THE FINAL MOVE                                          VICTORIA DENAULT

The Final Move (Hometown Players, #3)Hockey legend Devin Garrison thought he blew his shot. But his relationship with Callie Caplan just went into overtime.

Sexy, rich, and one of the biggest stars in the NHL, Devin Garrison has always been the one who had it all. That is until his marriage falls apart and he realizes he has to start over. If he's honest, there has only been one woman who ever really excited him-Callie Caplan. They shared a night that was hotter than the late-summer sun, but in an instant-Callie was gone, pretending it never happened.

Callie Caplan isn't the wild child people think she is. It's true she's avoided relationships, but only because she's seen how crazy love can be. And her messy, imperfect life is crazy enough without opening her heart to a man-even one as picture perfect as Devin. But when fate brings them back together-just as they need each other most-Devin is determined to convince Callie that what she's feeling is real. And this final play may be their chance at forever . . .

This is the third book in this series and it finds the oldest brother Devin Garrison, who had it all now finds that his marriage is over but he does not want to tell anyone. Family or teammates. Callie Caplan who has always liked him and now works in California in movies and TV as a wardrobe designer has gotten a new job in New York for a new TV series and she comes to visit Devin at his house but finds out that he is not living there any more plus a little extra. She helps Devon with his son when he comes over to his condo and as she is trying to help him with the breakup of his marriage he then becomes angry when more of his family find out and then when Callie starts to flirt with a player from one of his brothers teams now he must deal with his feelings towards her. She on the other hand becomes upset because though she is attracted to him and wants to be with him she is scared of any form of relationships. This gets worse when he follow troughs with the divorce. Now she must also overcome her fears and decide if this is what she wants. This is a very good book and again I liked the characters in this story. I got this book from netgalley.
I give this 5 stars.

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