our marriage, on my own.”
“And that has made you the mom and woman you are today. But more so, honey, that has affected how you let someone love you. I am not Rafe and you are not alone anymore.”
“So, what does that mean?” she asks skeptically.
“I’m not leaving you. I’m here and we are going to make this work because I love you. I can’t see growing old with anyone else but you. So please let your guard down when it comes to me.”
Justine is not one to cry but she has let her exterior hardness down and tears were openly flowing. “I never thought I needed to hear those words before, but it is such a relief to hear them from you,” she says.
I kneel in front of her and bring her to the floor with me. “Let me take on that burden. Can you believe me when I say I won’t leave you? No matter how much you push me away; you are stuck with me.”

“Yes,” she says as I embrace her. In that moment, I feel every worry receding from her body because she has found her person and I have found mine.

Leigh Lennon is mother, veteran and a wife of a cancer survivor. Originally with a degree in education, she started writing as an outlet that has led to a deep passion as she wrote twelve books. Now ready to publish all of them, she lugs her computer with her as she crafts her next story. She can be found drinking coffee or wine, depending on the time of the day.

LET'S WELCOME: The Rancher’s Surprise Baby – Trish Milburn


Rad-Reader:  How did you come up with this story?  Was it just one that came to you or one you had to hunt for?

Trish:  A little bit of both. It’s the second book about five adopted siblings (all from different families), the first being In the Rancher’s Arms (April 2017). Ben, the hero, is the second-eldest of the siblings, so I had him already. I just needed to figure out his conflict and who should be the heroine. I found that in Mandy, who was the best friend and business partner of Devon Newberry, the heroine of my October 2016 book, The Cowboy Takes a Wife. They’re all part of the Blue Falls, Texas series.

Rad-Reader:  How did Mandy and Ben Meet?

Trish:  They already knew each other from high school, though they weren’t close friends or had anything other than a casual acquaintance.

Rad-Reader:  How many of the children in the Hartley family are adopted?  Are there just the three boys and two girls?

Trish:  :   All five. There are three sons and two daughters, all grown now but who were all adopted as children at different times from different families.

Rad-Reader:  Was the town all trying to be matchmakers?

Trish:  I initially started out with one town matchmaker, Verona Charles, but it seems with each book all the people who are now happily in a relationship are getting on the matchmaking bandwagon. J

Rad-Reader:  Was Greg on the matchmaking mission alone or with the town?

Trish:  Oh, Greg. He’s a fun character, and I can’t wait to write his book. I just have to figure out the right heroine. As I mentioned above, there is everything from passing comments to gentle nudging to full-on matchmaking from a variety of people.

Rad-Reader:  What is it with Ben?  He seems to like Mandy but keeps backing away?

Trish:  He has a hang-up that comes from his past, what he went through as a child that led to his being adopted. I don’t want to say more because it’ll be a spoiler.

Rad-Reader:  Beside Cole being Devon’s husband who is he and what does he do?

Trish:  He’s a retired bull rider who was the hero of The Cowboy Takes a Wife. He’s finding his way in a new career as a large metal sculpture artist, something he would have never expected to do but has a talent for.
Rad-Reader: I kept trying to figure that out.  So thanks!

Rad-Reader:  If Greg won’t settle down why is he pushing Ben into being with Mandy?

Trish:  He likes to tease people. It’s kind of his thing. And it’s what is going to make it really fun when he really falls hard for someone.
Rad-Reader:  It's going to have to be a strong, snarky, yet funny woman with a loving heart to win him over since he is such a joker.  It should be interesting for sure. :)

Rad-Reader:  What happened to Angel's spouse?

Trish:  He’s…not in the picture. Readers will find out more about this in her book, which will be the last of the five about the Hartley siblings. It’s the one I’m writing now.

Rad-Reader:  Ben seemed to avoid a lot of things by retreating to his workshop.  Why did he not go to Mandy's and do it face to face?  Instead of letting time cause a rift between them?

Trish:  Because of his past. And guys are stubborn. J

Rad-Reader:  Do you think being in the fish bowl of the town helped or hindered the relationship?

