THE TWISTED ROAD TO YOU                            BARBARA LONGLEY

Struggling with both PTSD and the trauma of his ex-wife’s infidelity, retired Marine Wesley Holt seeks a simple civilian life. His favorite waitress at the Perfect Diner secretly stirs his heart. Yet Wes—scarred by betrayal and racked by guilt over his fallen comrades in Afghanistan—stays quiet, convinced he can never love again…or be loved.

Waitress and single mother Carlie Stewart hides fear behind her smile. Her ex-husband has escaped from prison and wants their son—and revenge. When the fugitive arrives to wreak havoc, Wes insists Carlie and her son stay with him for protection. Finally daring to let her guard down, Carlie divulges her dark past to Wes, and to her surprise, Wes appreciates her strengths and longs to trust her with his tattered heart. The safer they feel with each other, the more trust and passion grow. But can they overcome the demons in their pasts—and the heartbreak they’ve carried into the present—to build a lasting future together?

Wesley Holt is a retired marine struggling with PTSD and he works at a company with other vets and they are able to help one another. He also works nights because of his problems of sleeping. The one thing he does look forward to is seeing Carlie Stewart, a waitress at a local diner. This was his morning ritual and he was looking forward to it this one morning, so when she was not their at work he began to worry. He ends up going out to where she lived to find out that ex-husband had her and her son held at gun point he realized he had to do something. He crashed in and got them out but the ex-got away. From there the story takes place in town between the three of them and the members of the town trying to keep them safe from the ex who is still around trying to get to her and his son. Wesley and Carlie realize that they have feelings for one another but they must come clean with each other about their pasts if there is any hope of a future. This is a very emotional book dealing with many different things but a very good book. The characters are very in depth and makes you feel like she is telling about real people. A good book. I got this book from netgalley.  I give this 5 stars.  Follow us at

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