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Monte Irvin who played with the New York Giants passed away the other day at the age of 96. In high school in New Jersey he was all-state in baseball, football and track & field. He spent most of his years in baseball playing for the Newark Eagles of the Negro League. He was already 30 by the time he made it to the majors, and some thought he should have been ahead of Jackie Robinson. They said he could hit, field, steal bases, hit for power and had a howitzer for an arm to cut down runs from the outfield. When Willie Mays got to the Giants he was 20 and looked to Irvin as a mentor. He played in two World Series 51 where they lost to the Yankees. His stats were .312 avg 24 home runs and a league- leading 121 RBI during the regular season, and .458 and stole home in the World Series loos to the Yankees. In 54 he was part of the team that swept the Indians. He had a career average of .299 with 99 home runs in 7 seasons with the Giants and 1 with the Cubs. He also was the African American executive in baseball taking the job in 68. There is much more but he is in the baseball hall of fame. With his best years taken away from him he held no hurt feelings.


  1. the basketball game between San Antonio & Cleveland has been a good game with the Spurs pulling ahead in the 4th quarter. Cleveland went almost 6 min without making a field goal. I will say this San Antino is a very good team. No one is even talking about them and when i do hear something they say they are old but all i see tonight is quickness. Of course there is still many more games to be played but if they stay healthy they will be a problem for Golden State, especially now as everyone is working to knock them off.

  2. The football playoffs this past weekend were good. Felt bad for the place kicker for Minnesota. A 27 yard field miss, and it did not even look close. I thought they were going to pull the game out. But no.

  3. Kansas city looked real good especially when you start the game with a 106 yard kick off return for a touchdown. their defense and offense was clicking. They will have their hands full this weekend with New England. Should be a good game.

  4. Then you have Cincinatti. They had that game won, but lost composer and then the game. Instead of taking responsibility they complained about the officials. Maybe they should have not tired to run the ball and taken a knee a few times to just let the clock wind down? just saying maybe if they ran the offense different since they had the lead with a young QB they may have not been in that situation. Go back to 1978 Joe Pisarcik can take a knee to end the, but NO he tires to hand off to Larry Csonka, the ball is fumbled and who? HERMAN Edwards, YES the same man you see on ESPN played cornerback for the Eagles & two other teams but any way he picks up the ball and ran 26 yards for the winning score 19- 17 THE MIRACLE IN THE MEADOWLANDS. What history, take a knee run out the clock, remember history does repeat itself. Just saying.

  5. To all of my Packer faithful last week i was not looking forward to the against Washington. They had been playing better than the Packers, but i was always hoping. The game did not start off very good. First a sack for a safety, but then when i thought they had a touchdown it was ruled at the one and the defense held them to a field goal. Then they scored a touchdown and the Packers were down 11 -0. Finally Rodgers moved and got time and Jones got open down the middle for a big play and TD. From there they got the lead lost it at 18-17, but then went on to score 18 points to win 35-18 and they rushed for a team over a hundred yards. Now Arizona that will be a tough game and i am expecting a close one. I am also thinking the Panthers can knock off the Seahawks. I also would like to see the Chiefs win. See what happens.

  6. Lindsey Vonn two ski events last weekend to put her in front as the overall womens career leader in World Cup wins. Now she goes after the overall record. good luck.


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