Trish:  You could argue either way. At times, it would have been nice not to have all those curious people watching every step. But the town is very much a character itself as are all the inhabitants. It’s what makes Blue Falls – and, in turn, the relationships that are built there – memorable.
Rad-Reader: Really what gave Ben his push to come out of his shell.

Rad-Reader:  Did this story take long to write?

Trish:  Hmm, I don’t exactly remember, but I can typically write a first draft in 2-3 months.

Rad-Reader:  What was the trickiest part of the relationship for Mandy and Ben when writing it? 

Trish:  Making Ben’s reactions realistic based on his past and not just stubborn or petty. Even when characters act in ways that makes the reader want to shake them, there has to be a strong, understandable reason why they are acting that way. The reader has to say, “If I were in that situation, I might very well act similarly.”

Rad-Reader:  Did you do research on the tiny homes before you did your story?  I had just read anther book about a character who made them. 

Trish:  I’m fascinated by tiny homes. I’ve read about them, watched video tours of them, always click on Facebook posts that include headlines like “You won’t believe how beautiful this tiny home is.” I think there is an appeal to de-cluttering and making life more simple, less full of things that studies have shown can actually cause you stress. In most instances, tiny homes aren’t realistic for families, but for single people who are okay with living with few positions, it’s an appealing idea.

Rad-Reader:  Do you think if you were single you could live in one?  Or maybe you are and do?

Trish:  I’m married (25 years this year), so no for both of us. Maybe if I were single. That or a small RV where I’d live a mobile life of traveling from place to place, perhaps working seasonally in National Parks. I will say that last year we sold our house and moved to an apartment. We did a lot of stuff culling before we moved, and that was a good feeling. It’s amazing how easily we collect stuff. We live in an apartment now and it’s nice to have less space to clean, and my husband is loving not having to mow. J And if something breaks like our microwave recently did, all you have to do is call maintenance and they come replace it at no cost. Bonus!

Rad-Reader:  If your book was made into a movie who would you like to play…

Mandy: Olivia Wilde

Ben:  Mike Vogel


Rad-Reader:  Where is the most interesting place in the United States that you drove to that when you got there you went Wow?

Trish:  Yellowstone National Park. I’ve been there a few times now, but the first time I went was in the mid 1990's when my younger sister was working there. It’s beautiful, you can find a phenomenal peace there if you get away from the most crowded places like Old Faithful, and it’s so unlike the landscape in the South where I’ve lived my whole life. It inspired my passion for National Parks.

Rad-Reader:  What are some of your hobbies?

Trish:  Reading, watching TV, walks on the beach (we live a couple of miles from the Gulf of Mexico), cosplay, county counting (it’s where you try to visit every county in every state), visiting parks and history museums.

Rad-Reader:  What was your favorite TV character growing up?

Trish:  I’d say when I was a kid, it was Wonder Woman – both the Lynda Carter live-action show and the Super Friends cartoon on Saturday mornings. It was why I was SO excited about the movie this summer, and it was everything I hoped it would be. So awesome! 

Rad-Reader:  What character out of a book did you want to be when you read it?

Trish:  Laura Ingalls

Rad-Reader:  What is your next project and when is it coming out?

Trish:  The newest in the Blue Falls, Texas series is actually out this month. Her Texas Rodeo Cowboy is the third of the Hartley family books, and this one shifts to one of the sisters, Sloane. And the hero is steer wrestler Jason Till, who is making a run at the national title.

Rad-Reader:  Where can our reader buy your books?

Trish:  I have a page devoted to each of my books on my website, and each has buy links to various vendors – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Apple, Indie Bound, Kobo, Powell’s, etc. It varies by store, but Walmart's also tend to carry the books. 

Rad-Reader:  Where can our reader find you on the Web?

