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The Baseball Hall of Fame announced two new members yesterday. Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza. Griffey will wear a Mariners cap, and Piazza, a Mets cap. He will be only the second Met Tom Seaver being the first. Griffey Jr. will be the first Mariner to have a cap on a plaque in Cooperstown. He is also now the highest vote 99.3 appearing on 437 of the 440 ballots. Jeff Bagwell had 71.6% followed by Tim Raines at 69.8% and Hoffman at 67.3%. So two good players this year and I was hoping for Raines maybe next year?   


  1. this weekend starts the football playoffs and all of the games should be good. i think the vikings and seahawks will be close now because of the weather and that will make both teams a little more even, though the hawks have a little edge because of experience. i also think both the chiefs and the packers have a chance to win on the road, but as a packer fan would not be surprised if they lost like they did in 72 to the redskins in washington. the difference is scott hunter and jerry tage are not the quarterbacks rodgers is, so anything can happen.

  2. the bengals and steelers also play in what should be a great game and very physical. these two teams always play each other tough so i am hopping for a good close game maybe even ot, i would be happy for that. who can remember the last time the bengals one a playoff game?

  3. Dichie Moore died a few weeks back, and he was a great hockey player for the Montreal Canadiens. He played 14 years with them from 1951-1963 winning 6 Stanley Cups, and the Art Ross Trophy, for most regular season points twice, 58 & 59. He also was on a team that won five cups in a row.

  4. A week before that Dolph Schayes, passed away on Dec 10 2015. he played for SYRACUSE NATIONALS won the NBA Championship in 55 rebounding leading in 56 12 x all- star 6 x all- nba first team 52-57 57-58. selected to nba 25 and 50 anniversary all-time teams when he retired in 64 he held the nba records for games played 996, foul shouts made 6,712, attempted 7,904 personal fouls 3,432, he was second in scoring 18,438 and third in rebounds 11,256. assists 3,072, he was also coach of the year in 1966. he changed the game for big men and is still looked to today.

  5. Monday is the game between Clemson and Alabama, i am hoping for a close game and not a blow out. though i want to pick Alabama i think i am going to go with clemson just for fun. have a great week.


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