The Dodgers have played more than 10,000 games as a franchise. Their 50 greatest games span two coasts and three centuries worth of baseball. They include:

• A doubleheader that lasted six and a half innings combined
• A single game that featured three teams on the field
• A game in which the Dodgers didn’t record a hit – and won
• The games in which the single-season and career home run records were broken
• Three perfect games and two no-hitters
• The longest game in major league history
• The first major league game ever televised
• A game in which the Dodgers’ pitcher lost consciousness on the field
• An exhibition game that drew 93,103 spectators
• The first integrated game in major league history

The 50 Greatest Dodgers Games features all the best players to don the uniform: Sandy Koufax, Jackie Robinson, Kirk Gibson, Zack Wheat, Fernando Valenzuela, Orel Hershiser, Duke Snider, Roy Campanella, Clayton Kershaw, Steve Garvey, Don Drysdale, Pee Wee Reese and more. It also features some of the unsung heroes of baseball history, like Cookie Lavagetto, Vic Davalillo, Sandy Amoros, Al Gionfriddo and Joe McGinnity.

For the first time, their performances are laid side-by-side in this account of the greatest Dodgers games ever played. Which game ranks number one.

The author is the one who picked the fifty games and I cannot disagree with the games. I may not have picked the one he put at #1. I would have switched #’s 1 & 2, but that is just me. A true Dodger fan like my father in-law actually picked the authors choice for # 1. Me I am a baseball fan but also someone who appreciates the history of the game. Other the Dodgers won or lose they were as a team involved in a lot of historic games. From World Series, to no hitters, and perfect games, to games that did not have any hit’s but they still won, and the longest game. Overall I enjoyed this book and for anyone who likes baseball regardless of their favorite team they will enjoy reading this book as well. Fantastic! I got this book from netgalley.   I give this 5 stars.  Follow us at

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