           Twitter: @TrishMilburn

Thanks so much for taking the time for being with us.  I really enjoyed your book.  The dynamics of the blended family of adopted children was interesting as well as how Ben's mom allowed him to find his own way to cope but also gave him a little guide push without him really catching on.  Comforts zones are hard no matter what.
So, you too are now a 1 Rad-Reader Misfit so make sure you come back when you have a new book coming out so we can put it on our Shout Out: An Author's Place.
Thanks again,
Char & Pat

WAIT FOR IT (Everything I Left Unsaid #4)

WAIT FOR IT                                MOLLY O'KEEFE

In a blistering novel of raw emotion and desire, a tormented woman teaches an alpha male that money can’t fix everything...but love can.

Tiffany: After fighting for a new life, I don’t want to play the victim anymore. However, with three kids to raise, I’m getting desperate enough to make a deal with the devil. My estranged brother-in-law, Blake, says he just wants to help, but he’s been trouble since I met him. I don’t know if I can believe this kinder, gentler Blake, and there’s a friction between us that has turned into the sweetest chemistry. He could be my salvation...or my downfall.

Blake: I haven’t always had Tiffany’s best interests at heart but I’m ready to make up for my sins. Besides, I can’t help admiring her: the girl’s a genuine survivor, tough and lean, with eyes of steel. But the more I get to know Tiffany, the more I want her. Every inch of her. Which means I’m about to make a bad situation a hell of a lot worse.

     An incredibly good story that hooked me from the start.  This is a story of a young woman who came from a starved love and affection background.  From the people who should have loved her the most, her parents.  What attention she did get was covered in scorn, judgment, and a lot of conditions.
     So, when Tiffany went off to college and a guy on a beach, isolates her from the rest of the party and gives her his undivided attention that seems exciting and new.  The thing is Phil was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Their relationship was good for a while and when he found out she was pregnant all the better.  He now had his own little family.  The married and it all went to tell after that.
     Phil started lording over her and pushing her yelling and after the baby was born hitting her.  She reached out to her family but the turned their backs on her.  By their third child, it was awful.  Finally, Tiffany had enough.  She left and ran to the neighbors Annie and Dylan’s for help.  Turns out Dylan knew Phil and his family.  You see Phil had always told her his parents were both dead and he didn’t get along with his brother.
     All lies turn out his mom was still alive and he had a sister, Tina who is older and an older brother, Blake.  They had no idea Phil even had a family.  When things were at an emergency level where Dylan had forced Phil to never come back to the trailer park again that is when she knew she needed to reach out for help again.  She needed food for her kids, money to survive, but most of all to move someplace where Phil couldn’t find them so they could be safe.  She figured her pride would have to take a hit.  She would ask Phil’s family for help for her kid’s sake.
     Dylan had set up the meeting at Annie’s trailer to talk.  But when Blake Edward arrived he came loaded for bear.  He has bailed his brother out of so many scrapes that he was prepared to write a big fat check and demand that she and her so-called kid’s stay away from his family.  Just walk away forever.  What he wasn’t prepared for was this young, beautiful, brave but scarred, warrior, woman to face off with him. 
     Tiffany was so pissed that he thought he could just walk into Annie’s home and think he could be such a pompous ass.  But most of all rude and all alpha make toward the two of them.  That he could just brush her and her kids under the carpet.  So, she upped the ante and ate her pride.  She needed to get her kids someplace safe and away from Phil’s family too.  Because even with the money they were no better than him.  Their strikes hit you in a much more personal way.  Where her children were her heart.
     A year goes by after their transaction and Phil found them twice since then.  After sneaking the children out of the bathroom window this time, they make it over to Annie’s to get help.  Not figuring the time of year she doesn’t realize that they would be having a party for the holidays.  She needs a place to stay and a good lawyer.  Not knowing Blake and his family would be there so when he starts to yell at her and grabs her arm and she tries to break away and he grips harder she cold cocks him.  Running back out to her car to where her kids are waiting.
     When he runs after her he figures out she really has kids and by the cockeyed way, she was dressed that there was something seriously wrong for her to be out so late.  He wants to help.  She is not buying it.

