Malcolm McKenzie will never forget that night in New York when he put Ava Galvan in a taxi following a heated argument, and the Argentine beauty was involved in an horrific accident—one that ended her career as an acclaimed soloist with the Manhattan Ballet, and impaired her memory and ability to live an independent life.

The Scottish tycoon and philanthropist lives with his guilt, and another consequence: Ava was pregnant with his child the night of the accident. Ever since that night, Malcom has raised Jack as a single father.

But Ava is stronger now, and Jack wants his mommy to come home. Malcolm has never stopped wanting her and he’s determined to do whatever it takes to claim Ava—with or without her consent.

     What would it be like if you woke up one day like any other day and one freak event caused your mind and body to no longer work the same?  That is exactly what happened to Ava Galvan a prima ballerina.
     You see Ava and Malcolm (Colm) McKenzie a wealthy real estate, internet startup, and investment tycoon had been an item.  On this fateful night they had gotten into an argument.  He put her into a cab, the next thing he knew she was severally injured.  Never to dance again, and in constant pain, and brain damaged causing memory loss.  Long term as well as short term with some improvement.  Every day was a new day of trying to remember fact or fiction.
     One being the truths of the day of the accident.  She knew they fought because Colm thought she got pregnant to trap him into a relationship that was only to be fun and games.  He wanted her to abort their child.  To him they were just lovers.  For Ava she they were more she was in love with him every part of him even all the things that everyone else hated about him.  And there was a lot.  She never planned to get pregnant but once she was she was excited and keeping it.  She was extremely hurt when Colm reacted the way he did but knew she could do it alone and left hence getting into that cab that caused her injuries.  Life that night had not just changed for Ava it changed for Colm.  He got a huge reality check and several months later a newborn to care for while its mother laid fighting for her life.
     Colm’s reaction to Ava when he was told about the pregnancy was like deja’vu.  His reactions seemed to be on an angry loop for which he regretted so much now with no way to take it back.  All he could do was raise their son and live from this day forward and provide the best care money could provide for Ava.
     See how these two struggle once they are on the other side of the accident.  Are they a couple?  Can she manage on her own?  Does she remember him?  Does he want her?  You’ll have to read to find out.

     Enjoyed this but somewhat hard to get into for me.  It seemed to drag at the beginning but then it picked up once Colm entered the scene.  I give this 4 stars.  Provided by  Follow us at:

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