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     The other day Feb. 22 was the anniversary of one of the biggest upset in sport history.  The U.S. Hockey team beat the Russians in Lake Placid New York.  This game is now known as the miracle on ice.  Score USA 4 Russia 3.  The Russian team had won 6 of the previous 7 Olympic gold medals.  This game was not the gold medal game that was played the next day; U.S. beat Finland.
     Some points U.S. team youngest ever average age 21.  Most were college players, only one Buzz Schneider played on the 76’ team.
     The Russian team most were active military played in a well-developed league of world class training facilities.  The Russian team would have 3 players Tretiak, Kharlamov, & Fetisov enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  Vladislav Tretiak at the time was considered the best goalie in the world.
     Two days after that loss the Russians beat Sweden 9-2 for the silver medal they were so upset by their loss they did not turn in their medals to have their names in graved.  They would go on to be a force until 91’ with the collapse of Russia.

     One more note- Al Michaels was given the assignment as play-by-play because he was the only member of ABC’s announcing team to have called the sport before.  The game would make him famous winning “Sportscaster of the Year.”  So “Do you believe in Miracles?”  Worked for him right place, right time. 


  1. Curry tonight scored 51 points including a shot from half-court at the end of the third quarter. He is really special when it comes to shooting. He makes it looks easy and we all know it is not. This year his point average is off the charts when you take into account that allot of games he does not even play in the fourth quarter.

  2. Curry also broke Korver's record with a three pointer in his 128th straight game. It will be interesting to see what his stats will be at the end of the year. because quite a few games he scored more points than had played in minutes. That would really be something.

  3. Last weekend Daytona 500 was actually a good race. Denny Hamlin won in what they are saying is the closet finish in history. He did put on a good move by blocking Harvick and then just getting br Trux. I must saw when i watched all of the different races drafting really came into effect in all of them, but i really noticed it with the trucks. If they got off line they lost speed and had to move back.Very interesting.This week they race in Atlanta.

  4. I noticed the other day that the pro football combine was on the NFL network. I remember when all you heard about it was just through newspapers, and even then there was not to much information. If someone did not go there was no big deal, now watch out if they are asked and don't go. They are scrutinised from teams, press, twitter, and everything else.

  5. I saw that Jason-Pierre Paul, is suing ESPN, and Adam Schefter over leaking his medical records and photos. I still cannot believe that ESPN thinks what they did and what they allowed a reporter to do was right. We all have the right to information being safe with a hospital, doctor's office, etc.. What is the point filling out and signing all of those forms. Maybe when Mr. Schefter goes into his next appointment someone should make his time public information, and then just say i was doing my job for the story. Give me a break, he was wrong! Along with ESPN.


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