     She is not willing to take it.  See if there can be a happy medium her fear and happy to accept help.  See if both can knock down each other’s high walls and allow each other to heal and be loved.  I give this: 5++++ stars.  Provided by  Follow us at


JUST FRIENDS BOX SET                       MARIE COLE

Elly and her bandmates discover the true meaning of friendship, heartache, and love in the #JustFriends series. For the first time Books 1 - 4 are bundled together in this new adult romance collection.
Enjoy 3 full-length novels and 1 novella with no cliffhangers.

Just Friends
He's my first crush.
I'm his best friend.
When we are pushed into a room alone together sparks start to fly and there isn't anything anyone can do to put out the fire that sizzles between us.
Except maybe her
His girlfriend.
With her on his arm, there couldn't be a worse time to explore the depth of my feelings for him.
So, for now, we're #JustFriends.
...Or are we?

Old Friends
en years later, with Kent’s relationship crashing to an end, he turns to his ever-faithful friend Elly for support. However, the torch Elly always carried for Kent has burned down to a stub. She’s moved on with her life and is involved with a new guy.

But when Elly’s relationship ends as well, she can’t help turning to her lifelong BFF, Kent. But Kent’s unwilling to settle for just being friends with benefits. Will Elly find the courage to let him into her heart again, or will they forever remain #JustFriends?

Fast Friends
Stacy knew when you found a good man you latched on and didn't let go. She wasn't about to follow in her mama's footsteps. So when her drunken one stand with the hotter-than-hell bad boy rocker threatened to become a repeat, she should've run; fast and far. Alcoholic bass-playing Rio wasn't a recipe for happily ever after.

But when Rio's tragic past is revealed and his walls start to crumble Stacy has to decide if the bad boy might be the one person she needs to guard her heart against or if he's exactly what she's been waiting for.

Friends Again
Jen, fresh off the divorce boat, is trying to rebuild her life. Her ex-husband has moved on with his best friend and her dad is doing everything in his power to make her seem incompetent. A complication is the last thing she needs in her heart.
But he finds her.
Dominic has wanted one thing: to be with Jen, his first and fiercest love, but he wasn't able to follow through on his promises. Now his career is in order he only has one more piece to add to his life's puzzle: Jen.Will she give in to her desires or will she lock away her heart forever?

Old Friends: Book #1

     This is book one in a four book series I was a book that was so good it made me keep wanting to keep turning those pages.  Yet, the two main characters Elly and Kent although at first start off as this set of friends who were so close, that they at eight had made a pack to always remain friends no matter what.  By their freshman year in college Kent had all but forgotten that when in his freshman year in high school he had gotten a girlfriend.
     Kent meets this girl, Jen, who moves into town who is brash, crude, rich, and oh yeah, a skinny and sexy BITCH.  All the things Elly is not.  And not she is not a BITCH because she is skinny and sexy she is just a plain BITCH.  Elly and Kent try to keep up their friendship which was so much easier living next door to each other.  But Jen’s jealousy starts putting a wedge between them.  Breaking Elly’s heart because she had already known She was in love with Kent.
     But the real break came the summer of their freshman year of college Kent never called or texted Elly, at all.  That was okay though she used that time though, visiting her grandmother to make a new and improved Elly.  So, coming back for her Sophomore year she was the bomb.  Guys were all over her.
     All guys except the one she wanted until she loses her “V-Card” and he overhears her telling her female best friend about what happened.  Kent starts sexually teasing Elly, into believing that he is in love with her, and there’s something there.  Yet, he breaks her and goes back to Jen.  What he says to his mother after brunch and Elly were coming out of the restroom would have opened my eyes.
     Not, Elly, she deserves what she gets because she keeps going on each time as if.  Allow him to get away with it.  Friendship or not you teach people how to treat you.  She taught Kent that it’s okay to use me and abuse my feelings and our friendship any way you want.

     The way it ended pissed me off.  It’s okay though I had the box set.  If I didn’t have the box set to read the rest of their romance and how it works out I would have even more pissed.  And I would have given it a 3 star.  Since I have the box set and I really was captured by the story and the characters did give me something to stress about.  I have given it 4 stars.  

