THE INNOCENT LOVER #3                              LESLIE NORTH

His Innocent Lover (Slade Security Team #3)Slade Security is hot on the heels of a dangerous assailant, and it’s up to Trent Larson, ex-Navy SEAL and Slade team member, to infiltrate the organization where the mole is hiding. When he meets Chloe Baker, he knows he’s found his perfect way in. Getting close to the naïve receptionist with the dazzling green eyes and open smile is easy. But Trent wasn’t counting on the curves hidden beneath Chloe’s baggy clothes, or his inexplicable need to protect her. 

Wyoming native Chloe Baker has always been too trusting—first with her alcoholic father and then her ex-fiancé. A fresh start in San Diego is what she needs to put the past behind her and earn some money for her father’s hospital bills. When Trent Larson, with his ocean-blue eyes and sun-streaked hair walks into her life, Chloe agrees to a date. Soon, though, she starts to wonder if there’s something more to the sexy surfer than he’s telling her. 

Trent knows he’s blurring the boundaries of his assignment, but he can’t stop himself from wanting to get closer to Chloe. But if she finds out she’s being lied to, it could mean the end to everything. 

Tent Larson works for Slade security and is a former Navy Seal. He is looking into a company that they think is running arms but using the company to launder the money through. He is trying to find a way in so they can get access to their computer system. On his first visit he meets Chloe Baker who has just moved to San Diego from Montana for a treatment center for her father who was hurt in a car accident. He is attracted to her and then shows up when she gets off work and takes her to a taco truck for dinner. They start hanging out together he gets her into a better apartment than she had and as they start spending more time together she finds out that he has a twin brother and realizes she knows nothing about him and panics. He comes clean with what is going on and she says she will help plus Slade says he will give her a job in their office. Overall not a bad story it just left you with known ending if they caught anyone, that is the part that got me. so 4 stars. I got this book from netgalley.  I give this 4 stars.

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