Fast Friends:  Book #2

This story is supposed to be the HEA.  I see it as the Elly bitch fest.  All she seems to do in this book is rag on Kent once he and Jen split up.  He professes his love to her and now she says not happening.  Say what?
     You see Kent and Elly have been neighbors and friends forever.  She tries to figure out all kinds of ways to get her nerdy friends to notice her younger chubby self.  But before that could happen in high school he meets his future wife Jen who hates his friendship with Elly and does everything to break their friendship up, shame her, and keep them apart.  Him saying the whole time that he feels like she is too good for him.  Yet, always saying that he loves her and Oh Yeah! Screwing her a time or two.
     Shockers of all shockers are the truths that come out about Jen and the lengths she went to be evil not only to Elly but to Kent and their marriage.  She was more than two-faced.  There were more faces in her than you could count in that chick.
     In this book, Elly goes through a couple of relationships but the last one sours her to the point of calling her mom in tears saying all men are jerks and she says she is never getting married.  She says it’s not worth it.  Not if it means risking her heart again and getting it crushed like she did loving Kent.  Her mom says not all men are the way this relationship worked out or like even the way her feelings for Kent worked out.  She tells her that Kent loves her if you would let him love you.
     She hangs up on her mom when she figures out that Kent is at her mom’s house playing cards with her.  So, he had heard the whole conversation from her mom’s side.  She just knew that he would come looking for her.  He did too.
     When his mom ends up in the hospital due to an emergency Elly and Kent who were together for the night on a date, rush to the hospital together.  When they get there Jen is there.  Kent is in shock and reaches out to her when she comes to him.  Which causes Elly to back off.  Kent is trying to figure out what is happening and when he figures out who is in the bed in the room he is so devastated.  When Elly backs off to take care of her mom who is his mom’s best friend and as they go to leave the room Kent runs to her asking her to take his car and if she could go get him some clothes from his mom’s. 
     When she gets back with his bag Jen is still there by his mom’s bedside so she just drops the bag and takes off back to her mom’s.  The next morning, she gets a text saying that his mom is out of the woods.  At this point, Elly freezes out Kent because she doesn’t hear anything else when she has to go back to work.  She was just done.
     A month goes by and they run into each other and he is hostile toward her he’s mad because the night of the accident they had started a friend with benefits and he figured she found another friend.  So, things are raw when she reveals her news.
     This is good writing but my problem with this book is it felt rushed at the end.  If it wasn’t in the set I wouldn’t have been pissed at how short it was and I would understand what was going on had I not read the prior book too.  I think it could have used a little more backstory.  I give this 4 stars.

Fast Friends:  Book #3

     What an endearing story this by far is my favorite of the three stories so far.  I have loved Rio since he hit the pages.  The easy laid-back way he has of being everyone rock and big brother won me over.
     What we saw of his and Stacy’s relationship never hinted of all the turmoil that they had to go through together.  Now through the writings of this Rio’s and Stacy’s own personal story let’s just say there were times I thought he was just plain, mean, cruel, and heartless to her with his words.  For some of his own acts of self-gratification.  
     Now, it doesn’t mean I didn’t mean I didn’t see that sometimes it was the alcohol talking and not him.  Yet, he had a choice to pick up that drink or call his sponsor.  He chose the drink.  He had worked the twelve-step program before so for him to write that letter to Stacy to just be mean was something he should have learned during his first two years of being clean and he wanted to truly keep his sobriety is “Do No Harm.”
     What got me was the fact that his sponsor of all people had put in his mind that he needed to stay away from booze and women.  When what he should have said was let’s meet and have coffee and talk at the very least and then he could have recommended it.  Because really, women were not the problem his feelings were.  Which I understand this is a story but when dealing with a twelve-step program we need to stay true to what a good sponsor would do and since he was his sponsor for two years causing him to jones on something else is not the thing to do.  Especially, without talking about what actually triggered the first drink.
     Just because a person isn’t drinking doesn’t mean they’re good.  It just means they’re a dry drunk if they aren’t working their program.  Working the steps and the principles of the program mean you are on the road to recovery. What bothered me is that through the rest of the book that his sponsor never shows up to check on him.  Having Rio be open and honest with those in his life that he trusts would only help in his recovery.  Dealing with past issues.
     Stacy, on the other hand, was a girl who lived in a fantasy world party of the time and lived in a fantasy world party of the time and the rest living in a reality she made harsher than it had to be.  You see Stacy was raised by a single waitress-mom in a trailer park.  Hence, relating to the title of trailer trash.  So, in order to get out, she was going to college, to be an accountant.  Plus, she too is a waitress and a girl who liked to cut loose once and a while with her friend Elly.  When Elly wasn’t Jonesing over her best friend Kent who by the way has since married a skank.
     One night, Christmas Eve, in fact, Stacy met Rio at a bar when she, Elly and Kent were out having drinks.  After they all got shitfaced Stacy.  Went home with Rio and had mind-blowing sex with him.  At which time, she seriously stereotyped him as the bad-ass-rocker.  When as you’ll read he’s not.  He’s much more.
     See how these two take their shaky pasts and work on being friends or maybe just being in the same room for the sake of Elly being a lead singer in his band.  And then getting closer only to shatter.  This does have an HEA the best yet.  I give this 5++++ stars.

Friends Again:  Book #4

     As much as I disliked Jen through the first three books for causing trouble between Elly and Kent or should say because much blame belongs to Kent and Elly in that order, she didn’t stand a chance do to outside source.
     What this girl was looking for was unconditional love and attention.  When she thought she found it from Dominic, it was ripped away by someone she trusted.  So, when she got to the new school and found the nerd that she could mold and would give her at least his undivided attention for the most part and his love so she thought because who could love a nerd or want a nerd right?  Never figuring his friendship with Elly was so strong and powerful.  In fact, it was truly loving as in they were in love.  So, knowing he was going to go places with his nerdy self-was how she stuck it out with him.  Yet, had fun on the side.
     After nine years of marriage and almost six years together before that, it was time to call it quits.  She knew she was not the woman Kent loved and living in a loveless marriage as a token wife like her mother was not for her.  She guessed she always knew but was too afraid to admit it because then what?  But when Kent caught man having a sleepover after one of their fights and found out it had been going on for weeks Kent filed.  Up until that time Elly had been trying to help both of them work it out and trying to Kent to stay.
     It worked out she went to do the work she wanted to do in college.  She was doing charity work for funding, with her father’s medical group.  One day when she came to work she was told a new young doctor had started working and that she should try for him now that she was single.  But in order to keep the gossip down, she said she was dating already.  Especially, since the woman that told her is the biggest gossip and flirt in the group.
     When she went to the scheduled meeting her and her father had she was sitting waiting.  When the man who had just walked away at sixteen never looking back and left her behind, Dominic Santos.  He was shaking hands with her father and being welcomed into the practiced by her father like they were old friends.  She was speechless at first but then found is and it felt like it was primed for fire.  But she wouldn’t show him how much he had hurt her by walking away and forgetting her.  Not happening.  After a few breaths and her father’s reintroductions, she played it off.
     Then her father informs her that Dr. Santos will be in charge of the bottom line so she will be answering to him about it.  Therefore, all planning and other things for the fundraiser would be going through him.  She is not a happy camper.  When she goes to meet with him for the first meeting guess who is sitting on the edge of his desk?  You got it little miss gossip.  Jen is not happy about it and he can read it on her face.
     See how this meeting goes and how they plan on working this matter out.  See if they make their past right and who had a hand in turning their world upside down.  I was not happy that this book just stops at a screw and an understanding and that’s it.  No real conclusion.  I give this: 3 stars.

     Overall, this book gave me a lot to keep me interested in turning the page and my juices flowing for sure.  I really enjoyed the story of Rio and Stacy the best and for that, it made the box set.  There were a lot of unanswered questions for me.  I hope to interview the author to ask them too.  I give this book: 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at

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